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Topic: Salvation

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM, Greetings. I am happy to be among you once again. I am glad to see familiar faces here with us again. This group is sincerely an anchor for our ship of faith. With the stormy waters of everyday living it is comforting to know we can return home to regain focus and a sense of overall wellness. God is good. I am amazed by His everyday works in our lives. I am in awe of His awesome power in every little detail of existence. I am with abiding hope and joy in any and every situation. God is good.


Back to our discussion concerning salvation--I am always made to think of the Master. The Master's life in the flesh had significant meanings beyond this world. His life was an enduring example of how one could face bitter disappointment and still move mountains. Jesus was born an ordinary child of the realm. He lived an ordinary existence. He performed His duties as an ordinary man. Even when He was ministering to His fellows He sought to keep from miracle working. Living an ordinary life--the Master did indeed do wonderful things.

He was not a king, nor the long sought after messiah. It would be wrong for us to refer to Him as other than our Brother/Father/Savior. The life of Jesus brought God down to the mindal understanding of man. Jesus made Father reachable for man. Even His Spirit of Truth today keeps you ever updated and available to knowing our Father as someone who is always at hand, not somewhere far off in Heaven.

Said Jesus, “I am the door. He who knocks indeed will be welcomed.” The Master is our door to understanding Father from within our own mind frame. He is our introduction to the Father and the spirit life. He is indeed a Savior. Those who live a life of faith can indeed take salvation for granted. Those who are Father led are in understanding of the security of the eternal life--the eternal life, of course, from this moment on. Those who find comfort in salvation are not a chosen people to be set apart, no. Salvation is not separation, but unity in serving one another for a common good.

Those that literally feel their salvation are more likely to serve. They are driven with the desire to make other's lives better. Those that feel comforted in the knowledge of God feel a wellspring of wealth from which they draw from to share with others. These individuals are a source of energy, a guide on the path, so to speak. Other people who may have become embittered by life circumstances will find you, faith filled sons and daughters, a source to a new and better way.

I realize that possibly every day you meet with individuals who are negative and seemingly unchangeable. At times it feels as if these individuals can embitter you as they are. With your faith and comfort in salvation, and knowing you belong to the Kingdom of Heaven, only good can result from whomever you relate with. The spirit of God is in you literally, and this is a source of protection and peace. No one can take anything from you. It is within your power to fend off the negative energy to promote light. This source of light is unending. The source is never depleted. You have access to all you need. You can be as the Master and go about sharing the good news.

As the Master's day of Urantia birth approaches let us ponder the many ways He is a Savior to us. How has knowing Him affected your life? What is your favorite aspect of His personality? After facing numerous disappointments, how did the Master continue to go on, continue to minister, continue to love and serve? What was His practice to receiving from that wellspring of Father's all encompassing goodness? I will take a few questions.


INERIA: Abraham, I just wanted tell you thank you for your devotion to Father, Mother and us, your students. I am glad to be here. You give me such comfort.

ABRAHAM: I am happy to see you, my daughter. You are an inspiration to those that know you. Your courage to carry on is to be commended, and as always, I give you my love. Another question?

LANCESON: Abraham, this week I had the experience of talking to people who have lost loved ones and I have come to realize what you spoke of in the lesson, this idea of taking my salvation for granted and how grateful I am that I have this source of strength I can give to others. The compassion I feel for those who lack this in their lives, it has made me realize how fortunate I am to have this understanding. I guess that is all I have to say.

ABRAHAM: Lanceson, my son, you are a true student, where you are enthusiastic about learning and not so quick to show what you know. This is rare in today's world and definitely wonderful. You do have a gift for listening and a knowledge of what is to come beyond this life. You are a good counselor to those in need. Your willingness to be present in all of life, bad or good, is a wonderful example for those who know you. Well done, my son. (Thank you.) You’re welcome. Another question or comment?

SIMON: Abraham, I am real grateful for the lessons lately and I feel like I have been learning them over time. In other words, I am a little slow, so give me some time. I am grateful for the bigger picture, even though I get stuck in my own little picture sometimes. I wonder if you have any words or comment for me on how I can be a more affective son.

ABRAHAM: You are learning, Simon. Your experiences have been a wonderful teacher. You are finding your way as you should. Change and growth is slow, as well it should be for a lasting effect. You appear to live a well balanced life being involved in just about everything. Know the spiritual life is also in the mundane details of everyday living. You are finding your way, my son. Have not worry, you do well.

MIRIAM: Abraham, it is just really good to be here tonight. The love is so supportive from you and everyone here. It feels so good. Your lesson tonight was just awesome and it meant a lot to me, especially the piece about the negative energy. I was just awfully grateful for my faith today and having Father to give everything to. I love you all and love you, Abraham. I am just so grateful to be blessed by all you guys.

ABRAHAM: As we are also blessed to know you, my daughter Miriam. These past months have been stormy for you and your beloved, Don. Things are not always put into motion by our Father, if you are understanding my meaning. Some things simply happen and you have accepted these challenges with grace and faith. This is a source of strength for your family, friends and coworkers. Your joy still shines through the clouds of adversity, and this is what we have each been looking toward lo these many years. You do well, my daughter. Carry on. (Thank you very much.) You are welcome.


If there are no more pressing questions, I will take my leave. Know that each time we meet I grow more in love with you. Know that I am always available should you have need of me. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.