2001-04-19-Spiritual Growth

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Topic: Spiritual Growth

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings my children, I am Ham and I am your teacher/friend. We are happy to have your three here this evening. Where there are three gathered together, so there is the Master’s personal presence as well. It is indeed true that you have come very far, all three of you, over the last several years.


What is spiritual growth but the progressive taming of the animal nature by the spiritual nature? Humanity is so very full of contradictions, so very mixed with the desires of the flesh as well as the desires of the spirit. The lower nature is full of fear, animosity, feelings of revenge, feelings of hurt. Like a pride of lions, the dominant male desires his homage from the group. These feelings, this pull of the instinct, this tendency to feel fear and anger, this is all part of the animal legacy that is encoded in your bodies.

The Master so desired to break humanity free from this bondage that he became the human example of the divine way. The divine way is the way of service, of complete humility, of the highest serving the lowest not the other way around. When we look upon your earth and see the ritualized homage, the chest beating of the males, the pitiful clawing toward some sort of pinnacle of respect of the females, we see the spiritual vacuum that creates this type of society. We see parents mistreating children and teaching children erroneously about the fundamentals of life. We see vast confusion and always we stand ready with the simple gospel of Jesus, ready to help you use it in your own lives and to use it on a broader scale.

What human beings view as power, is so distorted and so misused and always those with power eventually understand the emptiness of it. Spiritual power is true power. It is gentle, is unassuming, but it is the power of the universe. The true man of power, Michael of Nebadon, came to this world as a humble teacher. He rode into Jerusalem on the back of an ass. He was constantly shunning the power of the world, but never did he veer from the true path of power which is humble acceptance of the Father’s will. His spirit is all powerful on earth as it is in heaven even now. He and the Father are truly one in all respects as viewed from this world.

And even his spirit is gentle and unassuming. His commandment, follow me, rings throughout the ages and yet to do so requires the most powerful of men to be the most humble as he was. Never did he command men. He led them and so does his spirit lead unto all peace, happiness, and inexpressible contentment. He does not command or coerce the most humble of his creatures and yet mighty angels do his bidding without being even asked. He is all powerful. He holds the earth in his hands as a tiny marble in the universe and yet how gentle is he, how respectful of the tiny creatures who live upon this tiny blue orb.

His way is that of gentle righteousness. Follow him and your will have peace. Follow him and you will have soul contentment. Follow him and you will be given great joy and wonder at this life. All of this material reality is miraculous. The body itself is a miracle of interaction and marvelous life.

The Master has all power over the tiniest living thing. And yet, he also has love for all of his creation. Look at the intricacies of all that lives. The spider’s web is a marvel of engineering and design and yet this tiny creature goes hardly noticed by the master builders on this earth. All of life from the smallest microbe to the largest whale in the sea is a miracle of design and function. All this was done by his hand. All this is upheld by his will and through his love, do all human beings progress to the Father.

I who have seen many miraculous things in this universe, never cease to marvel at the love and the care and the immense detail in the design of it all. He who has created all these things was yet the most humble of men and this never ceases to touch my heart and to thrill me deeply in ways I cannot express. You are each growing toward him, growing in greater love and appreciation of his personality and of his world. Never cease to have the wonder of a child who sees a spider web in the dew for the first time. Never lose that awe in the face of God’s miraculous creation, Michael’s miraculous creation.

These miracles of wonder and awe, they are indeed like revelations. How miraculous it is that the trees bud and leaf each year? Cherish life, my children, cherish your own wonder and awe at creation. Cherish your wonder at him and his great act of mercy, his life on this world.

It is correct always to worship the Father and it is also correct to worship the Creator Son. Worship is just an outflowing of awe and wonder and love. Seek to overcome the lower nature with his help. Follow him truly and he will lead you unto Paradise itself.


I will not take any questions this evening. This lesson is enough. Go in peace my dedicated students. You are always in my prayers and in my thoughts. My love and the love of a vast universe is upon you.