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Topic: Compassion

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, my friends. I am always touched by your acts of compassion for one another. When one is weak, the others support. When one is sorrowful, the others are available with an open ear. When one is afraid, the others are giving encouraging energy. What a Brotherhood, my friends--quite beautiful to behold.


Law, Compassion

Learning about the universal laws becomes more understandable as you experience life. You begin to understand the need for them and have gratitude for this universal fairness and watchcare. Universal laws endow us with power to use for good or bad. We are partakers of time and doers in destiny. What we do and how we live really does matter, and has an impact on universal wellness. . . . .

The compassionate soul longs to create lasting solutions for their brothers and sisters in need. To perform compassionate acts for the sake of being guilt-free because your fellows are in need is misunderstanding. To be compassionate because you feel pity upon your fellows is also not quite right.

Compassion is a heart and soul connection that says 'I am feeling what you are feeling. I see you could use some help.' Compassion asks you not to sacrifice begrudgingly, but happens naturally without hesitation. Most of the time most people only wish to be listened to and understood--not pitied or pressured into various solutions, but just to feel that they are not alone.

You in the Teaching Mission have great opportunity to allow Father to show Himself through you. You have opportunity to minister to your fellows now in a manner that you could not do before. The transmitting \ receiving process is becoming common, and instantly the compassionate person can put forth Father's words to aid in any given situation. The compassionate person listens without underlying agenda's or intentions.

The compassionate person is not tempted to bestow their wisdom to have others look upon them with awe. True compassion is feeling that you truly want to help without anything in return. It is wanting to help because of your expanding love for Father. The compassionate person inevitably grows closer to Father because of their pure intentions to be open to His words to help their fellows.

You can be encouraging and uplifting in your compassionate ministry without showing forth pity and dis-empowering individuals to feel unconfident and hopeless. You can validate their difficulties by relating to them your personal experience. If you have not personal experience to draw upon, then certainly can you at the very least show you are interested in what they are saying.

In your desire to want to help without personal recognition will you be connected to Father's words, His instructions for your fellows, His mind. That is ministry, my friends. That is active ministry. A few questions.


Free will

CALVIN: Abraham, in the beginning you said that universal laws endow us with power to use for good and bad. It was my understanding that maybe the universe would withdraw if our intentions were not for the good. Could you say what you mean on that?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Why even Lucifer himself had access to these universal laws, and through the promotion of himself, he could benefit from the innocent by the manipulation of these laws. Father has bestowed us with free will and has given to us heaven and earth. Those that use spiritual power for the benefit of all will receive more power--with more power, more responsibilities, more assignments. This is of your choosing, of course, yes, but even Father did not interfere in Lucifer's reign of self-assertion. All played out naturally and that experience was even valuable. Is this answering? (Yes. Thank you.)


HARRISON: Yes Abraham. Thank you very much. I would ask one short question. In my travels sometimes I will stop and spend the night at a place where I will have bad dreams. I feel like I need to get up and leave. I have done that on a couple occasions. My question is should I stay and just let Father's light shine and face that fear whatever it is and not go running off, or should I move on?

ABRAHAM: One moment. I am told these dreams are based on the stress of the day and not to worry or fear. You are in no danger of being in an evil presence. Know that these are easily overcome with doing an activity that grounds you back into your everyday foundation. Do those things that you usually do--read a book, converse with your wife, take a shower, watch TV. These things are grounding and bringing you back to your foundation of the intellectual, spiritual and physical.


My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.