2001-10-20-About Islam

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Topic: About Islam

Group: Unknown


Teacher: AhmaNiden

TR: JoiLin



Good Morning JoiLin, it is I AhmaNiden Melchizedek; if you are ready, let us begin.

Joi: Good morning AhmaNiden, yes, I’m ready.


This morning we’ll talk about the decisions that one makes in life choosing in every moment the direction to be pursued. In regard to the recent terrorist activity to your nation, each time you think of it, you make the choice to be filled with anger and hate, and retribution, or for your thoughts to move toward Love, reconciliation, understanding…and yet at the same time, it is recognized that those elements that have twisted the fabric of a religion based in Love into something that does not even resemble on any front the basic tenets of the religion that it purports to have sprung from, these elements must be contained. And yet they are only a few. For the most part, the Islamic religion is a very grounded and love engendering religion. Do not allow yourself to paint an entire people with the same tar brush that Bin Laden must be painted with.

The wrongs of the world will eventually be righted, but like everything else, it takes time to evolve. Do not think for even one moment that your prayers and the loving thoughts that you send out from your heart space do not have an effect, for they certainly do. There is a fabric that covers your world, made up if you will, of the stream of consciousness emanating from each individual mindstream coming from all of humanity, making it what it is. Where there are dark pockets of negativity, distrust, and even hate, when those who stand in the light beam their thoughts and the Love from their hearts toward these dark pockets, the light and the love will dispel and cause the molecules of hate, if you will, to become dispersed. When these new molecules of Love move in and amongst the molecules of hate, it causes a lightening, and elevation, if you will, to some of the molecules that are not deeply entrenched in their mind set of hate.

You do have an impact on the fabric of the whole; you do and can loosen the foundations of those who live in the darkness. Over time as more and more come in contact with the molecules of Love their own mind set or receptivity to Light can and does change. So do not think for even a moment that you are not making a difference each time you send your thoughts outward they connect and impact upon the fabric of the whole. So keep your thoughts Light, God-centered and filled with Love; never hold them back send them out whenever you think about it. And over time your world will become a Lighter, less dense, planet, one that more readily supports the fabric of Love that is growing exponentially across your world. Yes, there will be more difficult times in the future, but all of these incidents are leading to the culmination of something that was set in motion many, many years ago. Do not be afraid for your world, for His Light will eventually encompass all.


AhmaNiden: You are tired this morning Little One, so I will take my leave now and thank you for meeting with me once again.

Joi: You’re welcome AhmaNiden; I know I haven’t been much of a student this morning; I just feel very hung over from not getting enough sleep.

AhmaNiden: It’s alright child, I understand. Go into your day with a light heart, knowing always how Loved and surrounded by Love you are.

Joi: Thank you AhmaNiden; God speed.

AhmaNiden: Thank you Little One, shalom.