2000-09-01-Faith and Acceptance

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Topic: Faith and Acceptance

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Legion, Alana

TR: S. Butterfield



"We are very pleased to be here again. I have most enjoyed listening to your conversation in which you seem to be recognizing that our love is always available to you. We commend you for your willingness to share this experience with others. It is part of that contagion of love. You will of course begin to see how our vibrations alter your own, and as a result, your vibrations effect others, big and small, and they in turn, as the light grows stronger within them, will in time and space make contact with others. We are involved together in creating many associations of love which we would hope some day to encompass your world.



I am Legion. I wish to tell you that it is your faith that is the miracle every one seeks. It is your faith that will guide you always to our love and guidance. Faith is always a mastery of the mind as it is connected to the heart. As you master this connection, you repeatedly have experience of contact with our love. You notice how the bark of the dog may echo across the land, or the fall of a tree may send ripples across the water. This is how your daily effort to master your faith, to bring the power of your faith into your reality, will have its effect upon your world and among others, as your contact with love echoes and ripples forth.

We would talk to you now about your faith in each other, which demands of you the ability to accept differences, disappointments, and joys that are sometimes yours to share with another, and sometimes yours to watch from afar. Your faith must be two-fold: exactly as it is to have faith in me. You must have faith in your ability to love. You must have faith in your ability to be loved. When you are in trouble, or trying to make a change, you can turn to me, or our Father, our Mother, and you can say, "Love me." You then will have our love. You will discover we are most happy that you have called for our love to shower upon you, to bring you comfort.

If your heart is open, you experience the receiving of great comfort and joy, even in the muddle of darkness. It is in this experience of our love, as we bring it to you, that we hope for you to maximize your ability to give love away. Of course, it never goes away, once you recognize the mutual vibration that is established between us and yourselves, between yourselves and us, and between yourselves and others, and they to you. It is much as one might see the laughing Buddha whose great soft marvelous belly and folds of being ripple with joy, and suffering. It is in peaceful stillness that joy embraces disappointment, and disappointment recognizes joy. It is this stillness, that you may also call "awareness," or "being awake."

If you have any questions to ask about faith, I will remain here today. If you wish to speak with Alana, she is ready. We will give you time."

"I am Alana. I welcome your questions."


O : "I have a question of faith that I have pondered many times over many years  I can not understand how in certain life circumstances my faith is so little, and in other situations it is just there. I believe it has to do with some electro-chemical reaction in me. I would like to have some explanation why faith is sometimes so easy to train like a muscle, and at other times it is so difficult."

"Thank you. You are of course a complicated organism. We have spoken before about the power of love to move through your bodies and to change your lives. We have spoken about the need to replenish this supply of energy on a daily basis, to "plug in" to the stillness to "recharge the batteries" for ten minutes a day.

It is of course also true that this energy affects your physical body which is run by many laws of physicality, to which you refer, but faith is not such a mechanical idea, unless you wish to see the necessity of repetition, or repeated choice, as something mechanical. Your faith is always and ever a choice. This lifts it up beyond your physical make-up. There are some who might say to you that your most difficult times are a blessing, not a bane upon existence. It is in your most difficult times that you must make the effort to make the choice to continue to have faith and to see with God¹s love. These are the times when choice, choosing your faith, becomes most intimately known and understood.

We can not be sloppy about our choices. This is not a criticism, it is simply to respect that in the beginning we make "mistakes" excuse me, Legion would wish me to tell you this on your physical planet you begin as children, and if as a child you are brought to the understanding of God¹s love, you will have a simple faith. Some proceed through their life on earth with this simple faith augmented and never challenged or taken away. Most of you must augment your simple faith of the child by your own efforts. This, as we have said before, is part of the experience you call "to be born again." Once you can combine this innocence and purity of faith with all your experiences upon your troubled planet then you have a faith of remarkable strength. It is the faith that embraces joy and disappointment. It is the faith that embraces life with love. Your contact with others will have a distinct flavor.

There is need for both kinds of faith. That one which has never been sullied, as you might say, by the terrible troubles of the planet. And that one that has the strength of re-creating, or creating newly. Faith which has suffered the fear that you are lost and unloved. These two kinds of faith are similar, I must tell you, in that faith requires that you pray, that you ask for love to be given to you, and that you give your love as it has been given unto you. You should see here that it is not just faith in our Father, our Mother, our love, it is also faith in you, of which we speak. You may notice sometimes that when you are knocking on the door of faith and you think the door will not open, you may discover that it was in yourself that the door was closed against yourself. Our door is always open. When you turn to me, that is your open door. But I agree it is not simple.

Yes, of course, if your body is healthy and strong, Legion would say then you may find it easier to carry your faith without the mishaps of life leading you astray. But still I must remind you there are many with very little joy, and still they find faith. And there are many whose bodies have very little strength, and still they have faith.

