2003-02-16-Concerns of the World

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Topic: Concerns of the World

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am inspired by your willingness to be open and also by your desire to assist.


I realize that the concerns of the world at this time cause some fear and confusion. I understand that the Spirit upon Urantia at this time is infiltrating the darkest places. Man is losing faith in man and looking to Spirit for guidance.

Even though the world at this point in time seems to be filled harsh realities, it is making every aware human being turn inward for answers. When we consider the story of Nalda at the well in conversation with the Master, we can see how she refused to go inward to receive direct light. The Master had stayed persistent in convincing Nalda to go within to reach divine understanding or higher levels of thought.

There are many reasons for mortals to stay on surface levels of thinking. When one does turn inward, one is made to also look at themselves, their thoughts, their actions, their aspects of good and bad. To go within to gain direct divine interaction is to defy the ego. The ego craves what can be seen, felt, experienced, so as to feel valued, even superior.

Individuals born and bred into hatred will breed hatred. The more these individuals can make others small, the more powerful they feel. Some national leaders are working for the good of self, not for the whole of the nation. This is the most detrimental form of self-love, for it affects many.

You cannot force light upon another. You can only live day to day showing your own light. Allow these worldly aggravations to drive you inward. Take inventory of your beliefs. What are you willing to put forth everyday to promote the well-being of the whole?

The universe is many things, but above all else it is intelligent. Emotions will not outweigh intelligence in the inner realms of the universe. What must be done for the Correcting Time to come into reality will indeed be done. No amount of emotionalism or drama can stop that.

You, our co-workers, friends, brothers and sisters, are our points of action. You put Michael’s plan to work. You bring Him to life in the lives of others. Be at peace and know that Father knows, is fully aware of the state of affairs of men. The age of awareness is upon mankind and man is learning to easily recognize the weakness within, the temptation to default within, yes.

The turmoil within the world causes individuals to go within, and therein resides God, there is that introduction to truth, beauty, and goodness. There is the place we will all find unity and the budding sprouts of the Correcting Time. Many of mans ideas and ideals must crumble before his eyes before he will look to a new and better way. In other words, traumatic events quickly gets mans attention--unfortunately.

You know this. You have received training to assist in this. Be not worried, for your sense of peace will be your channel to receive divine guidance. Until man embraces all as his own family there will always be strife. Within the Teaching Mission we have always sought to expand the concept of family beyond biological borders. This is working.

There has been tremendous improvement. There are great changes occurring all the time. The awareness that has come upon the minds of this world in a few short years is astonishing to us. Be at peace and know that your unity, your commitment to Michael, your willingness to take action, assists in the good of the whole.


I am sorry, no questions. Know that I am ever available for you if you should need me. Know that my love is ever growing for you each. Until next week, shalom.