2002-04-04-Self Forgetfulness

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Topic: Self Forgetfulness

Group: Marin TeaM


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Good evening, my dear brothers and sisters. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. We observed you as you celebrated your Easter holiday and your joy mingled with ours as we too were able to be jubilant in the life and the beauty of the message of Easter. It fills our hearts with such - well, I am having a hard time expressing it in human terms. There are none to describe our feelings. But when we see our Masters' life celebrated, there is a level of camaraderie, that we feel that we share with you now, and we are most humbly appreciative of that.


It is no small matter now to publicly proclaim the message of Michael. And even though your numbers are small, your message is strong and powerful and you are all being guided to be the drawing magnets for your brothers and sisters into this growing family of Michael and Mother Spirit, as the healing unfolds; as more of the correcting time emerges. And so this evening I wish to continue the lesson of several weeks ago on "Self-Forgetfulness," for this is an important idea, as you continue to grow and continue to serve. And the more you allow yourself to be self-forgetful, the greater will you be able to provide loving service to your fellows.

To refresh you memories: we spoke about the idea of forgetting about what you tried to do in your day-to-day life; to realize that there is always something new to be learned and to help you to step aside from those burdens that you carry and place yourself in the loving arms of Michael. And so tonight what I wish to do, if you are willing, is to conduct an exercise where you begin to see yourself in two lights. The one is the persona that you live your material life, the one that goes to work, watches television, reads a book, drives a car. And the other persona is that which experiences the joys of living in the spirit; the sense of being with Michael; the sense of being with the Father. While they may seem to be two separate forms of awareness, in reality they can be successfully merged the more you practice this idea of self-forgetfulness.

And it is in this exercise that I wish to lead you tonight, that you can begin to experience this more fully and to gravitate to this more successfully. Are you all willing to join me in this tonight? (All say yes, sure!) So take a few moments and envision yourself in activity that comprises a good portion of your day. For many of you, it will be your work that you are engaged in. But I want you to now think of an activity that you find yourself mentally immersed in and that is one that takes most of your focus. And so let us just be in that visualization for a few moments, and then we will continue. (Long pause)

Now, in your minds eye, ask for a visualization of Christ Michael, our Master to be revealed into your mind that is a depiction for you of who he represents and how he represents himself to you. Can each of you see yourself in your day-to-day work and in a visualization of Michael or Jesus? You may now answer me by simply saying yes or no. (Students: No - Yes - Sometimes - Not yet) (Pause) Can you see the picture of yourself in your busy day? (Students: Yes) Now ask for the "eyes" of Michael and look directly into his eyes if you can. He is standing in front of you, and just ask to see His eyes. Is this easier for you to see now? (Students: It's slightly easier - Yes it's easier - I'd say it's about the same, it's difficult.) (Pause)

Welmek: V, have you asked Michael to reveal himself into your mind? (V.- I thought I did. I'll do it again.) (Pause)

Student: I guess for me it's easy, I'm a carpenter. (Pause)

Welmek: If it is difficult to visualize then just ask for a feeling of encircuitment. It is not so important that you see as that you sense His presence within you and sense that you are with someone; to sense the spiritual connectivity that you share with Him (Student: That's easier to do for me.); just to allow it to come in. Does that make it easier for you? (Student: Um-hmm) And again I ask - is the sensing or seeing of you in your daily work plus the awareness of Michael apparent in your minds eye?

Students: Um-hmm - yes, I feel it's been there right along with the Thought Adjuster.

Welmek: Now, the next phase of this exercise, would be then to separate yourself from the person who is in their busy daily life to the one who is in connection or in relationship with Michael. And here, ask Michael to give you a sense of being in your world, in your body but not being a part of it; to help you to separate from the you that lives a material life; to the spiritual child who is now enjoying being in the presence of Michael (Long pause).

I am now going to ask you some questions for you to consider. Please do not answer at this time.

Can you sense a separation in the two images of being in the world but not being a part of it? Can you sense the ability to move about your day-to-day activities, but also to be aware of being with the Master and being aligned in His peace and in His guidance? Which of these awarenesses would you say carries more weight or is more predominant? Which one would you prefer to experience more in your day-to-day life? Student: I'd like to experience the sort of the dual perception of being in my life but sharing my life and space with Michael.