Your call is heeded and I heed you to my call: you have faith in me and so I pray that you will know my faith in you. I thank you for that question, and I think I have spoken for quite a bit of time. If you are pleased, or satisfied in this moment with what I have said, perhaps you will say so, and give another person the opportunity to speak as well. If you have further question, you are also to feel confidence that it is your peace of mind that we seek to create here, no troublesome thoughts, please."

O : "Yes, thank you very much. I would prefer to study both of these teachings first. I will get back to you if I have more questions about faith. ("Good.") But I think it is most important that I start practicing."

"Ah yes, practice, practice, practice. We should have Legion speak to you about practice. He is our tough practice manager. Thank you.

(Alana then turned the TR to face a woman, Italian, who hitch-hikes and takes the bus when she can not get a ride to the meeting. This woman also is just learning English.) Yes, little one. We hear your gratitude and that so delights our companionship with you and your friends. We speak to you often in your little hide-away where you, one who is so small, are growing so large in your heart and your mind to have confidence that your life brings God¹s love to others. We thank you for your choice to be here. We applaud you for all those many obstacles that you must overcome. We are pleased that you allow us to settle down with you in your stillness. Thank you. You are loved.

There are some questions about where is all of this going, yes? Well, if you rest in the light there is no fear for there are no shadows. We think the transmitter can continue for awhile, so once again we leave the question up to you."

Teaching Mission

O : "I am interested about the present Teaching Mission. I would like to ask if you teachers are speaking different languages. In particular, I would like to know if there is a teaching mission group in Germany, or in Europe."

"OK. We are allowed to give you some information about this. If you wish to commit yourself to this mission, then you must open your mind to the many possibilities that such a project must encompass. You will find that there are many forms in which we speak to your planet. Some of this communication will come, and does come, through a circuit, a kind of circuit that is so broad that it takes the form of spontaneous ideas unattached to any particular group or association. You, when you speak of the Teaching Mission, speak primarily from the point of view in which a transmitter, or many transmitters, communicate our love. It is natural for those engaged in this endeavor to gather together or to communicate one with the other and to create a movement, a teaching mission movement. Yes, there are those who are being used by us in many places. And yes, it is possible for a single transmitter to be able to speak in many languages, but I would say to you this is difficult and so it is likely to be rare in your experience, although not uncommon to us.

If you, being committed to the dissemination of your understanding of our love as it has been communicated to you through this teaching mission, if you are committed, you will find that you may choose to move through your world and in the moving you, almost as if it were rare and miraculous, you will find yourself meeting others who, indeed, are engaged in this same project. And what a surprise! you will say, To find you here! Or there! And to find you without you having advertised your existence!

What I am saying to you is this: our mission is very small, it goes from me to you, then from you to him, or to her. And, our mission is very great, because God¹s love embraces every one, and so, if you seek you shall find. Does that satisfy for now?"

O : "Yes. I understand I have to seek and I will find."

"And we seek to spread God¹s love wherever we are welcome. I tell you, there is no country on your planet, no boundary that we have not entered."

O : "That is wonderful to know because my image is that the teaching mission is centered in the English speaking world."

"Yes, well one must recognize that we use every medium. It is true that the English language has become associated with a certain speed and a certain spread that gives us the opportunity to set the vibrations going. But because you do not hear the drum beat in the solitary space of the ones who can speak in no other way, is not a reason to despair. You listen, and you speak to whom you can. Have every faith that the vibration of your listening, and your speaking, goes way beyond your own limitations. Thank you.

There is another question, about the troubles of argument. (A group member had mentioned this concern before transmitting began.) You mean to say, I believe, that sometimes there is a fractiousness between people that is much like two bodies of sandpaper rubbing each other. You ask how to judge these difficult, sometimes spontaneous events of embarrassment between you.

It is our intention that each of you shall become so comfortable in this Heart Room that we are constructing with you, this Heart Room to which you bring your troubles, your joys, your disappointments, your fears, that in the process of bringing your fears you will learn that all is acceptable. With God¹s acceptance will come your ability to know that each individual is "a child," which is to say human, "of God," which is to say divinely implanted with God¹s love.

It is very common among you to think, or to expect of yourselves, or to expect of those you think are greater than you, never to demonstrate such a rubbing. It is also true that as you increase your facility to be still with me, with God your Father, with your Mother¹s love, with Michael's blessing, as you increase your ability to be still, so you will decrease what you call the experience of disagreement, unpleasantness, embarrassment, and fear.

You are always trying to balance chaos with the single pointed intensity of stillness. Have faith. God¹s hand is ever ready to help you put the needle in the groove and to allow, miraculously you imagine, the many voices of existence to come together in the harmony of His love.


We will leave you now, for we think the time has come to "give the lady a break," as you say. Thank you very much for your attention. We look forward to future discussions with each of you. Is that all for now?"

D : "I wish to say thank you, Alana, and thank you to Legion for your talk on faith. Thank you for being with us today and gracing us with your presence."