2002-09-02-Stillness, Prayer, Pain

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Topic: Stillness, Prayer, Pain

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Nel: Our Heavenly Father thanks you for your presence here with us, for your love so abundantly given to all of us. We pray Father that people will turn to you in their need, in their pain and in their joy. We so need you and you are right here. Help us Father to find you, allow our hearts to become stirred, our minds to become quiet, to hear you and feel you. Your children: Doreen, Dominic, Jennie, Carlene, Lucille and many, many more need so much the strength that only you can give. We pray Father that they all will turn to you from the fullness of their inner being where you reside. Thank you Father, thank you for our Michael who always is with us, who lifts us up and leads us forward. Thank you for Mother Spirit who always ministers to our mind. We love you Father, Michael and Nebadonia. Thank you, amen.



JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to see you once again, welcome. Tonight I would like you to join me in performing the energy manipulation, something that you are all familiar with. Let’s do this before I do my lesson. You all remember how to do this. You simply bring the energy that you have within you, that you bring forth from space; from outside of you. You bring it in through you and you locate it in front of you, in the middle of this room. We are united with all the energy from each of you in this room.

Now that it is in the center, you can feel it as it grows, as it comes alive in your thoughts and ideals and your very emotions. Now it is time to send it out of this room and out to the people that we so dearly love, our friends, our families, our neighbors and to strangers who need our love as well. Watch this energy as it exits this room beyond these walls, beyond this city and beyond this country.

Now direct it to wherever you need it to go with your minds and your hearts - give this energy meaning. Where there is healing that is needed, make this energy work so healing is done. There are many out there who are in need, who are hungry, who are hurt, send this energy out to them, make them feel that they are loved and cared for. See it as it enters their souls. This energy shall lift their hearts. It may be enough, for when you live in the world that does not know love, it shall be noticed. They do notice, they do feel it and it gives them hope. For your loved ones who are hurt or ill, send this energy so that they may be healed; so it may ease their pain and suffering.

Now bring this energy back into this room in front of all of you. Now this energy has added attributes and better qualities. This energy is now directed to you, all of you. Receive your part, receive it into your heart and let it change and transform you. If you need healing, let it heal you. If you need your heart mended let it help you. Feel as the love enters your heart.


Now I want to talk to you about love. How important it is. How it is the only thing that you should respect and uphold. You may try to talk to people about God, about Michael or Jesus, or about The Urantia Book. They may or may not accept it. But when you talk to them about love, they feel it, relate to it and understand it. At some point in every person’s life they have loved or have been loved and when they feel love they recognize it immediately. This is your key to people’s hearts. Love one another, that is all that is required. Love transcends all human thoughts. It transcends every idea that man has ever thought up. Love withstands the ages of time, the criticisms of men and their ambitions. Love can be felt by everyone and can be understood as well. When your communications fail you, love can speak for you. That is, if you allow love to speak for you. Love is an answer for all human frailties.

Love conquers all. When you allow God to enter your heart you are allowing love to permeate your entire essence. In just such a way that you love those around you, you are loving God in all his glory. To love God is to love one another; to love your enemy and your friends. It is not a difficult objective to reach, to love everyone, to love God, to love your enemy and your friends. When you learn to recognize that we are all connected, we are all one, you begin to realize how important it is that you learn how to love.

For within each person exists a part of you, and when you hate, you are hating yourselves. In fact, you are finding things in that person which you hate about yourself. When you learn to love, you do not see any faults that your brother may have. But when you do see his faults, you begin to see the importance of helping him to grow and you can only do this with love. Any other way will fail.

There is a whole universe out there that looks down upon your planet and is constantly sending love, constantly sending out positive energy that you may pick up on. You recognize this within yourself, and then your planet won’t be as chaotic. When you begin to show your love to others, they respond within and it makes them feel good. They go away with a tremendous feeling within their hearts and they project this love to others and so forth and pretty soon you have created a domino effect that has effected thousands without you even knowing. All you did was to smile at someone or help someone. Love is contagious and that is a good thing. Don’t hold back because you feel afraid of being hurt. Love unconditionally, give of yourself unconditionally and allow others to see how beautiful you are so that it may inspire them to show their beauty as well.

Imagine that everyday is your last on Urantia. How would you like to spend that day? Do you just want to hurry through that day and hope you don’t have to say hi to anyone? Or do you want to stop and greet them and listen to them and share something with them, trying to soak up every bit of emotion?

When you live and love, when you allow love to enter you, when you allow yourself to make decisions based on love, your life becomes sharper and more real. It is no longer a dreamlike world where everything fades in and out. It is sharper, crisper, clearer and full of life and energy. Everything you touch becomes ignited and everyone you speak to responds from the heart and from their souls. When you do this, you transform your life from a vague and dreamlike life to something real and vibrant. Then you begin to feel more alive, more full of energy because you love and because you are loved.

Does the group have any questions tonight?


Lucille: JarEl I want to thank you for all of your thoughts tonight. It was a very emotional week. I was with Doreen but I couldn’t communicate with her because she was under various influences. After being in the hospital, she does hurt and she has been wronged by many people. I have a hard time expressing my love for her, but it will certainly change from now on. Thank you for your lesson.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome. Things shall become much easier for you. Your intentions will be heard Lucille and will be felt as well. Continue on your path; those around you appreciate you for all that you do. Are there any more questions tonight?


Lucille: How can anyone help someone that has a lot of pain when they are under medicine? I was thinking about Dominic who has such pain in his hip. He does take medication but he can’t sit down without hurting. Pain is a hard thing to overcome for those who are experiencing it.

