1999-02-16-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



During today’s meditation, your thoughts are all over the place, child, and rather than trying so hard to sit in silence, please put pen to paper so we can have our chat together. It is amazing to watch how your thoughts tumble over each other. One thought leads to another, and so on. Writing helps to bring direction, as does listening. You have asked us to slow down, as your hand could not write fast enough.

Be at peace, know that you are being nurtured and supported in the invisible realm. Be of good cheer, for it is necessary for you to pass through these times. This lesson has been tailored to your needs. As you know, the human personality chooses and makes decisions, and has to live with the consequences.

The decisions are not always made in the highest interest of the human, and that’s where the lesson begins. Humans pick their lessons through making decisions. Again, in this time period, a lot of decisions seem to be made for you by others. However, in the inner realm, the invisible realm, the higher self connected to Spirit knows, and grows its soul by its own decisions. The more awakened, the greater the consciousness.

This coming time has to do with the awakening of the human spirit -- the connection to the All That Is. Humanity has been asleep for long enough. Sprinkles of awakening are already happening, as you yourself well know. The higher self hungers for the connection with the Infinite, because of the God Spark, which is placed within each one of you. It will begin; has already begun to ignite more and more, until the realization dawns that each and everyone is on the way Home, and that the joy is in the journey.

It is a wonderful ascension plan -- the centrifugal plan of the Source and the centripetal response of the human. You see the polarity in this child? It is the neutrality of Spirit which holds it all together -- the energy of Spirit; the constant motion of in and out, out and in. You are on your journey inward to the Source of the All That Is. You are one with Source, even now. Wake up to the true reality of the journey into Oneness.

This most magnificent Holy Instant, the Now, in which everything matters, and at the same instant, nothing matters. It just is. The truth of the matter is, that being is more important that doing. You see now why you are called human beings, rather than human doings.

Look at this from the right way up; from the perspective of Oneness, rather than from separation. Your understanding will grow in leaps and bounds about your connection to the All That Is. Life is Grand. Life is Hopeful. Life is Joyful. Life is Service, for it is all God in Action.