2002-04-21-Growth & Self Acceptance

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Topic: Growth & Self Acceptance

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, my children, I am Ham and I greet you with great joy and profound peace knowing that you are all doing well and progressing steadily day by day. You are all finding greater peace and greater tranquility as the years go by. It may seem that your stress levels are still quite high, but you have each made significant progress in self-awareness that allows better and greater stress management all the time. You have also each come through significant crises over the last year or so. You have each turned toward God in greater degrees with greater fullness of purpose and greater completeness of personality and personal will.


The Father requires, always, that the depth of your commitment should increase as time goes on. The Father requires living testimony to his love and that this will be the story of your lives. His love is all encompassing and complete and absolute. Little by little, human beings turn toward his love allowing their souls to be bathed in his love, but human beings do this by degrees.

Each life lesson serves to open the soul a little more to his gentle love or it allows you to close the soul to that same gentle love. Each life lesson serves in allowing you the choice to turn toward him more and more and in greater and greater degree experience his love and come closer to his being, or to turn away and go farther from this source of love into the wilderness of selfishness.

Turning toward God does not mean turning away from self. More a completion of self, a validation of self is the experience in reality. Many times we speak about accepting the self as is to turn away from unreality concerning yourself and embrace the reality of the wonder of who you really are. This also is a matter of degree and is a process. Everyone stumbles over themselves. It is not a blinding transformation, but rather a daily acceptance of truth in small doses.

Gradually, you are led by the spirit to release that which is unreal and a fantasy construct of who you are and of accepting the wondrous reality that is waiting to take its place. When you accept yourselves, you accept everything, you accept all that the Father can give you. When you do not accept yourself, even in small ways, this is a hindrance to the Father's love and a hindrance to your spiritual growth. It is the childish substitution of something worthless for something immensely valuable.

All human beings do this, none are immune and as you gradually accept who you are as the great gift from the Father it is, then you can function in higher and higher spiritual realms, then your decisions have power in the spirit and this is power indeed. As you accept the Father's love, you cannot help but see yourselves as he sees you, lovely, wonderful, innocent, and with that powerful image, you can leave behind the old things that may have kept you in a false sense of security for a while but are false and must be abandoned.

Life is full of pain and joy. It is the full depth and breadth of life that the Father desires you to experience and in this way, you come to him with understanding of his love. The Father is approachable, he is even to your own limited minds understandable, not in completion, not in an absolute sense, but there is certainly possible understanding between the Father and his children. Not that the Father understands you only, but also that you should understand him to some degree.

The Father is personal and he has created his children as persons. Between persons, there can always be understanding. This week, practice looking through the eyes of the Father. Seek to understand him and above all love him. That is all, are there any questions at this time.

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Very well, until next week my love and my prayers are with you each one. Call to me and I will hear. Farewell.