2003-01-19-Your Own Gifts

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Topic: Your Own Gifts

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a serene atmosphere we have here this evening. Your searching minds make it much more easy for me to speak with you. The mortal life is quite complex and it will always be so. You are each day gaining more spiritual understanding which aids in all aspects of living.


Last week Emulan discussed living an authentic life, living the life you were meant to live. In any life position you take there will always be your outstanding ministry to spread the good news. Even those troubled souls have a great deal to teach. The world is at a critical point now where many are becoming hopeless and dis-empowered. Our Teaching Mission is one of empowerment and hope.

You, that are willing to be spirit-led, will find yourselves with Father’s assignments. Your daringness to show your faith, not to force your faith but only to show, will be an attraction to many. You have a responsibility as Kingdom missionaries to be aware and open to your fellows. Those that choose to serve Father find that they are with a closeness to Him that they cannot get from anywhere else. That is fulfilling and gratifying to know that you are always in a potential teaching mode.

Where you live, work and play does not particularly matter. What is meaningful is that you have strived to do your very best. Most mortals all have ambitions, dreams to be fulfilled, desires to obtain and this is perfectly acceptable. It is simple to find your authentic life by looking at your own gifts. You may have all pervading interests that are training you to serve in the Kingdom in some sort of capacity. Those that are perhaps closed off to the spirit may not perceive correctly their talents.

Father does desire your happiness and would not stand in your way to find fulfillment in any capacity. In fact He helps to open doors to those desires you have. One could be gifted at woodworking and perhaps he would find employment doing such. Other than the craftsmanship of his work, he has his ministry to his fellow employees. He finds fulfillment in being a caring friend, an honest speaker, a listening, compassionate, sometimes advising brother. He does find satisfaction in doing the mundane because he knows who he really works for.

You have each made a series of choices that have brought you where you are today. Many occurrences have just simply happened to you and at other times you lived intentionally. No one person is ever really stuck in anything, a bad marriage, a job, an illness. You have more personal power than you realize. With God all things are possible. You have the gift of intelligence and can change any situation. There is always that inner doubt that can keep one from even trying to fulfill their dreams. What the son desires and the Father wills, is. (118:6.5)

When you think back on the careers of the Master’s apostles they were with many misconceptions and met with disappointment time after time. You can see with the companionship of Jesus and faith in Father they learned to reconcile themselves to reality. Some of their fondest hopes were not reality and not going to ever happen. Instead their expectations were transformed by the acceptance that Father’s will was always for the ultimate good. Many of them desired to be at the Master’s side at a place of importance. It was later on that they realized the ultimate good was that with the Master every place is important.

You have your disappointments. You may feel there are too many road blocks or dead ends, but always is there the choice to take another direction. You are always empowered to make effort toward an ultimate good. While we teach that reconciling the self to Father’s will is extremely important, we also want you to know that you are with personal power to create change, to go forward toward an ultimate good.

At the end of the Master’s earthly career He exclaimed, “Father, I commend my spirit into your hands.” But at the beginning of His earthly career He commended His entire life into the Father’s hands. He worried not about living the life He was supposed to live. He fully trusted that Father overlooked His entire career. His complete belief in self-forgetfulness led Him to places Father wanted Him to be. He was always with joy to serve in any capacity.

Children, you are bearers of light and have responsibility to live accordingly. No matter what your life circumstances are you always first and foremost are a child of God, and in serving Him you have something you cannot get anywhere else. The Master faced many challenges and He was unshakable in faith and trust. He was unmoved by emotion. He was steadfast in living those divine principles.

This week think about what you are doing with the circumstances you are in, for example your home life. Many petty things may be occurring, but are you putting forth your focus to those things that are truly important? Are you working to your highest idea of ethics at your place of employment? It’s not so much the work that you do as it is important to minister to those who seek you out. In service there is fulfillment. There is that closeness with Father that curbs your cravings for anything else.


No questions this evening. Know that I make effort to meet with you each during the week. Find time this week to journal down a question and wait for the reply. Know that I am growing in love for you each. Until next week, shalom.