2003-02-02-Partnership With God

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Topic: Partnership with God

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, friends, this is Elyon. Today I am going to emphasize once again the importance of the partnership you each have in relation to God.


Partnership, Thought Adjusters

The presence of the divine within you can be difficult to discern due to the extent of the range of the human condition. Naturally each of you is quite aware of your physicality and your mentality, for these are readily recognizable since they occupy most of your awareness of life. Each of you, however, has initiated and is continuing to foster your spirituality. To the personality that is unable willingly to assert the reality of the spiritual aspect of the human construction, life appears to emerge from the dust and return thereto, to become recognizable based upon the mechanics and interrelations of many potentials and conditions, to become discrete, and then upon the cessation of life to dissipate into an unrecognizable form and simply another’s memory. This is a bodily orientation to life.

Upon this world, and rightly so, life is highly valued. It is valued because of its temporality. To one who does not hold a spiritual frame of reference life is fragile and must be preserved for as long as can be given the short interval of time in which life takes place in each individual. To those infused with a spiritual paradigm life is also valuable, for it indicates an internal reality and personality out of which these transient forms appear and into which the budding life form will transform.

The presence of the divine to the human mind is virtually invisible to all senses. This presence is pure, absolutely holy, perfect, and powerful. If you were to stand at the base of a mile high tower you would be hard pressed to describe the details at the top of the tower, for the distance is far too great for you to perceive. If you were to grab hold of that tower you are as much connected to the very top as you are to the base, given the continuity of the construction and your relationship with it. This divine presence is connected to you, integrated into your makeup.

Upon you has likewise been bestowed several spirit ministers stemming from this same God through its threefold ministry as gifts of Son and Spirit which you know as the Spirit of Truth and Holy Spirit. These surrounding influences bear upon the mind, even act upon the body, to heighten your sensitivity of this virtually indiscernible presence of the Father. Why, it may be asked, is such a gift of divine splendor so difficult of discernment? Why does the Spirit of Truth elevate the mind and the emotions of a human creature so easily? I will not give you these answers, for the answer lies in the unfoldment of your personality and the development of your soul. If you were given full awareness of this spark of the divine within you, that would prevent the great adventure that lies before you. The wisdom of the Creator is reflected in this relationship, for your wisdom will be deeper if it is acquired through experience rather than bequeathed as a gift.

So, a great trading of places is occurring within the sphere of your being. At first what is tangible is your mortal vehicle, your flesh and bones frame; what is recognizable is your mind at work; what appears indiscernible is the spirit presence. As you expand and unfold in your spiritual career a trading of places is occurring. What is absolutely real, wholly divine, not only the reflection and manifestation of God but God Himself becomes your pivotal and anchored position for all else. Your vehicle for terrestrial mobility dies on this level and is transformed throughout the levels following, becoming ever more indiscernible to ones who are now at your level. All that can be bestowed upon you by the presence of the divine within is given as this trading of places proceeds. You however are not dissipating in form or importance as you bring into conscious reality God presence, for you as well have brought a gift to God. This gift is the orientation of all of your being, every element and aspect which may be summarized as a will determined to discover the divine, as a faith powerful enough to propel you into the presence of the divine.

Upon the completion of your pre-fusion training you will be eternally bonded to this divine presence. Initially your experience will be one of a profound and continual unavoidable sense of God. Up until then you will repeatedly experience flashes of divine consciousness and lapses into human short-sightedness. As the ages unfold following your fusion experience this bonding will seem to become itself invisible, for you and divine presence will increasingly homogenize to the point that the duality of human and divine will cease to be.

Religions upon your world have gone to great efforts to guide the human soul into the recognition of this divine within. Many techniques you have developed which aid the human creature in cultivating the sense of the presence of God. There is a key element to this partnership that we speak of today, and that is the gap between you and this presence. This is the miracle of life, for with yet little reflection you would rightly conclude that God is everywhere present. So, you are in the presence of God now. It is the development of the awareness of this presence that requires the gap. For you this distance creates the tensions which give birth to the awareness of the divine. For the divine presence this gap creates the opportunity for God to not be present at the other side of the gulf. While God may be everywhere present, as long as a personality does not discern that presence, a gap exists and the divine is absent. So in rush Michael and Mother Spirit to bestow upon you the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit that you may be empowered to discern.

When you hold in your hand a seed it is able to be held because it has size. As you break down the components of this seed to discern the structures integrated therein it is soon noted that much that gives seeds size is merely food for a temporary period of time. What is the germ, the truly valuable element, is quite small in relation to the whole. When the seed sprouts soon this life seeks nourishment beyond itself; into the ground with its roots, and into the air with its leaves. This is much like what is occurring within you now. Your body and your mind are seed food for the sprouting of your soul and the attainment of the Father.


You have expressed frustration over the practice of stillness. I attempt today to soothe this frustration by illustrating how difficult of discernment this divine presence is; yet this presence is real and here within each of you. Cultivating the art of silence will at times bring you direct discernment, profound experience. Other times it will be much like standing at the base of the tower and merely touching it knowing what is at the top and knowing that you are connected by the structure intervening. And this is the meditation of faith. A partnership with expertise and harmony is one wherein the two partners can function in relation to one another even without communication, without prodding or instruction. To undertake quiet time is to develop your end of the partnership, your ability to function without instruction, even without communication. Yes, do long for a conscious experience of the presence of the Father. However, ever hold in your faith that eventual day in your future career when you will be unmistakably eternally fused and ever conscious of the presence of God.

