2003-03-19-Bounties To Be Shared

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Topic: Bounties To Be Shared

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Frank and Alice, Orion

TR: George Barnard



Frank: "This is Frank and his sweet companion of a million years -- my arguably better, cuter, and more pleasant half, Alice. We have been around, oh yes! We have been with you in the last few months, often. We have been observing you, and we have traveled to this lakeside abode on numerous occasions.

"Like a pair of newlyweds, we travel arm in arm all the way, she in her white gown, of course. Not between us is this frequent human trait of our enjoying each other's company for just a little time, and then creating a sad divorce when things are against us -- lapsing into a dislike for each other for minor idiosyncratic behaviors of the other party that makes us whole. Such peaceful existence, we experience!

"We have been aware of the pain you feel for those who are about to be sacrificed on 'the altar of supposed liberty' that fails to hide a feverish need to control and ultimate greed. As eminent 'mind doctors', we are aware of your constant mental anguish, but also of your times of hopeful prayer about the days to come.

But we will ask you, and we will ask many others, to rise above the dread and fear you now feel for the repercussions of hasty actions, and for you to make full use of this period of uncertainty to reach out to the Father of all who live and breathe, and for you to develop closer ties with your Spiritual Origins (plural).

"This is Frank, well known for always being frank. Lighthearted cheers, partner!"

Alice: This is Alice, known for my excellent bedside manner, and for being in agreement with the one in the tuxedo, ever. Well, almost. Carry on, our dear mortal brothers and sisters, and reach inward, for thereby you reach outward. This is a greatly loving, and generously beneficial universe, where all hold you fickle mortals dear to our loving, doting hearts."

George: "You characters!"

Orion: "This is the Life Carrier, Orion, my valued co-worker. Whilst, understandably, your Midwayer partners touch down for but fleeting moments to place a hand on your shoulder, ruffle your hair, or embrace you, I have a little more time at my disposal right now.

"For the Midwayers it is a time when all, including the imported troupes are extraordinarily busily engaged in perceiving the changes, being watchful of the nuances, and making the 'amendments' where they are permitted to do so in these uncertain days of a pending war -- projecting and assessing from moment to moment the coincidental outbreak of both war and peace that is engulfing this planet in two great opposing waves.

"The time may well come when this setback of great significance and impact will again bring to the attention of universal consciousness the underlying greed and religious hatreds that are endemic in most of the Urantia human races.

"We may well see in the future a segregation of great groups of people of both race and religion, and as you well understand, it is the constant blending of the races, the more sensitive and less so, the more spiritually inclined and less pious, the more inventive and mundane, that explains the Urgrund of what has now brought this planet back to its belligerent state.

"We have long fostered the segregation of the more advanced from the more primitive peoples on your planet, and this may well become the catch cry of the decades to come. This may well become a future positive direction, although the scene, as perceived in your eyes, has become so regressive in the now.

"We are seeing a grouping of people; those that are shortsightedly aiming for total control of the planet's material wealth, those who are spreading their basic, unbending religious concepts, and those who are the peacemakers that search for 'common ground mediation' and equality, in which all brothers and sisters are able to live in harmony and enjoy the more than plentiful earthly bounties that must one day all be shared.

"Alas, your world in the here and now must be viewed as being in chaos, political chaos, social and religious disorder, economic uncertainty, but from this regrettable disarray a more progressive time of equality must result. Take heart my dear student. This is your brother, assured of the everlasting friendship between us, and secure in our love for, and dedication to, the affairs of our Father Creator.

"This is evolution you are witnessing, and this is a Life Carrier of ancient tenure on, and great understanding of, your world. This is Orion."

George: "Thank you brother."


"I'll be Frank" (Frank) and Alice are Cherubim, partners, yin and yang, that function as a team and cannot be apart for very long. They are from a life energy viewpoint dependent on almost constant nearness to each other. Cherubim are always in pairs at their common task - psychology for these two.

The "segregation policy" of the Life Carriers is theirs entirely, not mine. I am a long-ago "adoptee brother" of a New South Wales native tribe I greatly respect, thus I rather disagree with 'segregation', but perhaps I do not understand the implications well enough to effectively judge that policy recommendation.