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Topic: Faith

Group: Marin TeaM


Teacher: Anatolia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Anatolia: Good evening, dear ones. My name is Anatolia. Welmek is unable to be here this evening, and so I am substituting for him. Tonight I would like to offer you a brief lesson on the topic of faith. Then, I will open the floor to your questions…questions on this topic of faith or questions of a more general spiritual nature.



As you grow in your life’s experience, there is a spiritual idea that always draws you forward in understanding the elements of universe living. You are placed into a river, as it were, of faith. There is current to faith, there is a flow to faith. When you live your life, most humans use their intellect, their experience, to make decisions about where to live, what career to pursue, what relationships to enter into. They use their intellect, their thinking, their experience, the concepts that they have grown comfortable developing to make choices about the kind of life they wish to live. I say to you this living, there is another way to live life, and it is in this stream of faith. And by that I mean that there is a dynamic that pulls you to greater experiences, pulls you to deeper, more intimate relationships, pulls you into greater self-realization of your abilities and talents and creative gifts you have been given. When you are in this stream of faith you are moving toward those experiences and those people and those self awarenesses that help you to understand what life is all about and how life should be lived, how truth affects your life, truth about the elements of universe understanding. By this I mean simply learning how to get along with others, learning to face uncertainty with hope and to replace hostility with peace, learning to replace intolerance with love and understanding, having the courage and confidence to move forward in another direction.

Faith changes your focus from the external environment of how you perceive your reality to the internal environment of being led to new experiences, new people, new things you will learn to appreciate more fully. This is quite different from the way you have been taught, the way you are raised, the traditions you are raised in. It is quite opposite of the way you are raised on this planet. What you are embarking upon in the quest for spiritual enlightenment is the beginning of this faith. It gives you greater insight into how to live a spiritual life in a material reality. It gives you the ability to see with two lenses, it gives you the ability to see with a new vision. It always feeds you with joy, hope, wonder and awe. When you are in this dynamic of faith, there is no turning back for you will find life unfolding in a way that is highly rewarding and highly satisfying. You will find yourself producing at levels of great output. You are tapping into your personality potential; you are making better use of those creative gifts with which you have been so generously bestowed. You are coming to a deeper realization of the partnership that you have with your creator parent. For it is this faith, it is this infusion of creative energy from your spiritual parent that gives you the capacity to achieve all things.

When you are in this dynamic flow you are using a greater part of your mind, a greater part of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual gifts, you are using a greater portion of your sensing mechanism. Faith is a sense, and it must be developed, it must be honed. You must be able to make it work for you, you must know how to activate it so you can exercise and make it grow stronger so that it becomes the only method of living. It is not always easy making this transition from the intellect to faith, from just mere beliefs…your intellectual assent of concepts you have been raised with. It takes the understanding of looking at the world through the eyes of spirit, through the eyes of your Creator, to see the world and the universe the way God sees it. When you exchange your eyes for the spiritual eyes, you see another world, you see another realm of new possibilities of what life could be. You see the steps, there are many ways the path can unfold before you and you can be guided to the path for your highest good. I will pause now and ask if you have any questions on faith before we go on to more general questions.



Student: Sometimes things happen that seem unfair, people don’t seem to deserve it and that shakes my faith. I’m wondering if you could say something about that.

Anatolia: No one, no one deserves to suffer. It is not part of God’s plan for people to suffer. However, you must recognize the intrinsic nature of this planet. This planet is evolutionary, it is moving toward a perfected ideal. It was not created in perfection; things do not happen work or always run the way they should. Your planet was not designed to be perfect; it was designed to be perfecting. In this role of perfecting, many things will occur outside of the realm of the ideal, the way things should be. This is in part due to many factors and I will elaborate on several points but not all of them for I, in my understanding, do not see all the ramifications of what it is means to be an evolutionary world.

I would say the majority of the reason there is so much suffering is because choices were made in the administration of this planet that caused great repercussions at all levels of the planet’s functions and operations. By this I am referring to the Lucifer rebellion and subsequent default of the planetary administration overseeing this world. They went astray, they choose to negate the possibility of life according to universal law and plans. The repercussions of this decision are still very much manifest on your world. There is such poverty, there is such disparity in wealth, there is such paucity of the true way of universe living which is the way of love and compassion. There is so much confusion in your concepts of religion. Theologies are conflicting, wars have been fought because of this, and there is so much waste of human potential because of the error due to these misguided choices of these individuals. So much of your life has been affected by this.

However, it is not to say that you must allow your life to be affected by this for you, too, have a choice. You, too, can choose whether to allow these ramifications to affect you or to rise above them. And how do you do this? The answer is very simple but humans are so complex and they inflict so many walls into this very simple, simple process of trying find the answer. It is simply to turn within, to go to that infinite, eternal, divine well of love and insight that is resident within each soul; to turn to that source every day and to ask for the love, strength, insight, guidance, understanding, forgiveness, compassion, patience; to step out of the realm of fear and into the realm of love. It is so difficult for people to do this because of the language and concepts they have been raised with, and there is also a physiological disconnection between the spirit and the conscious mind. A great gulf must be traversed in order to tap into the source. But you can if you choose, and the choosing is done through several understandings.

