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Topic: Assignments

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Emulan

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I thank you for coming. I look forward to each week, meeting with you and developing new ideas and possibilities. We have quite a history together that has promoted a great deal of growth, but I do so enjoy our friendship and real family togetherness and love.

Faith, Trust

This Correcting Time does require one to be open to new experience. Father will assign you certain tasks and help you find opportunity to complete those tasks. If you can allow faith and trust, you shall meet with inner fulfillment and true contentment. EMULAN would say a few words.


EMULAN: Greetings friends. I have missed you. I am happy to be here. I would say a few words concerning faith and trust. Many individuals are faced with the unknown, and while the unknown can be fearful, some do step out in faith and take an active role. Some individuals however allow fear to get the better of them, and even be afraid of what God has in store for them. These individuals do stumble through mortal living asking, "Where is God? Does He not even know I exist?"


The Correcting Time, my friends, is here. Assignments will be increased. We are rallying our forces to promote as much light as possible. Your assignments help to bring that light.

Assignments can be quite testing of your tolerance levels and appear to be a burden, but as you go about completing the task, you find Father to open doors of opportunity. Some assigned tasks are perhaps so small, you do not believe they are even assignments, but their affect does indeed go a long way.

Commitment to Father and His living will is the measure of which you will receive these assigned tasks. How willing are you to be put upon by our Father? Is to be put upon by Father an assignment which leads to inner fulfillment and closeness with Him? How do you know which tasks are really assignments from Father and which are not? Does it matter? Service is service.

The more you can allow God to share your inner life--the more your outer life will be affected. If you move from a spiritual standpoint, you can better trust in your own abilities to know the will of God and carry it out. I would never advise to blindly follow any human or even spiritual beings on my level, but I would recommend that you find that type of trusting levels for Father. He has your assignments aimed at service to others, but also are your assignments your lessons. The completion of these lessons bring greater spiritual awareness and closeness to Father. I mean closeness to His indwelling presence. I mean the actual knowing and feeling He is personally in you and you in Him.

Our Correcting Time is healing many things. In time you will live with the presence of God as if He has always been an integral part of you. Perhaps time will fade away your memories of feeling that mortal loneliness, but most definitely must you learn and possess that faith\trust factor. I thank you and I leave you to ABRAHAM.

Personal Counsel

ABRAHAM: I thank you, my friend Emulan, for your insightful words of this topic. I have indeed learned this faith and trust more in-depth when I have allowed myself to be of service. Father's plan is interwoven into everyone's overall experience and creating new growth. I would proceed with personal assessments, beginning with GLORIA (Frosty).

Child, I am happy you have asked and I have so enjoyed your particular personality type. While you are lighthearted, you are also deeply devoted to our upliftment of this planet. While you are quite serious, even verging on dramatic at times, your child-like faith opens up such wonderful possibility. I perceive you to have such great hope, and yet, are becoming a bit discouraged at times. You do offer a wonderful ministry, and while your techniques are helpful, there seems to not be too many that are accepting of them. You do know individuals who are discouraging, and their words are sometimes intrusive when you are putting your best spiritual foot forward. These individuals are nothing more than spiritual weights to be lifted to build muscle. You can be assured from the depths of your soul that you have a calling and do most definitely need to carry it out. Be practical in your service, yes, but do not allow those who criticize you to interfere with the work at hand. You have good transmitting abilities, and while you doubt these abilities, you need to remain open to receive further training. I understand that while you are feeling alone you are beginning to believe that nothing lasts forever. This is partly true. Things of value last, but they are in a state of evolution. Look at them as always changing, moving and growing--not going away. Worry not for these days of seeming useless activity. These days are preparation for the future. Cultivate your humorous side to give you relief from those things you find wrong. Worry not, my daughter, all really is well. I thank you for accepting this personal assessment.

NINA: Laughing--I am trying to tell him who I want him to do next, but...laughing!!

ABRAHAM: Are there more requests for assessments or questions?

CALVIN: For the record I welcome Henry from Germany here with us, Abraham, and Sandy, who is new to our group I guess, from Indianapolis again back with us.

ABRAHAM: Welcome. I have known you each and I hope to know you better. Yes. Question or assessment?

HARRISON: Abraham, my daughter, Harmony, has requested an assessment. Would you be able to do that for her this evening?

ABRAHAM: Ellanor is telling me to put her on the list. Laughter. (Put me on the list too while you are at it.) Certainly. I do understand the need for these assessments and I will complete all of them as time will permit.