Welmek: This exercise may not have been easy to achieve at first, but the awareness is one of learning to be about your day-to-day tasks; but also the awareness of being in the presence of Michael and allowing Him to be the guiding force throughout all of your day. This is the idea of self-forgetfulness. This is the triumph of the Divine Mind over the animal acquirements of experiential awareness. It is, as you have said, something that you would like to achieve more on a day-to-day basis, and it will grow. This exercise was an example for you to connect more with that idea of being in the self-forgetful posture, as it were, as opposed to being ensconced in your day-to-day activities and then only shifting your awareness from time-to-time to the spiritual level.

I am interested in your experiences. So if you would please share them with me I will be most willing to share my comments with you.


Student: Well, Welmek last time I was here I actually fell immediately sound asleep. It was pretty heavy for me. And I have no real ability to visualize, so I feel that my moot attempts and triumphs could progress. I thank you for your guidance.

Welmek: What, if you are so willing to share with me, did you experience in this exercise?

Student: I feel the very physical presence of Michael, sort of a heaviness on my head, on the top of my head, a weightiness in my body and it reminded me of the times that I have been aware of being sort of actively indwelt, as it were, during my day-to-day life.

Welmek: And when you saw yourself, or would you say, you could see yourself separating from your day-to-life and being more with Michael or aligned with the spirit within? (Student: Yes) And do you feel that this could be a helpful tool for you to use as you go about your activities during the day.

Student: Well, certainly if I remember to use the tool.

Welmek: What would make it more compelling for you to use this tool?

Student: Well, if it were immediately effective; if I had more spiritual receptivity I would naturally use the tool and the awareness more freely.

Welmek: But you are then, as you say, putting the cart before the horse. For the spiritual receptivity is preceded by the sincere desire to be aligned with the presence of the Father. And, if it is your desire to be more spiritually receptive, it is only a matter for you to say, "Father I am here; I am your daughter and I wish to feel your presence in me."

Student: Yes, I see your point and when I do that, I do feel their presence in me.

Welmek: And then to continue this exercise even more, to then say, I wish to now spend time with you in my day-to-day activities. Help me make that separation, to now begin to experience the duality of being in the world but not being of the world. And in that moment, you will be effectively lifted out of the primal awareness of your self in your material life, into the spiritual realm. It is as if you will begin to live in two worlds for a time until you reach a point where they become so blended because you will be so greatly identified with living in the will of the Father that there will be this seamless awareness within you of the unity of life in the spirit. But to get to that point, you must first experience the duality, so that you can grow more comfortable living life in the spirit. You are very comfortable living life in the material realm, are you not? It is unconscious; it is automatic. But when you start to ask to be lifted into the spiritual realm and to taste what life is like, even while you are in the material, you will grow and blend this duality into unity over time. Do you understand what I am suggesting here?

Student: Yes, I might propose that I achieved a measure of that already? Correct me if I am wrong?

Welmek: And so your spiritual receptivity is improving and your ability to experience both levels of living is improving. And so now comes the idea of being less centered or focused on the material and being more aware of who you are and where you are in the spirit, in the moments of your day. It is asking for that awareness to be more consciousized within your being. And so when you use this exercise and as you separate yourself from the day-to-day activities you are moving more into the realm of the spirit. And so your being has the opportunity to attune itself to life in the spirit. Do you understand? (Student: Yes, Yes. Thank you) Do you see the distinction I am making here? (Yes.) Do you have any other comments or clarification needs?

Student: Not at this time. I'll keep this in my mind.

Student: Welmek, this is J. It's interesting tonight that as soon as you said about the self-forgetfulness, I remembered before what we had done and immediately thought of working. And then, when you said to visualize Michael, there He was as Jesus of Nazareth. He was planing a board. Because, if I'm not mistaken, in those days to build a boat you didn't go to the lumber yard to get a piece of plywood, you almost had to cut each plank to fit it in place. I could see His hands, as I mentioned before, I have some notion of what it was like, the proportion of being billions, hundreds of billions of years old, and how precious those few years on earth must have been. And what it's like then, to take every spare moment, to go down and get a piece of wood, and make another boat. And so there He was kind of smiling and showing me how to plane a board. And I remember years ago going onto a job-site, a big construction site, and having a little spare moment and my heart was just racing and beating, and all of a sudden I realized just how much fear and how much energy was coming alive in me, to face that day and I had this funny sensation of I'm actually suffering! It's kind of like an amusing observation that I was actually suffering, and not much, but I was actually suffering a kind of anxiety - could I do it? And then I had a feeling that when you said, "Look at Michael's eyes," I see Michael everyday. I see Him with all the guys around me, working with me. And now it's just a real joy because there is long periods of time in which I'm not there at all. And it's not the wood, it's just this particular piece of wood I'm working on, it's this window, this door, this lock-work I'm putting in. So thank you! Thank you for that perspective. There's a wonderful thing in Zen about not leaving even a single trace, even of yourself. Just be totally in what you're doing.

