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Topic: "We Are With You"

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Good evening my friend(s). This is Monmacion. I had checked in earlier with you as you engaged in conversation and then entered stillness time together. We, myself and several colleagues, are watching with interest and are fully supportive of your efforts to share more fully, more deeply, the gift of this spirit of our Father within you.


You have wondered - what is going on? Is the Teaching Mission ending? What’s becoming of the Magisterial Mission? What’s happening in the Urantia Movement? Indeed, what’s happening in your world? These are legitimate questions that you would have, and if you may recall last session, I referred to the fact of this wave of energy that is breaking over you in increasingly frequent movements and with greater force and effect. The result being that much is being reconfigured at the moment. Your world is being remade; you are certainly witnessing this even if you may be concerned, but we have advised, and you do seem to understand that the correction required is profound, and it will necessitate what you would call “a lot of suffering”.

This is not intended to hurt you, far from it. The intention and the effect will be to heal and to make whole what has been broken; a state of brokenness that you have adjusted to, you and your fellows, for as long as you can know.

Do not lament, we are with you in this process, and while we have yet to materialize in forms that you would find more meaningful, we are very close to you. We truly feel what you experience much as a parent feels for their children, stumbling perhaps and falling trying to pick themselves up. So take heart, and I appreciate your willingness to allow me to make myself better known. As time and circumstance evolve, we will find more opportunity to explore, but for now let me say, good night, and thank you again for enjoining yourselves in the work of extending this light we are with our Father, working as one.


Sleep well my friends; pay attention to your dreams. They are greater than you know. Good night.