2002-10-10-Father Fullness

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Topic: Father

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Unknown



Good Evening. This your friend and teacher, Welmek.



Please stay in your stillness posture because I wish to lead you into an exercise of sensing the fullness of the presence of the Father within you.

Use this time now to sense that line of connection that binds you to Him. This is your umbilical cord to the Divine Presence. And always is it feeding you with love and peace, wisdom and comfort. Draw your spiritual sustenance from this now.

Where do you feel this presence in your being? Is it sensory in your body? Is it calmness in your mind? Pay close attention to how this registers within you, so that when you ask for the Father's presence to be more consciously available to you, you know what it is when that connection is strengthened.

Spend time in this mental relaxed stage; and as you breathe, welcome an increased fullness as the presence of the Father engulfs you. And the envelopment expands, sense how our Father in Paradise is so lovingly devoted to your well being. (pause)

Ask for the truth of who you are to be more real and clarified in your internal vision. Ask for the stigma of your human nature to fade away and reveal the divine nature that you are accruing. (pause)

Identify with this divine nature as your mind becomes more impressed with who you are as the Father sees you. Render those stubborn ideas of self-perception of limited, weak, doubtful, fallible, and misguided to Him. He will take that tarnished self image and shine His light on those qualities, and turn it into blessings and strengths.

How you are loved for these frailties! For in spite of your limitations, these are but the mere unspiritized qualities that the Father has given to you as part of your personality. So you must not demean them; but accept them with the potential that they hold within you to grow into something good and more beautiful, and more reflective of the Father's personality commingled with your own particular talent for making it real.

Nothing that you have within you cannot be fully utilized. Everything is spiritually salvageable. Trust. Trust in the Father to make that which you find unlovely and undesirable to become so delightfully beautiful, that you can love yourself now, in spite of your limitations, and foster your continued growth in truth and beauty.

When you are full of the Father, you are alive and vibrant. Each cell in your body is being potentized - the living life energy that revitalizes and nourishes. Being full in the Father authenticates, validates. Being full of the Father is your divine destiny to begin to achieve here and now the more you spend time with Him, and asking to be made more than what you are now; and in truly becoming who He knows you can become. Every potential within you eventually becomes activated. It is only a matter of time and your desire when and how this will unfold.

So I thank you this evening for participating in this exercise of Father Fullness. I will be happy to receive your comments, or answer any questions when you feel ready to speak. There is no hurry. Take your time and enjoy your centeredness in the Father, and I will await your words. (long pause)


Student: I seem to be having some success by separating a sense of right and wrong from my own ability to do what is right or wrong. That seems to be healthy. I think I am staying in tune with a sense of what would be a good thing to do at this time, or sometimes a sense of this is not such a good thing to do, irrespective of my present ability.

I seem to be evolving this from some of your wisdom that a sense of guilt, a sense of inadequacy, doesn't help any. And the trick is to stay in what is right or wrong, irrespective of my present ability to follow that. The other way seems to be getting into a psychological thing called denial, where you become so aware of your inadequacy you simply turn off a little internal compass, or a little voice. So this seems to be a success.

Welmek: My dear brother, how well it pleases me to hear you say that you sense a deeper force within you moving you in a new direction of relating in daily life. Many times have we spoken about those very natural feelings of human inadequacy, and the detrimental influences on your soul.

Inherent in the evolutionary unfolding of your divine life plan is the human tendency to make many mistakes. And always so they are a learning tool instead of an experience to diminish your self-confidence. The more you unburden yourself of this inadequacy, the less guilt you will feel tugging and bothering you. There will come a time, my friend, when you will be troubled by this spiritual impediment no longer - and it will be a happy day, indeed, when you are free.

Let these feelings of rightness swell to the extent that there is the inevitable choice to identify with that which is right. Then you will find yourself more naturally gravitating to do right. It will seem more effortless to do so.

Student: The other thing, Welmek, I have a great joy in is that I don't know why it took a long time to soak in. Maybe it is because what little time we have seems so hard earned that we cling to it. When I talk sometime about lessons to my friends, I can see the same reluctance. It's an association of the Father's way, with some diminishment.