Welmek: But the beauty of living in the moment is one of effortless ease and this is what is so available to you now by going to the Master and asking him to show you. And so as he reveals Himself to you in your life, there is more of this drawing into His being so that, He gives you that which He experienced, for you to experience uniquely, and to master it in the way that He did so perfectly, as a human, as he lived his life here. You are well on your way to enjoying this exquisite freedom that comes in living in the moment and I encourage you to always see the Master as he stands in front of you throughout your day and to find the refreshment and the living water that you see within His eyes. Do you have any other comments before we move on to another person?

Student: Just a final thing. It occurs to me there's even a kind of.. I was a little confused when you were saying a separation, because to me it's a oneness. But I think that's just a matter of linguistics. I think we mean the same thing. There's a not being aware of yourself in which the world is transformed; and you're no longer dealing with dead material, but even material itself becomes spirit. Not just the grain in the wood which was a living thing, but even in steel and brass - all good stuff. Stuff just becomes alive. It's all good stuff.

Welmek: There is a merging of energies as you apply your craft, and work with your medium. There is this forging of union, between man and metal, as it were. The duality, of which I spoke, is the separation of being in the body of material, where all of your awareness was just immersed in your self and the mental, mindal talk that accompanies it. But when you are in the spiritual dimension there is this effortless flow and there is this blending together. And it does take some practice for you to experience that. And then, as I said, the material and the spiritual become more unified so that it is all one. But it is helpful for some individuals to first sense the separation and then it becomes more unified and harmonized in time.

Student: Yes, Welmek this is D. I was thinking today about this same subject, about being in the one mind as I worked. And what it would be like, or how do I go about being in constant communion with our Father as I worked; as I raked leaves or had my lunch or some other things that I do in my work? And so, as I was contemplating that, meanwhile, because I feel like I do blend being in the world and being of spirit, I think I do that in a moment to moment and daily basis. If I didn't do that I'd be chaotic and paralyzed. But, you know I noticed how I was today because C. was back working with me, after a four or five day disappearing act. And, so I was not happy with him, and he knows that. So I was going through periods of not being happy with him and just letting it go. And fortunately letting it go, won out.

But also I've had other things, the situation that I've been experiencing in the past five months is to be coming to a head on Monday, and so my mind is involved in that scenario as well. And then also my daughter and my son and also my leg has been hurting me the past week and a half. But through all this I do allow myself, I catch myself and allow myself and talk to God about, and commune with the Father. And then I take a deep breath and it's like a sigh of relief. And I feel if I stay in that place, if I live and breath from this place then I am at peace and whole, and I'm blended in this world. So, it is again synchronistic that we talk about something that I had thought about today, the one mind. Oh! It would be what it is like to be the one mind and how this one mind created everyone here, we're all of the same mind. How do we live that? How can we live this way? So, thank you again Welmek.

Welmek: You see what gifts you have offered to you when you are in this mind: peace, understanding, patience, forgiveness, tolerance. With all of these spiritual bounties freely bestowed to you in this state of mind, how could you ever leave it? (Laughter) And so, the challenge in life then becomes to maintain that connection while you still walk in the world and be apart from it.

Student: It's effortless. Things become effortless. There's no thought to it. And like, all of a sudden, the work is done or a solution unfolds. And what I experience as well, you know I do have some sort of visualization or I see some sort of figure, but I actually feel the embrace of my Father and it's an embrace that saturates my whole being. And I feel that, that warmth, that love, that freedom. I just want to be in that place all the time! And function in the world too!

Welmek: And then when you are in that place as you say of ease and effortlessness, then it is easy to not be so concerned about what it is that you must do or what it is that you must say or how do I comport myself in this situation. You see it is all a matter of poise and grace, that when you are aligned in this state, the gracefulness of being imbued with the spirit gives you such composure and such a presence of majesty, of spiritual grandeur, that you find yourself moving differently throughout your day. And this is the self-forgetfulness of which I speak and this is what Jesus was so artfully and exquisitely able to portray in His human life.

