2001-12-23-My Bestowal

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Topic: My Bestowal

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael

TR: Jonathan



Michael (Jonathan TR): I am with you. I am your father/brother Michael who seeks your company without ever ceasing. Our association is continuous. Always am I in your midst.



A mission of my seventh bestowal was to experience fully the life of a mortal, to complete my universe training through gaining, not only knowledge of, but direct experience in all the creature life that has issued forth from my creative powers given me by our Father. I did not singly pursue living as a mortal for the end of the acquirement of the experience of one mortal life.

This would have been sufficient in its requirements, but having been on previous bestowal missions engaged in the activities of the various creature orders, I learned that the life of any creature is more than the living of one life. Every station that I chose my bestowal experiences is a complexity of many creatures. The richness derived from an experience as each creature was multiplied through the relationships I had with all other creatures about me. So, upon the maturation of my years on Urantia, my focus was not simply for me in human form to experience a mortal life but to experience the mortal life, which entailed intimate association with my twelve apostles, my accompanying evangels, and disciples. These friends enriched the experience of humankind as I could absorb in my short time on this world.

As I gradually realized my origin, grasped the significance of my purpose for being alive on earth, I soon determined that living entailed incorporating other lives into my experience, thus greatly enriching any experience I could ever have on my own. Thus developed, as I grew and understood spiritual truths taught on this world, that the essential element of eternal value in all the teachings and in all life's undertakings was the incorporation of brotherhood, of fellowship; that to love one another and to treat another as you wish to be treated brought to the human soul a broader experience of life, full of those lasting values of love, of fellowship, of trust and faith. This inter-association of peoples does reveal to the searching soul our Father at least as it is manifest in social and fraternal relations, for the Father is social and all encompassing and all embracing of every one of His children. But this is not readily discernible, especially on this, my favorite, world due to the mishaps of the administrations and epochal revelations that preceded my visit. So, it becomes vitally important, as I undertook in my earth life, to spend your time in the Father's presence alone, child to parent, creature to creator, for though the human being is naturally endowed by our Mother Spirit with the tendency to fraternize, having lost much of the great teachings of the ages past, it falls to those of you who follow the revelations that have come to this world to rise up noticeably and demonstrate the reality of relationship with the divine Father.


In understanding the family relationship of universe creatures and the Universal Creator, living and experiencing mortal life expands beyond the realms of self and becomes a life of the experience of man. This wider life experience reveals our Supreme destiny and reveals that beautiful emerging Supreme personality. Though each creature gathered in total as a whole into one body does not sum to the presence of the Supreme, our collective fellowship does indicate the reality of our Mother Supreme. When I said years ago that he who has seen me has seen the Father, many stood in disbelief, for they could not accept that a man who appeared no different than any other man could look like the Father of the universe. Their vision of the Creator was so lofty, removed, pure and untouchable, the holy of holies, that to consider that the Father was visible through the life of the creature was unfathomable. But this truth must be taken in to all, believed wholeheartedly, and for one's life to adjust to the truth and to live verily this understanding; for the Father is seen in all His creatures by those who are willing to discern, who are able to view transparently through the philosophies, theologies, and structures of all teachings that real, true, and actual presence of God. When once it is discerned, all doubt vanishes, all doubt of the Father's presence and nurture. Indeed, the doubts of ability, indeed the doubts of one's understanding, do remain. But your doubt of worth and of being cared for should forever be dispelled.

This world longs for an increase in the light of life. It thirsts for the water of life. It hungers for the bread of life. I came; I offered it; it was received by those who could discern with the eyes of the spirit, but of great importance, it was received by our Creator Father. Now this water, this bread, and this light are bestowed upon this world in my Spirit of Truth and forever will minister to all who chance to be born upon this world, seeking to reveal the way and the truth and the life that I have come to be known. You are commissioned by and empowered by my spirit presence to reveal the Father as I have revealed the Father. If this were not so I would not have said, "follow me." It is not a calling that requires great education or authority. Your credentials were bestowed upon you at the choice of freewill, moral decision making. You are endowed with the Father's presence. Having the fullness of God within you, you are capable of revealing the Father, for those who see you can see the Father. But they likewise would not discern Father's gift within you if it were not for the fact that they too are equally endowed. My spirit is the spirit that acts like a magnet and draws the two human souls into recognition of the presence of the God of all. My spirit enhances this comprehension. Spend your time alone in the hills with the Father and you can completely trust my words when I said, "Be not concerned what you will say, for the spirit will speak through you."

Catastrophism, Conflict

Be unswayed by the calamities and horrors, the actions of mortals mistaught and distraught, for goodness prevails. When you enter into the mansions of the Father, the worlds I have created for your benefit and growth, and look back upon this world of your nativity, you will note that with the presence of the Father's bestowal gifts and the many angelic and planetary ministers about your world, goodness outnumbers all who harbor evil in their hearts. Our mission is not to plant light into darkness; our mission is to expand the light such that no darkness remains. Focus upon that which is true and beautiful and good. Be not concerned over ugliness. The enhancement of righteousness automatically displaces the evils of the world. I know there are personalities who are distrustful of my approach, for it is too passive. It does not confront injustice. But, my friends, confrontation is not the way of the Father. Love is the way of the Father. Amplification of love will crowd out all injustice. Confrontation of injustice perpetuates the same mistakes and fosters the same hatred. Be brave. Stand for the light. Express love. You are endowed with the very reality these words represent.


I am your brother. I am your father. You are embraced; you are nurtured, and you are commissioned. We approach the celebration of my onetime visit. Annually the world celebrates my arrival. I declare that one day daily the world will demonstrate my arrival in your hearts and through your actions. Peace I bring to you. Peace I leave with you.