And it seems to take a long time to soak in, that the Father's way is simply the bigger way, the expansive way; it's the next step out into some greater living. I don't know why it takes so long, but it's a great joy that this is slowly leading me to this idea you have to give up so much to know the spiritual life. It's funny that way. It's a joy to understand.

Welmek: The human mind is like soil. A flexible, porous, permeable, healthy, enriched soil will allow for those lessons and experiences of the Father's love and the Father's guiding hand in human life to root itself in your conscious and unconscious mind, and modify your behavior. It takes time for the soil to be tilled, when it has been deprived of the warm and loving rains of the Father's love, and the light that softens the human heart to open to receiving this love. Many of your brothers' and sisters' mindal environment are still the quite hard soil, and it has not been properly cultivated. It is this: the rains have not yet soaked in deep enough to uproot that which they still harbor in their mind as false ideas and impressions of who God is and what God expects of them. To the extent you can, share these ideas with them. Share your experiences. Tell them that what you thought God wanted of you was so very different from what you are now experiencing. Tell them this is their choice: if they want to continue with their lives, then so be it. But whet their appetites by saying to them: "Are your lives so wonderful now, that you could not even consider that God's hand in your life might make it better?"

If you feel the appropriate moment for this idea, share this with them. Let them sit with it, and chew on it for awhile. And perhaps this will be the seed that begins to take in the environment of their lives.

Student: I like that, Welmek. It reminds me of years ago when someone said that if you love someone then you'll tease a bit. You kind of coax them out.

Welmek: Enticement is very intriguing to the human mind. For it is more of a gentle idea planting, than trying to dominate your ideas over their firmly entrenched belief systems. So use this tool, and see if they are not more easily malleable.

Student: I will. Thank you.

Student: Welmek, my friend, my brother, my teacher, I am experiencing a great physical fullness this evening, which I believe was brought on by my new desire to be filled with the Father's love. I hope to translate this into a fullness that brings about joy to knowing Father.

I do feel quite full of this, as I sit here and listen to your words, as I always do. I appreciate that. I thank you for that help to bring about that experience. It is a very difficult period of my life right now. All the old pleasures and thought patterns seem to be falling away. Yet the new ones haven't quite taken their place.

I feel a little bit empty at times. I've been confused. I know for certainty that the Father's will will eventually unfold within me, and things will become greater. So I continue to go into stillness each day, and ask for the Father to fill me with his love, which I am doing now. I continue to come and listen to your words that help bring this about. I just want to thank you for that.

Welmek: My dear friend and brother, it gives me great joy to see the unfolding of your life as you grow more devoted to following the Father's will. What more could we ask of you, our students, than to open to this? You both make us proud, because you are such willing and devoted students.

That which you surely desire, in time will be yours to command. The internal changes that you are experiencing are quite astounding, when you consider that the mind is conditioned by time; and experiences and patterns of thinking must all be reconfigured, so that you can make sense of your world and maintain some stability and coherence.

Too much growth at one time can be counterproductive. And so the confusion you feel is all very normal and natural, while things are shifting and new thoughts, new connections to the Father, are becoming more solidified and stabilized within you. In your times of confusion, practice stillness as much as you can. Ask for the guiding hand of the Father to take hold of the confusion and to lead you into the truth. It is these times of great and accelerated growth that try your propensities for patience and understanding, and for being in control, as humans so want to be. I say to you, my friend, this is a time of great faith building and trust refortification.

So it is quite acceptable to find the confusion somewhat disorienting. But know that it is there, as a byproduct of allowing yourself to surrender the thoughts of the past, to claim the ideas of the Father's love for you, the Father's ways in your life, and how He wishes your life to become.

Doubt not where you are being led. Recognize His hands, even in the midst of the confusion; and you will surely be on the path: to truth, to light, to light and to love - and all things will be harmonized in time.

Student: Thank you for your delightful words of encouragement. I take great pleasure in them. I guess this is the highlight of my day.

Welmek: And it is mine, as well.

Since the group is so intimate this evening, are there any other questions you wish to ask of me?


