2003-01-13-Damaging Mindsets

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Topic: Damaging Mindsets

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teachers: Unknown

TR: George Barnard



"It is important for you to entirely do away with the concept of a hell, for there is no such place in your universe of universes, not anywhere. Long ago it was thought by men that mankind on this planet was so obstinate and evil-minded that they had to be coerced into leading a lawful life, and that they had to be pushed into following God's Laws, but a place or condition such as 'hell' was never in existence in the past, is not now, and never will be.

"There is, however, a condition in which life can be ended by choice, and there are regrettable instances of personality extinction by the creature's own volition. It is true that some on this planet have made that choice, and many have come to the end of their 'highway of hope' for a better tomorrow, and a perception of life being too difficult to lead, and on rare occasions that is indeed the case. But the faintest flicker of a wish to continue with life, if better circumstances were encountered, is enough for myriad chances to be granted beyond mortal downfall.

"Even as one progresses in the lives hereafter, opportunities exist -- and are at times taken -- for an individual to say, 'Thank you, but no, thank you", and such decisions deal not with reason, but with the unreasonable, the 'unsane'. Such determinations reflect an ongoing perception of unworthiness, and that view of life misses the point entirely -- that we are and always will remain a part of a single original Creator Source, the Father. Far, far greater, of course, are the numbers that received rehabilitation on the Mansion Worlds, and eventually execute their assisted landings on the shores of Paradise.

"Psychological care, you might call it, or therapy, George, and it is of a vastly more profitable and advanced nature than what your earthly geniuses can dole out, and it would do one a great deal of good to (here on earth) study up as much as possible for many of you to become caregivers of your kin, your brothers and sisters who may not have taken up on these opportunities to prepare for a spiritual advance here, in this most important of activities for mutual progress there.

"Much of this work is conducted in a mind-to-mind fashion, and those who are steadfast and controlled, have empathy and honesty, are spiritual and outreaching by nature, can do a great deal of good as teachers, psychologists, counselors, therapists, and by simply being close to, and interacting with those who must cleanse their selves of the many unfavorable animal trends of evolutionary imprint so detrimental to their advancement."


George (addressing a Midwayer): "This, to me, does not answer my question. I feel like it's me here, talking to my big toe. Scrambling this communiqué!"

(Long break. Then started again.)

Melchizedek: "But it does address your question, and I'm answering your enquiry from the heart. For those who are capable of giving, shortly after their arrival on the Mansion Worlds, this is a wonderful opportunity to assist, learn and progress faster than they could have imagined with those who believed in a hell, yes, even those who did not believe in a hell, yet retained the damaging mindsets of eternal punishment, this being such a stubborn and residual handicap of your long-time and almost world-wide indoctrination.

"I am a Melchizedek belonging to Machiventa's contingent of Urantia teachers, and reaching down to your 'far-away-from-my-regular-meetings' place of residence to converse with you about what is close to my heart, specific to my studies, and of enduring interest to me and many others. And I do wish that you would ask for me to sometime return to bring you further lessons.

"I know that one of your close friends, recently departed, and also well known to me, now finds himself in a position where he is counseling reckless and unfortunate youngsters who had not the opportunity to learn about life's lessons when still on your planet, and such a task may well be of your choosing at a later time.


"For now I wish you Adieu."


The questions were (1) about an individual, long ago departed and making scant progress, as observed by us, and also (2) about his need for reconciliation with those who might have been disadvantaged by this individual during his earthly life.