NINA: He is going to do Miriam's because I won't quit bugging him. Laughter. I am sorry. I have the list up here, okay? I'm going with the list.

MIRIAM: I appreciate that. Abraham, I would just like to preface my assessment saying that last week in talking about faith\trust---during my husbands accident--I know people get tired of me talking about it, but when Ham gave me that help that he did, the words he used in there was faith and trust. I pick up the Woods Cross teachings for the very first time and there was a lesson in there on faith and trust. It was so helpful.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I do know of that time in your life to be a turning point, in not just spirituality, but every other aspect of your life. You have indeed drawn so much value from that experience that you are a living testimony to the powerful works of our Father. You know firsthand Father can bring the value out of seemingly disastrous circumstances. My daughter, you are indeed a diligent worker. You have moved with faith and trust even though sometimes it was with kicking and screaming. How I have also been inspired by your friendship to me. Your growth is advancing very rapidly. You are moving into a Thought Control mode instead of an Adjuster mode. You do move with faith and trust, and while you are learning to be with Father, you are also dropping the idea you once held so dear, and that is--you truly desired the acceptance of others. At one time you had allowed them to shape the way you have lived your life. I am so happy to see you move away from that. You stand accepted as a valued child of God. You learned this from personal experience, not by someone having told you this. You are daring to take steps further out into the world and this will most definitely bring you new assignments. No doubt you are well equipped to handle these things. I would at this time focus on ideas that you have had, but have been afraid to act on them. There is upcoming opportunities for you to complete those longed for dreams. You will be able to follow Father's open doors with confidence because of the assistance of the Thought Controller. You can have confidence and be not afraid--this will verge into ego interference. You have been given much. You have also given much. Be ready, my daughter, for there is more work ahead. Take joy and excitement from this. Do not be afraid. I am aware of your transmitting\receiving abilities, and I say they are not leading you astray. Well done, my daughter. Thank you for accepting this personal assessment. (Thank you Abraham.) Another question or assessment?

HENRY: Thank you Abraham I can be here. I don't know if it is possible, but if you can say hello to my teacher or friend, Paul. I would like to know can you give any advice for me when I go back to Germany?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I can say to you, Henry, your friend and mentor is aware of your journey and is most definitely happy for you. I can say your search has been indeed long and arduous, but worth all that you have experienced. Your time has come to where you can be others friend and mentor. You have gained enough experience to be of service. I do understand that restless feeling that plagues your mind. There have been unpleasant things that have happened to you that you would wish to not be there. In your travels it does feel like an escape from those things that do plague your mind. You have tremendous opportunity to be spiritually strengthened enough to face those past trying times and have complete understanding, complete healing. The bitterness you may still hold can turn out to be of great value, great lessons, yes. You can make a difference in the world, my son. You are only one man, yes, but you can start planting the seeds of change. You need not be over exuberant in the planting of these seeds, no. Just by being yourself and speaking from your experience you can effect great change. You can be a helper in this Teaching Mission. You can further the growth of our Correcting Time. It seems like an impossible task, but you must know there are vast hosts of heaven who aid in your success. I would advise you to begin stillness practice and journaling your spiritual experiences. You are on an awesome journey, my son, a journey into eternal life. I should find it my honor to be your friend. I will help you when I can. In the meantime have confidence that you are loved as if you were God's only son. He knows you more than you know yourself. He is unfailing in His devotion to you. Fear not, go forth with spiritual courage and know God has cleared the way. One more question or assessment. (Thank you.) You're welcome.

SANDY: I am asking for an assessment.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. You are undertaking great changes, my daughter. How wonderful you have the courage to follow through. While these changes seem great, they are really just part of mortal living and you will see in time that they hold value. I perceive you to be rigid in your beliefs, and while you are very faithful, such rigidity leads to stagnation. I would recommend to you to expect change, accept change with a free flowing outlook. Do not fear it, but revel in all its challenges. You have had certain regrets that have plagued you and do cause you at times to be somewhat craving attention. I can say, my daughter, these things are about to find healing. You will better see the value of your experience as you relax in your beliefs and allow the free flow of divine information. You have ability to be a teacher to your fellows. The way you treat them is what they will remember. Your kind heart and lightness in attitude will be an attraction. They will come from all walks of life. Expect your association with these people to hold great lessons for you also. Have not fear, but excitement in the changes ahead. I see you best thriving in a state of relaxation, yes. You do well, my daughter. Thank you for your courage in accepting this personal assessment. (Thank you very much.)


I am slipping. I would however like for each of you to know as each week goes by I am in more love for you. Until next week, shalom.