JarEl: TR, George. I certainly understand his pain and he must endure. What you can do is just to be there for him. Try to make him as comfortable as possible. You may not be able to take away his pain.

Lucille: He’s supposed to have surgery but they don’t know if his heart will hold up? To live with the pain would be very difficult.

JarEl: TR, George. Just remember in the end all will be well and all survive. Brother Dominic may be in tremendous pain just like Hal was in tremendous pain but when you pass from this body and continue on inward towards Paradise, you will never feel any more pain. Yes, there are things that the Doctors may do to alleviate the pain. Since the day you were born your body has been deteriorating and there comes a point in a person’s life when the body can’t hold up anymore. Even though the heart, the mind and the soul is strong, the body fails.

Lucille: If we live a fairly healthy life, eat healthy food and exercise, should it deteriorate so soon?

JarEl: TR, George. There are many things in this world that contribute to the deterioration of the body. That is not to say that eating right and exercise is futile. It is very important so that you may prolong your life, but there are other factors involved in a person’s health. Do not fret over the idea of your body deteriorating, it is a part of life. When you have completed this life you will find yourself with a new body, a new mind and you will never feel pain again. For now understand your brothers and sisters as they go through this pain and suffering, and be there for them until their time comes. Do not be saddened for this time, remember that they do not die.

Nel: Observing what is going on in Lucille’s life, concerning her own age, how much is asked of her? I know from my own experience that the Father will empower us in what ever we face. Lucille is receiving strength here, I guess. But I see her so exhausted. Sometimes we need to take care of ourselves. Where does Lucille find that place of understanding but from within? This is my comment.

JarEl: TR, George. I understand your concern for your sister Lucille. As long as Lucille’s will holds true to whatever decisions she needs to make, she will find strength from above.

Lucille: Well, I have certainly do have strength from the Father, Michael and Mother Nebadonia. They have been so close to me.

JarEl: TR, George. They shall always be close to you Lucille.

Larry: JarEl is it only in the physical body that we have pain? Is there no more pain after the resurrection?

JarEl: TR, George. Correct Larry. Perhaps you may feel pain in your soul and you ache, but physical pain is completely gone.

Larry: Is there a lesson to be learned to have such pain in your physical life? It seems like it is such a trial for us to go through this pain.

JarEl: TR, George. There is a huge lesson to be learned. Some may consider it fortunate, passing through this trial, because it becomes like it is sealed, something that is stamped on your eternal life; a time of great pain that shall never be again, a reminder of what once was and a sharp transition to a better reality. The lesson you learn from this death experience will be your own and it will be greatly remembered by you.

Lucille: Do we have pain when we die?

JarEl: TR, George. You can have pain up to the point of death. Once death has overtaken, pain ceases. Do not be afraid of pain. I do understand how great you can suffer, just as Michael understands completely the torture of pain and suffering, yet he endured.

Aging, Light and Life

Donna: JarEl speaking of the deterioration of our bodies as we age, I was wondering on planets that are approaching Light and Life or on planets where there is Light and Life, is there the same kind of deterioration of the body? Or have those planets reached a stage of healthy living that perhaps it does not occur or maybe not as much, could you comment on this?

JarEl: Certainly Donna, on such planets approaching the Age of Light and Life, life has been greatly extended and the deterioration of the mortal body has been slowed down tremendously. It varies from planet to planet. Some life spans have been extended a great deal to the point of zero deterioration. There comes a point where they must transition to the Mansion Worlds and perhaps their physical body could sustain them a great deal longer, but their time has come for fusion. Your planet will experience the same as your scientists discover better ways to combat this aging process. You shall connect spiritually with the Father allowing this process and slowing down the aging process. One day you will see first hand how this all works. For now it may seem like a fairy tale, something far out and distant, but I assure you that this is truth, this is no fairy tale. This exists on other worlds and one day it shall exist on Urantia.

Donna: Thank you JarEl that is what I was hoping and that was what I was thinking was most likely true. Even though at one point in time a person passes over to the Mansion Worlds, whether it’s on this planet or on a planet in Light and Life, the aging process itself is something that will be passing because it just does not really have to be. Anyway, thank you for giving us further information.

JarEl: TR, George. You’re welcome.

Lucille: I am really more concerned about mental deterioration than physical. Sometimes when I forget to turn something off and the water overflows I begin to wonder if I am getting Alzheimer’s?

JarEl: TR, George. Understandable Lucille, but remember this, that when you do transition you will be so sharp that you will recall every single event in your life.

Chris: I have a question about the numbers of people who go on to the Mansion Worlds? Would it be safe to say that a majority of the people who die go on? Would it be overstating God’s mercy to say that maybe Hitler was given a chance to correct his ways in the Mansion Worlds?

JarEl: TR, George. To answer your first question, a majority of Urantians do transition to the Mansion Worlds and there they find themselves with more lessons to learn and those who wish to survive, do. To answer your second question, you are not overstating God’s mercy. Remember that God allowed Lucifer to roam free. He allowed this because he has tremendous mercy and when it came to the point where Lucifer rejected all of this mercy, then the judgment was passed. In the same fashion Hitler was given all the opportunities in the Universe. Every single ounce of mercy is allowed to him. Does that answer your questions?


Chris: I was wondering, did he take the opportunity?

Nel: You will have to wait until you get to the Mansion Worlds to find out.

JarEl: TR, George. Exactly. On that note, I wish you all a good night.

All: Thank you JarEl.