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Topic: Faith

Group: York TeaM


Teacher: Manuel

TR: Min Hoet



I am here with you, My Dear. I speak to you of faith. Faith is total believing with total trust and security in the out come of the object of your desired belief. Faith is power. Real power. The Power of the Christ...and even more so because of the enlightenment of mortals at this time. You see, on this planet, Earth which is so unique, because Earth is the only planet that mortals have total free choice and can evolve spiritually with the sincere choice just to do so.


This Universe is nearly complete. Earth and a few other planets in your Universe, need to reach a zenith of spiritual evolution that will bring the experience that God is. There will then be a new Universe and it is even now in the making. You and your planet are receiving this energy at this very moment. You feel it and are responding to it in many ways. This energy is Love and you are receiving it and feeling it. It is so different that most of you react in ways that you don't understand. You wonder why you are irritable, anxious and fearful when you know in your heart that there is nothing that should cause you to be like so. Yet you are. You see, it is so different now from what is was in the old energy. Indeed, it is because you now have the power of the Christ.

Sit in the silence and visualize your very being. See yourself as you are. Whole, perfect and free made in the image and likeness of God. Then see this being as yourself outside of yourself. See it standing before you glowing with the Light of God...your whole self. Then embrace your God Self and step into it. You are now one with God. There is no separation. Your DNA, your body are all the same. They are of God. And with this union, there is power. But with this power, there must be faith. It is necessary to believe.....truly believe what you choose to empower and create. Don't be concerned about creating something evil, you can't. You now have the likeness, nature and attributes of God. You know what you want. You want love, peace, joy, harmony, health and comfort.

You can be like the Seagull, like Babe, the pig, or the Little Mermaid....you see it is all an illusion. A pig can be like a dog.....all he had to do was ask. The seagull could fly higher and higher because he wanted to and had the faith that he could. These are profound examples and have subtle meanings. Be aware of the happenings all around you. So much to help you in your path to total enlightenment. Just continue to BE Love. Let there be no conditions in your LOVE.

A journey to somewhere has many roads and directions. Some roads will take longer, yet, another may be shorter but there will be delays and obstacles. Some will have scenic beauty. and others will be fast and monotonous. No matter the choice, all roads will lead you there and bring you home. It is the law. The journey may be your spiritual evolution. Accept the challenges and opportunities that come your way with love and gratitude. It is not what happens to you but how you handle it.

The time fast approaches when your world will no longer be as it is now. It will be wonderful. The dark and light forces are in a fierce battle and the light forces are winning. It is all because of you. It is because of the Love and Light that you are. It is the being of Love that you are. It all begins with you. If you are being Love, another will be and another will be and so on and so forth until the whole world is Love and Light. Your planet will shine like a star. This is the plan and you are all part of it. You are all part of God's plan for this wonderful planet called Earth. It was given to you as an experiment and you are succeeding in this completion. What is happening on Earth at this time, has never happened before here or anywhere else. You, the Light Warriors have been given the torch and have passed it on to another and another and another. As you do this, it becomes like a river; beginning to flow slowly and as it travels further, it increases in speed and volume until Light is all there is!.

Do you really know what is Light? It is the absence of Dark. Then there is no duality. You have put the apple back on the tree. You will then have Light. Everything will be light as in light. It will be Heaven on Earth. This will be yours because you have chosen . It is what mortals have always been reaching for, however, it is now possible because of the Love vibration has reached the critical mass. There is enough love that becomes light to penetrate the dark. Dark cannot move into light but, conversely, light can flow into the darkness and the darkness becomes light. What remains is light and a new world is born. Your world will never be as before.

Remove all fear and anxiety and frustration and just BE. Just be Love. When you fill your being with love, none of those negative feelings have any reason to be. Accept what comes your way with gratitude and blessings.

What I speak of above can be for the entire planet or it can be yours as an individual. When it becomes yours as an individual, it will also be for everyone. It is the law. It is part of the Plan.