2000-06-12-Divine Abilities

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Topic: Divine Abilities

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Each week I look forward to meeting with you, hearing you define your weeks occurrences with spiritual definitions. I am always amazed how the Spirit works to create growth and cause healing.


In Father, we can do all things. To have full faith in this statement is to broaden your vision into believing Father lends us His abilities for creating greater good and heightens our faith in limitless possibilities. Many mortals are set with the mind that things never change. "I am powerless and my destiny is laid out before me without rhyme or reason." Some are to believe they are to fulfill this mundane destiny and believe not they have the Father of father's who dwells within them.

Should you have confrontation with one of your fellows and feelings were hurt and trust was damaged, some would find it impossible to mend this broken relationship; some cannot envision how Father could create healing and restore balance. If you believe you are endowed with divine abilities, then are you putting Father first. You are asking to see with His eyes, hear with His ears, feel with His heart. With God in us all things are possible.

Before spiritual poisons get hold of you, take a moment to ask Father to go before you. Let Him know of your willingness to do His will. Let Him know you are open to receiving His solutions. This is a new era and new understandings are opening up to you. Divine abilities will be a cause to worship and rejoice--not to be in awe over. These things will become as if they have always been.

It is said, "you can exchange your mind for the mind of Christ." This is literally true. If you can rally your faith to believe that God indwelling within you can create limitless possibilities, broken relationships can be mended. You can find reason and value to your struggles with your fellows. At the first sign of confrontation with your fellows, or feelings of negative energy, invite Father into the situation. You can receive divine information that would be helpful in diverting confrontation or finding a greater purpose to this relationship turmoil.

To invite Father in is to cap the egos desire to see certain outcomes. You remain open to Father's solutions and divine possibilities. In the midst of these confrontations be not surprised that you find yourself with divine abilities. This includes deep understanding, words to heal, a broadened vision, more secure connection in your relationships and feelings that there is a source of future friendship and comfort to be had.

This week contemplate on broadening your vision of divine possibilities. This is not miracle seeking, no, just the average everyday awesome works of a loving Father. Believe you are empowered to create a stronger Brotherhood with your divine abilities. Think not your eternal destiny is mapped out and you are only to run the course. You are a co-creator in your divine destiny and the efforts and choices you make most definitely influence that destiny. Ponder upon your courage to speak with loving honesty. Embrace that divine truth within, allow it to flow through you. With a God so close and lovingly protective of our welfare, how can we not go forward with confidence and courage?


No questions this evening. I should like to speak with you each during your time of journaling. I enjoy our one-on-one contact. My love is with you as always. Until next week, shalom.