Today you also develop the ability as a child of God to be a spiritual creature in your own right as a human. Love of the divine stimulates attraction toward the divine. So it is with Father. He loves you and therefore indwells you. Cherish these short years of apparent distance, for this is the time wherein you establish your personality presence. You will be assisted by spirit in many ways on many levels. The indwelling presence will not fill out the forms for you, will not attend your classes for you, and will not even receive your diploma for you. This is your privilege.

So, I finish today by saying, do most energetically seek the presence of God each moment of your life and likewise cherish an equally important presence, your human personality. It is the plan of the Father that you be who you are. You are assisted by Him; you will not be replaced by Him. One day you will be eternally fused with Him.

I remain in your presence. I have finished my discourse. Thank you.


Extraterrestrial, Correcting Time

Mark: I’ve been thinking about the various forms of spirit assistance available to us. You help us because we have accepted your assistance. Are the visitors to our world who are on a more physical plane also a part of this process of facilitation? I feel they aren’t just sightseers or planetary observers but may very well be part of the administration of which we are a part. Could you comment please?

Elyon: Yes, I will within the constraints of my mission mandate. As you are released as a planet from the conditions of quarantine among the rebellious worlds, many normal functions such as interplanetary communication will be reinstated, and even now the work is underway to establish these ties. Because of this world’s isolation and the subsequent absence of a truly holistic spiritual teaching, that which is physical has been separated from that which is spiritual. Often the world is seen as a place to remove oneself from and the divine as a place to go to. In a normal arrangement of planetary events this is not the case. Visitors from other worlds and entities from higher dimensions are as much a part of the totality of the planetary experience of any creature. Efforts are being made to establish these conditions. I do not say “reestablish”, for the functions of the spirit administration on this world fell apart before the initial establishment was set as far as the human creatures on the world are concerned. You have not lost the “good old days”; only now is planet Urantia coming into these good days.

There will be some education required, and you are among many who are qualified to present this truth that those from other worlds are not hostile, that they will contribute beneficially to the progress of this planet, and that you too as citizens of this world will have the same beneficial impact upon them.

The Correcting Time, while very important to the affairs of Urantia, spans over each of the quarantined worlds from the rebellion. Teachers like myself are assigned elsewhere and are functioning even today as I do now with you. Due to the constraints of quarantine and the process for its lifting, you will only receive contact from those cleared to approach this world. This is due, if I may use the analogy, to the concern for the patient in the hospital ward that no other contaminations be presented. This is carefully monitored. On worlds advanced in progressive civilization far greater allowance is made for intercommunication and for the mistakes that may occur in this cross-planetary cultural experience. This is due to the maturity of the civilizations involved.

I hope I have been helpful.

Mark: I’ve been thinking about seeing from our power points and knowing how to approach situations from fear or curiosity. These visitors are non-threatening, but I know fear grips many when they think of them. If these visitors need ambassadors to help in the fulfillment of Michael’s mission, then I am willing to help out.

Elyon: Your offer is noted and your name is on page one of the list of volunteers. It is important that we have those of such dedication and sincerity. Not many upon your world have even developed a true belief in a populated universe. There is faint belief, supposition, and imagination, but that conviction of a deep faith still lacks upon this world. It will require those as yourself to promote this.

Mark: The list must be short if I am on page one. I accept that they would not be here if it were not part of the divine plan you spoke of. Thank you.

Evelyn: This is off-topic, but I read in the UB how versatile Melchizedeks are, the only comparably versatile characters being Life Carriers. What can you tell us about Life Carriers so that we could appreciate this versatility? Melchizedeks materializing as humans for example we find awe inspiring, stepping in in emergencies, and so on.

Melchizedeks, Life Carriers

Elyon: I am not allowed to embellish on the information given in the Urantia Papers. I can however arrange the presentation for new insights, for it was deemed appropriate to restrict the information given to that which is presented. You have been notified that there is a special relationship between the Melchizedeks and Life Carriers (see Midsoniters) as noted in the Papers. I will address the versatility element.

Melchizedeks are remarkable beings. I have only experience within this local universe, and I must say that our Melchizedeks are fantastic beings. They are in charge of universe education. That means that they teach creatures across a broad spectrum of manifestation. The Melchizedeks are in charge of this Teaching Mission, but that is only one small branch of their educational program. They are able not only to stand as Machiventa did face to face with someone like Abraham, but they also can approach an angel or any other creature in this realm of Nebadon and meet them at their level of education opportunity. That is their versatility, their adaptability, their form-changing ability.

Life Carriers, their versatility is in their ability to manifest life forms. Just as the powers that the Melchizedeks have and the nature of their being is given by their creator/father Michael, so the powers of the Life Carriers are equally given by this creator/father. The Life Carriers are remarkable in their ability to generate variation in life and to instill within these variable life forms qualities of adaptability. regeneration, and the ability to survive. In some regards, both the Life Carriers and the Melchizedeks, if we may use a visual, may be likened in this regard: Picture Michael in your mind’s eye. Circle to the left and down with a string of Melchizedeks. Circle from the right and down the Life Carriers; one granted by Michael to generate multitudinous manifestations of life forms, the other granted by Michael with the ability to educate and uplift any form that is manifested. These are two of the great arms of the Michael project of developing Nebadon into a universe of Light and Life.

I hope this has provided you with something to ponder.

Evelyn: What a team!

Elyon: And this is why you have in your papers reference to Melchizedek Life Carriers.

Evelyn: It gives a sense of what a tiny fraction of the tower we are aware of.

Elyon: Many beings are expert at many things. Some beings only do one thing well. Others perform amazing feats with great versatility. Your task is simple: to love the Father and to love your fellows. By following this simple injunction there is no limit to the potentials of universe assignment and the heights to which you may grow as a creature of God.


I will draw this meeting to a close if that is your desire. Farewell.