2000-10-17-Understanding Others

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Topic: Understanding Others

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am grateful to you for having and attending this meeting. We shall discuss the time of great spiritual stress and awakening that is occurring on your world at this time.


This season which commemorates the Master’s life is seldom a time for true remembrance. Your planet is going through a period where humanity seems to be all at once requiring others to understand them while not requiring understanding of others of themselves. For many years, we have watched this child-like manifestation proceed. It has rippled through individuals, communities, and even nations. It seems more important to everyone to be understood than to understand.

You cannot continue on this road. It will not lead to anything but disappointment, death, and destruction. It is important now that all individuals say instead, "it is more important that I understand the other fellow than that he understands me". The Master as he lived his life on this planet made this part of his example to mankind. Always was he willing to be misunderstood, but never was he willing to misunderstand.

This is a time of great change when society itself seems to be undergoing a type of metamorphosis and always change is painful, hard lessons are not learned in ease. There are many challenges ahead for your country, and for each person inhabiting this planet. Never is it easy to love those who do not love us. Yet, this is truly the lesson of Michael and his life. If there is to be change, that change must revolve about that central lesson, love in the face of non-love. The Master in his infinite mercy does not give his lessons in a stingy manner, but is rather always liberal in allowing his children to fully learn each one of his great truths.

Tonight I would like you to each turn to the person on your left and tell that person how much they mean to you and how much you truly love them. Let us begin with Rebecca.

[we went around the circle]

Ham: Greetings, again. That is wonderful to see you children connect with each other and to express loving feelings. Usually, human beings have a tendency to suspect the worse about how people feel about them. Often times you tend to read much more into minor misunderstandings that is actually there. It is good take time simply to express your love and your understanding of others for it is so important for you all in this group to feel accepted by one another and indeed loved by one another.

Let us take a few moments to pray. Father, Michael, in your infinite wisdom and your infinite mercy wrap your arms around your children here this evening. Hold them securely in your arms so that they will feel safe and loved. Heal the scars of abuse which tend to cause distrust and feelings of alienation. Heal the scars of neglect which also tend to cause distrust and feelings of low self-worth. Heal the scars of abandonment which run deep and cause feelings of self-doubt and even distrust of self. Allow these children to grow up all over again, to heal their pasts and to embrace their futures. You have been with them from the first, now let them realize it in their hearts. Comfort them when they are distressed, cradle them in your arms and wipe away their tears when they are sad, allow them to partake of the bountiful joy that is part and parcel of their new lives. Show them how to drink of this spiritual fountain, evermore deeply and completely so that their lives are full of joy and full of understanding. Amen.

I will answer any question you have at this time.


Q: Ham when you talked about this wanting everyone to understand us but not wanting to understand other people, does this also relate to the materialism we see in our society? Do people want things for themselves but not for others? Is this related?

Ham: Yes, of course. Once you come to accept that you are completely understood by the one who understands all, that you are completely loved and accepted by him, it is easier to accept non-understanding from others. But if you have not this understanding, you are tempted to run from person to person requiring their understanding of you. So do not be surprised if you see this in your fellows, be understanding of it.

Q: If I am in a situation where I feel misunderstood, is that a sign of my lack of maturity and understanding of that person?

Ham: It can be. It is simply more important to require of yourself that you understand the other than to require that he understand you. Eventually, you come to understand that you cannot require complete understanding from a human being but that can only come from the Father in heaven.

Q: Ham may I have a personal message tonight please?

Ham: Certainly, my son. You do well. There are times when you think you are not doing well but in actuality you are always progressing because this is your ultimate intent. You are making progress in many ways unknown to you that you will understand in the future. But, your maturity, your level or spiritual grace, and your wisdom are all increasing. You are broadening your love and acceptance of yourself thus you can love and accept others much more. Be at peace, for you do very well.

Q: Norbert would like a message.

Ham: Certainly, son you also have come far in a short time. You are growing in your greater acceptance of who you are not only who you want yourself to be. You are finding wells of love in your heart which you did not know existed and are using this resource very wisely. Love the Father, love yourself, and love your fellows and all will be well.

Q: A question from Deloris, could you ask Ham to diagnose the problem with my spine and what treatment he would recommend.

Ham: Yes, my dear, it seems to be arthritis that is causing this pain. For this there are many herbs and treatments available also gentle yoga to stretch the spine is advised.

Q: Melissa would like a message.

Ham: Yes, my daughter, you are undergoing quite a transformation at this time. There are parts of you wishing to hold on to the old and yet parts of you are wanting to move forward. It is always wise to be cautious when making major changes and it is not wise to cling to past understandings which no longer apply to your new self. Work on being increasingly at peace and in love with yourself. Find the strength to really accept who you are and love that person. Do not reach to the past for assurance. Find it in the now.

Q: Charlie B.

Ham: Yes, son, you are indeed making good solid progress. You are willing to go through self-examination and expand your understanding of who you are. Think in this time of the Master’s ministry. When he calls, one must be ready. You cannot say wait, I must do this or do that for he calls you as you are. Therefore, find peace with who you are now to prepare for his calling.

Q: Do you have anything for Esmerelda?

Ham: Yes, of course. My daughter, you are growing daily in your understanding of yourself and your place in the universe. Do not fear that there might be a time when you are unprepared for what will come. You continue to grow in your awareness of others and in your understanding of yourself and this is good.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Yes, my dear, you have been through a long period of change. Now you are beginning to stabilize again and this will be a period of increased productivity and creativity. You have come very far in a short time and you do very well.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, you are finding much joy in life and this is a mark of spiritual progress. Increasing happiness and the deep experience of joy is the direct result of your sincere seeking for the spiritual life and understanding the Father’s hand in your life. This is wonderful to see and we are very happy with your progress.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes, son, you also are tasting the joy of the spirit and understanding that this is a lasting joy and is indeed the result of your sincere seeking and your sincere dedication to the Father’s will. While living in this life, your are truly tasting the fruits of the life to come. You are becoming a joy to others as well. This is wonderful to see.

Q: Ham I would appreciate any feedback you have for me this week.

Ham: Certainly, my son, you are doing very well. You also are finding increasing happiness and a contentment which you have not known in the past. You are a person who has understood your own mind, but your heart has been somewhat of a mystery. Now you are fusing those two things, the heart and the mind, so that they are one. This will increase your wisdom and deepen your intelligence which is already considerable. Go forward in peace my son, for you do well.


Very well then my children, you do well, go in peace.