2008-02-07-Being One With the Universe

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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Movement

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelus

TR: Unknown



Student: “Greetings to you, Ophelus.”

Ophelus: “Good morning and hello to you. You appear to be pleased with your life now. You have taken my suggestions seriously and have benefitted greatly.


“I understand you still have many concerns about your finances. This is normal, for you have been through a lot, and you have made a life-altering change within your conscious mind. Do not spend your time worrying about your situation as we are assisting you, and gently guiding you through these deep waters of your life.

“We appreciate you saving the soul that you had a union with. It was your promise to save souls on the planet and we acknowledge that you have given so much of yourself to another. Your recovery time and healing has been minimal, as you are following in our foot-steps.

“I believe you now grasp the concept of being One With the Universe. You will continue to ‘flow’ effortlessly, as you raise your conscience into the next level.

“Let the worries flow out of your mind, and allow your inner peace and confidence to surround you completely. You radiate to others as a gentle spirit and a role model. Be in total peace, my little one, as the best is yet to come.”


Student: “That is all I needed to know. I thank you for your time.”

Ophelus: “It was my pleasure. You are a faithful student.”