One is that you recognize, you consciously and superconsciously recognize that there is a place within you, a place of respite, a place of guidance where all things are made right. It forms a sensing of that complusion to tap into that realm. This is the catalyst for faith; it is, to use a very human term, the jump-starting of your faith. If you can begin to tap into this source of love, you can certainly ask, “help me to see the suffering from your eyes, help me understand why this must occur.” Know that you will be given the perspective from the more universal viewpoint. You can rise above the earth’s problems and look down and see it in a new light. God’s plan is so far reaching you can’t see it from the mere human vantage point of being in the muck and mire. You must rise above it, you must see it from the eyes of spirit to have a real true, universe understanding of why it must be this way.

There are great lessons and great good that have come out of great suffering and great error. And people, once they are on the other side, they are more committed to the faith process, they are more fully solidified in choosing the divine path, to choosing the will of the Father. And is this not, after all, the true import of living in the universe; to exchanging your will for the will of God, for the will of spirit, for the way of love. Does this help?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Anatolia: If there are no other questions on the topic of faith, then I will open the floor to questions of a general nature. Let us share this evening our experiences with your questions.

Guidance, Surrender

Student: I have a question between faith and will. How to discern the difference between the will of God and my own personal will.

Anatolia: This is a most excellent question, for it strikes at the heart of growing your faith, exchanging your will for the will of spirit. This is something you will spend time discerning for many years to come as you walk the path. Will is a progressive acquirement. It is something you will achieve through daily striving in your daily habits. You must be very patient with yourself, you must be open and very trusting that you are being led. This is the hardest thing from a purely human standpoint, one of the most challenging elements of human life is coming to surrender your will for the will of the Father.

It might be helpful to understand how to do this from a process standpoint. By that I mean, to look at the elements of what it means to use your will as opposed to allowing yourself to be led and thereby aligning your will to the Father’s will. But before I elaborate on that, do you see the subtle distinction of what I just said, using your will as opposed to aligning your will.

Student: Sometimes when I give myself over to with grace, but I still have a problem with discerning the difference between what is my will and ego and what is not mine.

Anatolia: You have certain expectations in life, do you not? You have certain wants and needs and expectations? And so it is for everyone. We have our own ideas about what our lives should be like. These concepts about our lives drive us and pull us in situations where we make choices. Is that not so? And when we make choices, sometimes the choices seem to have positive outcomes and sometimes they are not so positive and make us feel frustrated or angry or sad, do they not? And so it is for all humans, there is this element of frustration to the outcomes that do not seem to meet their expectations. When you try to align your will to the Father’s will, there is an innate concept or idea that is trying to focus or bring into your consciousness, and that is that concept of “you do not always have to know or understand where it is you are being led.” You do not always have to know or have to see that your expectation is being fulfilled. You must trust that what is happening to you is teaching you a lesson and it is occurring for your highest good. This is a very important, fundamental realization to come to understand because this is the point at which you can gracefully surrender. I use that term gracefully because it is God’s grace that steps in at that moment to fuel you, to propel you into another direction of living. When you gracefully align your will to God’s will you are asking yourself to be led; you are essentially taking some of your expectations off and trusting that the outcome you will achieve will be for your highest good. Do you understand this?

Student: Intellectually I understand this but I don’t know if I really like when it happens.

Anatolia: Then I would say to you that your work is only half complete. Because you may understand something intellectually, but you do not feel an emotional attachment to the concept of surrender. If you can begin to ask, “what is it that I fear about surrender, what do I think or fear I must give up?” You see, if you attach the concept of surrender to a concept of giving up something you will not want to do it. You will have no emotional attachment to it, it will not be compelling or drawing to you. But I would say to you this evening is to challenge the idea of giving up something in surrendering into the idea of getting more. That in surrendering God will fill you with more love, more insight, more life handling skills than you have experienced heretofore. You will get more, you will not need to relinquish other than your fear of not getting what you need. If you can do this, if you can make the mental adjustment and feel you will be getting more in surrendering, it will make the willingness to allow God to guide you, this surrender, more gracefully, more easy. You will have more of a tendency to want do it on a more regular basis for you will find the results you achieve in your life will be more fulfilling than when you are using your own will. Does this help?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Anatolia: Do you need further explanation?

Student: No, thank you for the inspiration to give my will over.

Anatolia: God only adds to you, my friends. The only thing you leave behind is fear and doubt. And who needs this in their lives? Give it to God. It does not serve you well, it does not serve you at all. It only acts as a barrier to more love and guidance, more insight and peace than you have ever achieved. You are all such pure vessels of power, of spiritual strength. Open your hearts, open your minds to the possibilities that this could actually happen to you. The only thing you have to lose is fear. The beauty and the joy, all the wonder God wishes to bestow to you is at your feet. Allow the energy to enter into you, to flow into you, to fuel you, to feed you, to uplift you to a new understanding and a new way to live; to be reborn of the spirit, to be pure light beings.


I thank you for the opportunity to be here with you tonight. I hope these words have been helpful. All of your life, your spiritual life, will be based on this element of faith. It is something that you will grow into, you will become more comfortable with in time as you walk your path of God. Walk each day, take small steps on this path, take small steps into your faith. In time, you will feel the urge grow stronger, you will feel the faith pulling you to greater self-realization and personal productivity and greater fruits of the spirit in relationships with others. You are on the path now. There is no turning back. Why would you want you? Good evening, my friends.