2004-01-29-Proclamation, IV

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Topic: Proclamation

Group: At Large


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Jim Hawkins



UN-NAMED BEING: I see you are ready to go. It seems everybody's time is just a little bit different, but we wanted everyone - as much as possible - to be on the very same sheet of music before we began. Some people will be getting much more detailed information and instructions than you will, but don't let that concern you.

As was pointed out to you earlier, you will be getting exactly what you need. Let me explain to you just how this channel works. You are, I'm sure, quite familiar with the concept of multi-channeling, having had in the past a career in broadcasting. Multi-channeling is where many different messages can be sent in the same broadcast. That is just what is happening here... different messages, but precisely what people need to know, when they need to know it - all this is according to their openness, their ability to understand and act on what is given to them.

Unity in prayer is a very good example of many messages converging into one big corporate transmission, yet each message is an individual one with individual needs, a unique individual person whom the Father loves, cherishes and has an individual interest in. This is the unity inherent in group prayer: the seeming paradox that says I am many, yet one. Many individual paths lead to only One Destination. It is this kind of unity that one must strive for. Any mission requires this in order to succeed. That's common knowledge.

What we've been seeing is a great deal of fragmentation in this movement, and that's just what it is, a movement, just like the Christian movement. Christians started out on good footing, but soon split into denominationalism and factions. This is not to say that different expressions of that truth are to be discouraged, no. It means that all those within the Mission are to hold it high by living the revelation within themselves.

You have truly started to live what you believe. Your teachers used to say to you when something happened, or someone said something that bothered you, "Allow... allow... allow." In the overall scheme of things, allowing is not acquiescence, but a quiet spiritual strength that will prove to your benefit time after time. There will always be those who differ with you. That is their right.

The Mission is a body, but all parts have value and dignity, as well as a job to do that makes them indispensable to the rest of the body. Your particular part of the Mission has already been explained to you: of that you have no doubt. Each of the other members of the body has an assignment, like you. Either they are not aware of this or they are looking for some sign or indication to tell them which pathway to take. Very often the correct pathway is the one you decide to take based upon an "instinctual" understanding of yourself, your likes, dislikes and abilities. Very often common sense will open up those doors of opportunity to those who are still searching.

You asked about "clear channel" receiving where what you transcribe is devoid of any of your own mental processes and thoughts. That's exceptionally hard to accomplish. Seeing that this is a mutually cooperative effort, you know there is bound to be some of your own mental influence in this. You get the images we give you and translate them into the proper linguistic equivalences.

Little did you realize when you started typing this message you would have no name to pin on me, either. Why does that matter? If you know where I come from - and you do - why then would you have to know my name? I know you feel very comfortable with my presence; that should be enough. It took faith to find out your personal teacher's name. Not knowing mine forces you to accept what is said not based on my personality, which you either recognize or don't recognize, but on the merits of the content and energy of the message...

To you I repeat my concerns about the Mission. It must not fail. To put it closer to home, since you are an integral part of this Mission, you must not fail. I say this, not to put undue pressure upon you, but to emphasize that neither you nor the Mission are destined to fail. The Father has no intention of allowing the Mission to fail, and that's why this message is being sent to your circuit along with many other messages to the others in the Mission.

Yes, indeed, great changes are afoot, but then again, so are the challenges great inherent in any Mission you undertake. The Mission is a body with different parts, which must get along in order to accomplish the Mission. So be it and so it is.