This exercise was intended for you to experience this more deeply. This sense of self-forgetfulness that you are, albeit somewhat unconsciously, beginning to develop within your own being, and as you know, the more you ask to be in this state of grace, receiving these blessings, the easier it will become to forget about all of the problems, all of the situations of living on this world. It does not mean to say, that you will still not need to deal with the challenges, but the outcome will not affect you as greatly and you will feel more peace and guidance as you move through them. Do you have any further comments before we move on?

Student: Just this: this gratitude, and just the faith, and just the certainty, but I also feel that because of all this, my deepening of faith in the Father and His will and more - forgetting myself and allowing, surrendering myself to His will, which is my will. If I hadn't of grown in this way, I don't know how I would have survived what I've had to endure the past five or six months, with everything going on in my life. It seems like I'm in the eye of the hurricane; there's this calmness or this certainty. I'm not saying I've never had those periods of absolute fear and anxiety and stress. But, as you know, I've come through that and I feel like even though things may be happening around me, I am calm within myself; there's this sense of certainty within me that I am unfolding as my Master unfolded.

Welmek: And as you let Him guide you, as you walk with him, you will sense this more and more and live in the "peace that passes all understanding".

Student: Yes! I do not want to live any other way. I can't live any other way. And I thank you for all the lessons you have taught me, Welmek.

Welmek: The more you taste of this peace, the more of you will desire this, for you will find that nothing tastes as good as being in this peace. (All agree and give thanks)

Student: As I got into what I think is the proper perspective of this, I started to realize my gratitude for your study leadership in this area of "mental hygiene", as I guess Dr. Sadler would call it. More recently I've been experiencing, probably with D's help more of the laser-beaming of my animal legacy which is exciting but it's still materialistic and I appreciate your guidance in this momentary bifurcation. There was a drill in Scientology about being three feet behind your head, or when I'm discussing with my brother how guardian angels must be able to have their minds eye at the top of the room and looking down, and it's good to hear somebody teach these methods with authority. What I think I'm feeling in the connection with it, (which I'm more used to with the Thought Adjuster), is like identifying with my soul, the fabric of my soul. I'm sort of able to step into my soul's cocoon or lofty fabric and be larger than the situation at any one time along with feeling a sense of progress. I really appreciate your guidance with these mental exercises because the world needs and has not had these, and needs the leadership of authority, rather than just experimental techniques. I feel it is worthwhile, and I feel a lightness, a freeing up of attention units, to be of better service and in accepting the Thought Adjuster's guidance with a lighter heart, a more debonair spirit, a more meek spirit. And thanks again for being here.

Welmek: As we moved through the exercise, what would you say was the most compelling part of it for you?

Student: I think the real sense of authority to practice this visualizing of two selves. I'm not worried about being schizophrenic or anything like that. I don't think in those terms, but I mean just your permission to do this exercise lightened the feeling, and lightened the burden of partaking in these advanced practices for the betterment of mankind. The lightening up of the burden, I think would be the most compelling part.

Welmek: And do you feel that you are able to experience that more in your day-to-day life now?

Student: Yes I do. It only takes a word from a proper authority to be really believed and accepted and I feel that in these few minutes, it made an improvement, an eternal improvement.

Welmek: What would you say you saw in the exercise of yourself in your day-to-day persona and what you saw in yourself as you were with the Master. Were you able to see the two selves, as it were, and how the Master is beginning to unify you now as you live your daily life?

Student: Yes, I see my regular self as maybe a little darker or a little earthier, more genetically tied-up with blocks maybe, but learning to discuss these more earthy, very basic things with Jesus has been a good lesson. But with Jesus you're higher, you're looking down with a more uncritical viewpoint, friendlier. Just like we would look down on a nursery or a civilization, and it's lighter. That's why I believe that word meekness really means of a light heart - debonair and it has the humility element.

Welmek: Do you find that you are less judgmental of yourself when you can look down at yourself and see this person who is going through daily life?

Student: Yes that's what I'm struggling with. I realize with the Catholic upbringing that we tend to be a little bit too self-judgmental; too much into self-analysis which Jesus taught the apostles not to do, which we have trouble not doing. And I do actually feel that when I'm in the more spiritual part that it's more of an exercise of observation than the high critical judgment and I appreciate that.

