2010-09-17-Stillness Meditation

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Topic: Stillness Meditation

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sharmon, Aaron, Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Sharmon: “This is Midwayer Messenger Sharmon, known far and wide as the best dressed in my realm. And this is September the seventeenth to be sure. I want to make you aware of the fact that we have read your submission and we are in agreement with you sharing the essence of what was a private message of yesterday the sixteenth. I am here accompanied by both Frank and Alice who have visited with you regularly, almost on a daily basis. They are here now merely to keep me company as I relay the teachings of your dear friends, residents of Mansonia Seven. Without further ado, or advertising my good looks, I pass you on now.”

Teacher Aaron: “This is your Teacher Aaron. I am here with my older brother Samuel and we wish to talk to you about Stillness Meditation, or plain Stillness as it is mostly called. The spokesperson for this lesson will be Samuel. It is a matter of seniority, of course.”


Teacher Samuel: “This is Samuel. I greet you on behalf of myself and my brother. We have in times past compared notes about various habits on various worlds, many of which you will only learn about in later life -- in your times on the Mansion Worlds. For me, on Panoptia, it was my habit to regularly -- daily or even more frequently -- take time out and go into Stillness Meditation. The planet of my birth was of such great progress that youngsters were taught to meditate, from an early age, and indeed, the younger the more suited to the process, the more experienced by the time of puberty, the more set in routine as adults.

“The thought of stilling the mind and making contact with celestials is so much easier for the young and once ‘adjusted to’ (used to) this method of stilling the mind, of making the body, the emotions healthier, the easier it becomes to carry on with this in later life. Stillness . . . Stillness Meditation has many, many rewards in store. We compare my past, my history, my long and many years on the Planet Panoptia with those of Aaron, whom you both know so well. Aaron was not born into a civilization such as was the case with me on my planet.

“Aaron, although a very spiritual, and also a religious individual, did not practice the meditation until after his arrival on the Mansion Worlds. And whereas on Mansonia One and Two this method of talking to God, or rather listening to what the Creator has to say to you, is heard much easier than it is done on a planet whilst you dwell in a body of flesh and blood, Aaron could definitely have had a great advantage in my kind of upbringing, and in living my kind of life.

“It is in this comparison between us that we advise you that there is nothing so health promoting, so promoting of your spirituality and your emotional stability as daily taking out time, be it even five minutes or so, to relax, to let your body, brain and mind drift into a more satisfactory metabolic state.

And the best time to start this is as you live your human life. The rewards of Meditation, of Stillness Meditation, are enormous in the sense that during this stable time, this meditative state, you will see your ideal path in life so very much more clearly. Much of the advantages, at least for a time, may go unnoticed, yes, but guaranteed, no matter your circumstance, you will live a happier life, you will live a more relaxed life, you will live a more progressive life.

“So much of your time is lost, and so much of your time is wasted in endless entertainment of films, televisions and games, and it takes a great deal, a great deal of strength and fortitude to turn off your electronic machines, to quiet your mind and in time reap the benefits of the calming experience of meditation.


This is Samuel and his Brother Aaron. We say thank you to our dear Midwayer friend for transferring our thoughts to your mind for many to know. Till we speak again.”

George: “Thank you all.”