2011-02-20-Experiences of Spiritual Fullness

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Topic: Experiences of Spiritual Fullness

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Prolotheos

TR: Valdir Soares



Prolotheos: “Life on Urantia may be greatly enriched with experiences of spiritual fullness, or as it sadly happens to some, be lived in unsatisfying spiritual poverty. Experiences of spiritual fullness vary from individual to individual, according to personal and other factors as evolution, social context, and especially the plans the Adjuster has laid for His/Her ministry to a particular individual. The unifying element of all experiences of spiritual fullness is the actual doing of the will of the Universal Father.

“Although highly desirable, spiritual fullness is not something that may be experienced as a continuous state of spiritual righteousness. They are individual experiences that may occur occasionally when there is a real synchronization between human decisions, or actions, and the will of the Father. During these supernal moments, you will experience what may be called ‘the supreme satisfaction of having done the right thing.’ Achieving this experience of great satisfaction is not fruit of trivial or frivolous decisions, although small and right decisions pave the way for major ones. These decisions cannot take place without the assistance of your Adjuster, who leads you, and who with profound tenderness and great respect to your free-will prerogatives teaches you the will of the Father.

“The experience of spiritual fullness is so satisfying that it does not need the approval or acknowledgement of others to be enjoyed. In fact, most of times, it is better felt when you and your Adjuster are the only ones involved. You should not suppress the enjoyment of these experiences of fullness, confusing them with emotionalism. The experiences of spiritual fullness are not primarily emotional; they are defined by their spiritual drive, not emotions. It is not wrong for you to enjoy them, as in doing so you will learn how to better appreciate the spiritual satisfactions over material and transitory pleasures.

Material circumstances represent the arena where such fullness-decisions occur, but they have no impact on your capacity to make such decisions, or your ability to enjoy them. Fullness-experiences are mostly soul-experiences, comparable only to the satisfaction you feel when worshipping the Father. The two great experiences in life are indeed, service and worship. Although satisfaction of the experience of spiritual fullness is tremendously enjoyable to your consciousness, it should not be the primary reason for your endeavors. Your motivation must always be your commitment to the will of the Father.

“The experiences of fullness increase in number as the individual is carried over the psychic circles by the Adjuster, since each deeper circle allows greater interaction and consciousness of the Adjuster’s leadings, especially the last one, when takes place an implicit acceptance by you of these leadings, and when you have finally decided to do the will of your Paradise Father unconditionally.


“I am Prolotheos, very happy to sponsor these teachings to you and all that may come into contact with them. My love is with you.”