2003-05-15-Subliminal Input Receiving

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Topic: Subliminal Input Receiving

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



George: “Something’s going on here, I’m sure.”


Bzutu: “It is I, the co-author of your writings. I am what is going on! I’ve been all afternoon at our task with you, and I’ve been back already for some twenty minutes to ‘celebrate some enjoyable meditation’ with you, and to pop into your mind the long-ago details about the engineers, the Gypsies, and your other colleague in the north.

“This is ABC-22, out of uniform, unarmed and virtually harmless. Can we now get on with it and do some work here? [Yes.] It’s a wise move for you to have ‘palmed off onto another receiver/transmitter’ the touchy questions about transmissions, and especially these things that are too close to your heart.

“As I view it, and as far as you are concerned, you already know the answer you need, and yet I feel that in many of these instances it is of a healthy attitude, and a wise move for you, to not generally rely on the instructions you receive in person, and in particular with your own projects, and carefully staked out plans.

“It is important too, to on occasions avail yourself of a reality check from other receivers – directly solicited, or even coincidentally, through their transcripts. Yes, there is great merit in asking a specific question that can be treated by another receiver in a totally unbiased way, when you may feel strongly biased.

“A strongly-felt conviction about any particular subject tends to diffuse the receiver’s ability to ‘capture’ the plainly defined concepts we intend to impart onto you. The easiest of all to receive and transmit are those things of which you are in the fullest knowledge, and the words will then flow easily and rapidly.

“In those instances, the messages will unerringly ‘come home’ in such a way that no mistakes are made. More difficult are those areas where specific names, numbers, times, dates and events are being related, of which you have no basic knowledge. There is an immediate tensing up, so wait, and watch the pictures.

“And at the opposite end of the troublesome scale are those situations which we mentioned already – where your heart and soul is so involved. That is my advice for you for this evening. You may now determine for yourself to what depth of relaxation you will descend when entirely new information is forthcoming.

“Likewise, when you are accepting information that deals with your own projects, it is good to slow down and let the information trickle in word by word. You can be in a lighter frame of mind, on a higher Alpha scale, if you are to merely be in receipt of ‘re-taught’ teachings that hold little in the way of eye-opener content.

“We read the receivers’ auras, George, and there always is that element of resistance – that tensing up, or that ‘can I do it?’ – and only practice makes better. We’ll get you going yet. And having said that, we had better make ourselves scarce in a great hurry! Ha!


“We send our love. Adieu.


My meditation didn’t bring a great deal of “Stillness”, but instead some memories (subliminal input) of events in the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s, about three engineers, Gypsies, and a colleague/healer – three events to document.

I forget things, but the Midwayers remember everything, and they remind me.

PS. Those three events are already documented now, were listed on 11:11, and on: https://www.1111publishers.com/GB41.html>,

https://www.1111publishers.com/GB42.html>, and