1999-11-14-Mindal Domain

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Topic: Mindal Domain

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I truly feel Father's abundance many times over when I come to call. Your friendship and light shared gives me an overall perspective of how Father's plan is coming together to bring this world into a new era, yes. Greetings, my friends. I am told our lesson this evening will be light in order to keep with the theme of rest. With good rest one's thinking is cleared to reevaluate, reorganize and prioritize one's life, yes. I am happy to present to you my friend and associate, Emulan.


My first collective greetings to you, my friends. I am EMULAN, your friend and teacher for this evening. I have been honored to have met with some of you and I look forward to meeting all of you who have not yet had personal time with me, yes.

I have had the opportunity to live a mortal life, to be within the depths of its despair to the heights of its glory. I had the opportunity to traverse the mindal realm from its very lowest animal-like nature to the very highest divinely led abilities. In my early days on my mortal planet I lived a fairly basic life. I generally went with what was considered normal for that day and age.

I had little spiritual understanding and lived my life accordingly. In those days I was beholden to the ego. I served my ego from the level of thinking I was at at the time. I sought adventures that were considered dangerous. I thrived on my fellows reactions to me and the actions I took. I incorporated into my life those things that served my ego.

In today's world of temporary, false stimulation many incorporate things into their lives that can be a generator of negativity. Children take in an unloving reality and adults wonder why this is manifested in such a harmful way. Are you what you focus on? One who would be recovering from chemical addiction does not even entertain the idea of being near that chemical. They know very well the course they will take again should they slip.

What are you taking in your spiritual diet? What do you manifest as a result of your diet? Do you engage in gossip or the generation of negative feelings? If yes, then why do you wonder when you feel negative generated around you? Do you not become suspicious that others are gossiping about you? Negative energy brings negative energy.

What is added to your recipe for spiritual living? Is it perhaps good deeds done for others? Does this not manifest in your life as good deeds done to you? Can one read books and be entertained by fear to produce spiritual fruits? No. Can one read our Urantia text and become weighed down by hopelessness? No. What are the ingredients to your recipe in spiritual living?

Once I had learned of the divine nature I had to create a change of life. I fed myself with things spiritual. I studied. I meditated. I gave freely of my time to Godly causes. All this promoted a great closeness with Father. It was an avenue to the utilization of the spiritual fruits.

Can one indulge in negative activity and then wonder where their divine connection has gone? Can we be slothful in our studies and ask why we have become imbalanced? It is clear, you must utilize your human resources. You are the producer of things positive or negative. I know as well as anyone days spent among the negativity of the world can have a harsh effect on you. You see why you need a daily regimen of spiritual intake?

What do you embrace into your life? Is your focus on money or fame? Are you always with that feeling of lack--that no matter how hard you try you are never filled? What a cycle of imbalance! My friends, we cannot go day to day without spiritual intake and then wonder where is God? Why am I so alone? Why is my pain unbearable?

You each have your own spiritual recipe for daily living. What keeps you connected? What keeps you from spiritual loneliness? Does beautiful music belong in your recipe? Does that help you to feel connected? Does this manifest anything good in your life and the lives of those you know? Does artistic abilities connect you to that spiritual world where you know without a doubt that all is well. From such feelings of balance how can you not be divinely connected? How can you not produce spiritual fruits?

The mind is an empty domain in which you can seek to decorate it with things that promote spiritual light or things that bring about darkness. Would a moment of stillness calm the chaotic domain? Would the calmness bring balance? Of course. Is balance the minds goal? Of course. What would you like to change about your behavior patterns? Begin by searching what is in your mindal abode. What can you be free from that brings clutter and confusion? What can you do to promote a beautifully light atmosphere?

You are the architect and what you build matters. Mortals all too often forget that they, figuratively speaking, house the Father Fragment. Is His place in which He lives and works from balanced, organized and positive? You do have a responsibility to your personal Father Fragments. What lives in the minds domain with your Father? Does He struggle to reach you or is He teaching lessons through peace and joy?

I am happy to have realized in my mortal life that I had some control in how my divine career proceeded. Father proved to be a wonderful helpmate to me, and laid out plainly for me to see what I was lacking in my spiritual diet. I know that the mind is the beginning of many things. It is where you live, work and play. It is where you comprehend God. Mental stability is so important in your spiritual education.


This week ponder upon what is in your mindal domain. How are these things manifested? What is the recipe for your own personal spiritual life? What are the levels of closeness you wish to know your Father on?

That is all. I take my leave. I would convey to you our love and my gratitude for your acceptance. Abraham will be with you again next week. Farewell.