Welmek: When you separate yourself and ascend into the embrace of Michael as you look down upon yourself, you will begin to see yourself through His eyes; those eyes that see the child, those eyes that see the full panorama of your life from where you began and to where you are now moving. And, in that enlarged perspective you will be able to see yourself more objectively and too at some level experience more deeply within you how loved and how accepted you are by our Father and by Michael at your particular phase in life.

It is very important to align yourself in their perspective now, and to separate yourself even more in your day-to-day life if this is the level of spiritual fragrance that you wish to achieve. The awareness of who you were is now fading into the dawning of who you are as a son of God. And, as you allow yourself to be blended and harmonized with Michael's perspective of your life, you will sense this separation greater and be able to be more objective in your own depiction of yourself which will lead you to greater self-forgetfulness and the tendency away from overanalyzing. You are experiencing. Do you understand?

Student: Yes I do, and I thank you for the extended comment because it's easy for me to do that with others. We just tend to get too wrapped up in ourselves. And I see the value in it, instantly. And thanks for your earlier comments about keeping a thermostat and a happiness setting and our attention units on intending to do God's will, even though we fall short. Those have been a big help lately. Thank you.

Welmek: You are most welcome. We do certainly try to offer as many symbols for you to use in your embrace of spiritual ideas and practices; for we know how well the human mind adapts and synthesizes these ideas in your mental activities. I am very pleased you found them useful and encourage you to use all of the symbol pictures that we have shared with you as you practice living your spiritual lives here in your very material worlds. Are there any other comments or questions before we conclude this evening?

Student: Welmek, I was wondering if we could be told who is conducting or sponsoring the operation; making this connection possible?

Welmek: Which connection are you referring to?

Student: How it involves the transmission; how it involves other beings that help make this connection between you and D possible; if they'd like to name themselves.

Welmek: I wonder if you would be fully able to understand and appreciate the mechanism by which this exchange is allowed to happen? There are power transformers and midwayers who participate in this exchange. I am not permitted to disclose how this occurs, nor would it fully be comprehended, I believe, by you at this time. It is an experience of manipulating certain aspects of physical and mental energy, but it is of such a diverse nature as to render it almost incomprehensible at this time.

Student: I can really appreciate that, believe me, you don't need to wonder about it. This is a certainty! But, I was just reading where there are other teaching groups that the facilitators, for lack of a better word on my part, are naming themselves, and thus some of them are midwayers.

Welmek: The midwayers are quite close to you and as more of the spiritual gap, I would say, is bridged there will be more interplay between human material beings and their close cousins. It is not so important in my teaching to go into the method and mechanism by which this exchange occurs. I am more interested in helping you overcome those difficulties in your thinking and experience that takes you from the Fathers' embrace. But I do understand your curiosity and I hope that this answer has been somewhat satisfactory to you? (Student: It has, Thank you)

Student: Welmek, you've been using the word soul a little more often than heart. Is that the better approach as we get used to each other and everything? And, is there a way to feel our soul more completely, maybe an exercise? We know that it prays for us; it's storing morontia material; it's expanding; it's moving towards Paradise ideals. Is there a way to feel our soul more? I feel that's what we look down out of our soul, when we do these exercises. Could you comment on that please?

Welmek: I would describe the soul as the vehicle, now, that you are using to acquire more experience. The experiences that you have that align with Fathers' will and the Fathers' ways are those that become directly deposited in your soul; they become a part of who you are, the true you, the self that is a reflection of the Fathers' personality. And I would say that it is a growing awareness that would almost seem to sneak up on you at some point. And then you feel more full, and more light, and more beautiful internally. And so I say to you that the more that you experience this, the more you have a sense of who you are and that sense of who you are, is what you are building of your soul. Does this seem to clarify this idea in your mind?

Student: Yes it does because I'm in agreement with it. I've worked on it gradually and I feel that we can slowly put our personality in that cocoon and maybe even feel a little hint of the Supreme.

Welmek: The more you align with the Father, the deeper the experiential awareness is able to become more consciously experienced within you, but it is a gradual unfolding. And it is not so important as to try to figure out the gradation within you as just to enjoy the experience of letting the Father make you in His image.


I would like to bring the meeting to a conclusion. I encourage you to spend a few times in your week to revisit this experience and this exercise that I shared with you this evening. As you feel yourself separating from the day-to-day activities, see if you can feel more and more what it is like to be in the sense of forgetting about your worries and your cares and allow the Father to guide in the ways that will bring you in alignment with His will for you. Good evening.