Student: Welmek, are you familiar with the process of night classes that the Teachers are offering to some of their students? I would like to know more about this, if you would care to share with me what this process is, and how it can take place.

Welmek: Night classes are those times of instruction that occur during the sleep cycle. This is somewhat different than the Thought Adjuster's work within your mind during sleep, as the superconscious mind is still being reworked, so that the Adjuster's leadings can make an awareness recognition within your conscious mind.

What the night classes refer to, however, is a level of instruction at a somewhat more superficial strata of your mind, that will more easily permeate and penetrate into your wakeful thoughts. And if this is something that interests you, you only need to ask for it, and the Teacher that you have been assigned can commence with their instruction to you.

It is still somewhat of an unconscious process for you; but from our results that we have seen so far, the awareness response within the human recognition seems to be accelerated by the work of the Adjuster in the sleep cycle. Do you understand?

Student: Yes, that helps and clarifies. It clarifies quite a bit, actually. Thank you.

Welmek: Is this something that interests you right now?

Student: Yes, as a matter of fact I have made the request to my Teacher, Armenia or Elianna, whichever name you call her. And I believe the process has already taken place a few times in the dream state, by the clarity of the dreams and the lessons I seemed to have learned from them.

Welmek: (Start of second side of tape, with a few words missing. It sounds like:) I share delights in imparting these lessons to you. So enjoy what you are receiving. (Thank you)

Student: Welmek, I am intrigued. I hadn't heard about this. I gather it's a request you make before you go to sleep, that it's like asking for this help and giving permission for the spiritual agencies to do what they know what's best?

Welmek: Yes, it is this simple. But know, my friend, that you will be given very high quality information and guidance, and that you will receive some heightened clarity in your meditation processes. So, if this is something that you want, then all you need to do is to ask.

Student: Yes, I definitely will not be indifferent to any kind of clarity.

Welmek: Our Father's love for you is such that this beneficent bestowal of loving guidance and judicious wisdom that is now being imparted will up-step those spiritual currents within your mind and quicken your development.

What a wonderful blessing and compensation He has bestowed to the citizens of Urantia! Would it not be wonderful, indeed, if all of your brothers and sisters were awakened to all of the spiritual guidance that they have access to?

Student: Very much, Welmek. To me it is a long process of having trust. Michael said, several weeks ago, it's a matter of not being afraid of relaxing and immersing yourself in this. It is not a loss of self, but actually a growth. I think that there is a small leap of faith required, this trusting that this is the bigger way, because it leads sometimes to the uncertainty.

For me it has been a trusting, this emotion I feel quite overwhelmed with, especially with Michael: this trusting that this is a good thing - to see it as a constant shedding of an old skin, so that the new, more tender skin, can shine forth.

Welmek: Always will you need to take a step of faith, and to stare into the face of the unknown. For there is always the hand that reaches out through the cloud of unknowing to guide you forward; to stabilize your step, so that where you walk is in truth, and where you emerge is into the light, and where you trust is into the realm of loving guidance.

Do you not think that I do not take my own steps of faith each day? It is no different for me. But I have learned to appreciate the nature of the Father's ways, and how this unknowingness is only the door to more love and more wisdom, and more adventure and more excitement. And when you look at it from that perspective, why would you ever doubt? Why would you ever fear? Why would you ever not want to live in faith?

Student: I asked Anatolia, one time, to what was there in her life as she knows it now, that challenges her. And she said the same thing: as I recall, what she said, was that there is still - and there always will be - that which is momentarily opaque. And you have to step into it, trusting that the light will be there.

It struck me then that there is always a great need and reward for courage. I think it must be an aspect of this awesome, awesome thing, this freedom that we have, that the choice must be there.


Welmek: Choose to walk in faith, my friend. Choose to let go of your own ideas of being in control, trying to control your environment, trying to force an understanding. Choose the unknowingness, for there is always a kernel of truth. There is always the jewel of love. There is always a spark of light to be enjoyed. And all the while you are growing more beautiful as you ingest the treasures that the Father gives you. Good evening.