2005-01-08-Rest Your Arms

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Topic: Rest Your Arms

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Hello my friend! This is Monmacion. I have watched as you have struggled to realize the impediments placed deeply within you by this rebellion.


The practice of isolation, its cultivation as a religious experience is widespread upon this sphere. How many are they who use their experience to elevate themselves rather than allowing themselves to be uplifted? As it appears in you and others, it is not to be lamented but simply to recognize as a practice to surrender.

How many times have we looked upon our siblings, our friends upon this realm and others like it, and seen the use of devotion to our Father as a means to a mortal end, an end all too often which is death. Your world at this moment reels with the injury of such thought, and yet it is one which in itself cries for mercy, calls out to our Father and all who serve him to come and assist in this process of reclamation.

You have been told of the renewal of contacts made available through the reconnection of many lines of communication, of circuitries of mind and spirit which are superabundant, and yet upon the worlds whose Princes aligned themselves against the rule of Paradise, these lines were minimized, were reduced to a small opening both to protect the larger family of worlds and to protect the sovereignty of free choice which allows every being to experience the reality they themselves would create. This gift of choice is central to everything we do, everything we are, for what we are is a gift, each of us, regardless of our origin. Each of us is a treasured part of the treasure of creation that is our Father, our source, our center. You are free to exercise your mind, to embrace the realities of Paradise by faith, such faith that is the supreme assertion of human thought, the crowning glory of your endeavoring to know the truth, to become the truth you are.

How happy I am to be with you -- Yes, I am. You and your fellows are so much harder upon yourselves and each other, such hardness which bespeaks of a crusty scab which when touched awakens suffering, awakens the memory of an injury that you wish was not there. My dear friend, there is no injury that can detain you from the eventuality of perfect wholeness, of perfect union with our Father, such union as you have even now in him, for in him all of your lives throughout the course of ascension, is known, is seen, is embraced, and as you dwell in him in these moments of communion, you may experience by means not known to you, the reality of your extended life, your eternal life of which this is but a small part. No, you have not personally acquired the capacity to know these simultaneously as he does, and yes, you are truly free, for as you adjust your course working with him, all of these worlds change likewise, and the course of unfoldment changes in the Oversoul of the Supreme who is the God of change, the God of time and space, your Mother in whom your soul dwells and journeys throughout the course of this age.

The mingling, the admixture of heaven and earth, humanity and divinity, time and eternity, is the reality that you are. You are neither one nor the other. You are becoming increasingly a living revelation of their eternal union which someday you will reveal to those who cannot know as you do this very experience. You will compensate for their shortcomings even as I do yours in this moment. The stirring of ascension and the descending movements of those who would join in your labor from on high, yes, is this soup of the Supreme, cooking as it were on the open fire that is Paradise. Be still, for your motions in time do not belie the steadiness of your being, this that you are from the beginning in our Father, this gift of personality potential, a human becoming divine.

My child, my friend, you have wondered how long before I come with my fellows, those who are here to inaugurate a new beginning in earnest, a new beginning not only for this world and others like it, but for all of Nebadon, yes indeed, even Orvonton, for these motions of renewal stir the souls of many to witness the marvel that is the mercy of our Father revealed in his Sons and made manifest through the agency of his Infinite Spirit, the children who are the ministering spirits of time.

I am here with an assembly of personalities, each pledged to the purpose of this, Urantia’s first Magisterial Mission, and it is more than a first Magisterial Mission, it is a first for this world in awakening to the truth of who we are together regardless of the understandings or experience of any in and with the Source of all. It is indeed a time of profound change. I am prepared to join you, and you rightly ask, are you prepared to receive us who come in the name of our Father, in the service of Michael and Nebadonia working with Monjoronson and the gathering of those of the Daynal order, those Teacher Sons so versatile in their service, ranging the universe of universes to teach the truth of this light we are.

My son, rest your arms, put them down. The only defense you need is the certainty that your soul is held in this place of Paradise. Your souls are esteemed and treasured as jewels of time. Nothing can take this that you are away from your source. Everything can enhance the luster of these gems, and when you struggle to discern the gift of any moment, I trust you will call for aid, for we are here to lend a hand that is the hand of God, even the hand that you extend to your fellows.


How beautiful to behold this light shining with full intent to heal, to make whole, to show the peace that passes all understanding, this peace we know in this place of communion, this place where I join you now.

Rest your arms - farewell.