2001-06-10-Patterns of Duality

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Topic: Patterns of Duality

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Malvantra, Michael

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Hearty greetings to you. This is Elyon. You have pleased me with your homework assignment and your ensuing discussions. You must understand that teacher bases undergo this same evaluation, as we group ourselves to be of service among your groupings. Although we do move around, attend other groups similar to yours, we also maintain a membership with a particular group, for we have developed compatible traits that make us work harmoniously.



You have received lessons over the years on judgment with the cautions that can be attached to that discussion. I, today, would like to take a look from the perspective of discernment. That which is close to home, under your nose, while it would seem so near at hand that you should be able to detect, to discern, or to evaluate it, is often the most overlooked. I'm aware of your phrase that you judge in others that which you dislike in yourself. The functional aspect of this insight is that stepping back, looking afar across the board, in a sense, is where you can view enough to make a discerning picture or perspective.

I note your discussion regarding expressing traits about one another as a means of coming to know what are your strengths, that being easier to accomplish than to perceive them in yourself. This ability to detect qualities in another also is the same mechanism of recognizing those qualities in yourself, for it is the value you place upon that quality that gives it its worth that is possessed by another.

Michael taught that it is good to be discerning. He taught the trust of a child but encouraged the use of wisdom when approaching any situation. Discernment greatly relies upon wisdom in order to detect value. Discernment isn't simply detection; it isn't the probing to discover first time. Rather it is the sorting of detection, the categorizing of your perception, applying merit, applying well-being. This is why I draw you to note that your admiration of the trait of another is one that does reside with yourself. It may not have the degree of manifestation or maturity, but it is nonetheless resident within you. One you admire, one who is as a mentor, is fostering that trait that you possess. To wish for that quality is a mistaken approach; it is better to acknowledge that you do possess that quality and only long for greater manifestation, for more complete development.

Perhaps this would be a good time to make another triad, that in your desire to be of service, in your observation of the good qualities of one another, there is a three step process that helps you in your growth, and that is: detection, to discover and note. Then discernment which is the qualifying, the categorizing, the value granting step. Lastly is development where you apply those admired traits, where you engage in the service you have perceived as possible. Trust all along that even if latent, seemingly minuscule, you possess what is needed to either accomplish or to develop qualities in yourself. What the personality lacks in the variableness of the bestowal of personality by the Father, the Thought Adjuster possess in absoluteness. Your partnership makes all things possible, makes greatness manifestable, makes incompleteness perfectible.

I will allow time at this point for others to address you, and the floor is always open for your feedback and contributions.


  • Cooperation To Make Progress

Malvantra (Mark): If there are no offerings at this point, then I will make one in terms of my contribution to this circle. I am Malvantra. As you may well know I am oriented toward tasks and making progress in gaining ground for this mission as my primary focus. While I am ever happy to be of assistance for progression on an individual basis with you, I do revel in the chances I might get to be involved with you in the outward ministry of any and all projects which may be on the table for consideration by you as individuals or as a group.

As you are aware, there are great benefits to be had in the coordinating, organizing, and eventual manifestation of any project undertaken in service by more than a single individual. Great opportunities arise for the polishing of many of life's skills of living when you have an agenda to pursue and a task at hand to be completed. There is certainly nothing wrong with working on tasks individually; tasks which are accomplished privately are of great value in this overall project of your personal spiritual growth, but tasks taken on as a group of volunteers offer expanded opportunities for this coordination and pooling together of resources, which always equal more than the sum of their combination. When you work together to complete any task you are including outside forces in your cooperative effort. When you seek direction and blaze a trail ahead you are creating opportunities which fly off as sparks from the grinding wheel. When one puts the stone to the metal with intent and purpose, it may appear as though much random activity occurs when the sparks fly off in all directions.

The bystander may observe this to be dramatic and apparently scattered, but the one at the wheel with the stone and the steel edge is aware that through this process you are able to hone the edge to a fine point, and that it is necessary to make a great many sparks in order to achieve the fine edge, the precise point, which you are pursuing. These sparks may seem as though something is being lost or sacrificed, but in fact the process is liberating. Each spark may go its own way, may find its own direction, but in the end the mission has been accomplished, the edge has been focused and is now a proper surface to be used for the application at hand.

Never be afraid to go to the stone and make sparks in your endeavor to pursue the polished edge which you seek. It may only be attained through the grinding away of the unnecessary in order to achieve the point. Effort must be put forward, and you know you are making progress when the sparks are flying.

Indeed, witnessing this group this morning, we have seen the sparks fly. It is captivating to watch, much as an individual on your world sharpening a stone or welding metal causing great action to occur arrests your attention. Likewise when you take your spiritual stones to your spiritual edge and create sparks it arrests our attention. We observe these activities with great favor, as we know that you are honing to a fine point your skills. This always brings excitement in anticipation of the new edge to be exposed, the new surface underneath which was liberated, the potential which was actualized in this process.

I say grind on, my friends. Cause the sparks of spirituality to fly. Do not fear that this is radical or too intense, as this is exactly the step to be taken in order to achieve the results. Don't shy away from the apparent abrasiveness, as you have come to realize in your own spiritual growth the benefits of the effort are far in excess of the apparent harshness of the process. I hope that some fires may have been rekindled, some latent desires brought forward on your individual and collective priority lists, that you may once again head to the stones and do some grinding that we all may have nice sharp instruments with which we may be about the tasks at hand. When you have become comfortable repeatedly making sparks and exposing a new clean surface, then it is thrilling to show others that causing sparks to fly can be rewarding and must be undertaken periodically to assure the crispness and cleanness of the edge with which we all cut through the world.

These are my words today. I appreciate having the opportunity to express them to you. I offer you my assurance, as I have in the past, of working with you in whatever aspects you choose to be about this task. Thank you.


Partnership, Revelation

  • Patterns of Duality

Michael (Jonathan): I have made known to you of my gift of a host of heavenly helpers, those who come to be at your side to guide, to strengthen. Today I wish to tell you that you are the helpers of heaven. There is a pattern used throughout my realm of partnership. It is evident in the various revelatory administrations that have taken place upon this world. The staff of your one-time prince, though hailing from your system, were associated with natives of this world in partnership. My Material Sons and Daughters likewise work in twos. Your revered Melchizedek chose Abraham to be with him. I always sent my apostles, two as a team. The master seraphim stationed on this world have a reserve corps of human associates, and the Father has given you Himself to be in partnership. Even your physical anatomy illustrates this twofold association. Your one hand may be composing; your other hand steadies the page. Your TR sits passively while the teacher expresses. There are times when the roles reverse; there are times when the heavenly helpers hail from above, and there are other times when these helpers of heaven have risen from the races of mankind. Even I do not rule alone; I share my sovereignty with Mother Spirit Nebadonia. I have finished.