2003-06-23-Things You Invest Yourself In

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Topic: Things You Invest Yourself In

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am always comfortable in any setting when we meet together. You are a part of my eternal family. As you learn, I learn more. I express my gratitude to you each who continue to uphold Michael’s Mission day after day, week after week, year after year. I realize some of my comments last week has sparked some interesting conversation.


When we speak of sweeping changes, we are speaking on an internal level. Right now in the Correcting Time, mortals are awakening to new forms of thought. The fog of tradition is being lifted and new possibilities are rising up within each deep thinking mortal. During these internal changes we would do well to be spiritually fit. Each day one would do well to have a few moments with the Father to express need for an internal cleansing.

The mind takes in everyday stimulus that for the most part does not serve in a spiritual manner. To find time every day for internal cleansing of mind and soul is an invitation to Father to bestow upon you up-to-date divine information that serves in everyday living. The only gift we could ever give with true meanings and values is the gift of ourselves. To give of your time, love or service is a gift that cannot be measured materially. With that said, we will discuss those things that you invest yourself in.

As you picture your overall life--how do your levels of joy measure up? How balanced do you feel in mind and soul? What is occurring in your surroundings? Does this bring you peace or anxiety? What you have found important to invest yourself in shows in your everyday living. If one invests only in the area of employment, then that is surely what life will be about. There is not balance in that. If one solely invested in the religious life, there is tendency to become fanatical.

What seems to be the most important to you is what you will be investing in everyday, and certainly you will see the returns therefrom. Your measure of joy, fulfillment, balance and peace should tell you if your investment is wise and worthy. What do you give yourself to? Where are your treasures? What holds the most meanings and values?

The Master had invested Himself completely into the Father’s will. That carried our Master from place to place, person to person, task to task and most definitely even through all His turmoil, His returns were with meanings and values. Even though there were moments of sorrow, His joy greatly outweighed that. He was balanced in mind. His trust in Father was enduring and unfailing. He never faced defeat with disappointment in Himself or Father. He was continually energized and challenged to meet anything head on. To invest yourself into the doing of the Father’s will takes spiritual fitness.

This week continue on in those exercises we discussed last week. Find time to think about what you put yourself into and how that serves. Is your family life being served? Is your place of employment a balanced area? Are you available to your friends? Do you have an open ear for a discouraged soul? Do you yourself feel served and an integral part of the universe? No questions this evening. I would however enjoy closing our lesson with a prayer.

Our Father, it is you, our Source and Center of all things, that we find our greatest spiritual nutrition. Life’s fulfillments are not found out in the material world but in you and your interpreting to us meanings and values. You have belief in us when we have not belief in ourselves. We are fueled by your ever enduring love for us. Help us everyday to be cleansed and have an open mind to your will. Help us to invest ourselves in what you would want us to. We express our gratitude to you, our Father of all fathers’. Amen.


And to you, my friends, my love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.