2015-01-11-Your Are Commander-in-Chief of Your Being

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Topic: You Are the Commander-in-Chief of your Own Being

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Christ Michael

TR: Anyas



Christ Michael: “Dear child, as the Commander-in-Chief of this local universe, I delegated to each one of our children the responsibility to be the commander-in-chief of their own being — at all levels. Creation occurs through delegation of duties as each creature has its own limitations and needs to rely on co-creators in order to get a job well done. Your body is, at this time of your development, your universe. Yes, dear one, Mother and I love to call our children “mini-infinities” as it is who you truly are.

“As you get in touch with your Beingness at an ever-deepening level, you come to realize that you do have infinite abilities, especially at the heart and soul level; they will be the parts of you that you will take with you into eternity. Your physical body, with its multitude of life-supporting functions, is a physical universe in its own merit. This is why it is so important to cherish it and take good care of it as it truly is your launching pad toward eternity.

“Because of their lack of awareness, many on this planet are misusing their body, which means that they are not using it as an instrument for spiritual growth; instead, they are over focusing on it, spoiling it with over-gratification without realizing that they are thus creating a multitude of handicaps, which prevent them from discovering the budding soul within themselves — a soul hungry for spiritual nourishment — some of them hungry to the point of starvation.

“As you learn to develop a new understanding about whom you truly are, your whole life perspective will start to shift and, from this new perspective, you will discover the loving intentions infused in yourself and your surroundings. You will become more thoughtful and considerate in your thinking and in your actions as you will develop an utter respect for life in all forms and shapes. Your heart will constantly sing a song of gratitude and this song will resonate within our hearts, like a far-reaching echo, music to our ears and honey to our hearts.

“In all that you do, keep in mind that you are a divine being. Claim your birthright and do not defile it. Do not depend on the recognition of your peers. Before everything, be true to who you are as you are unique and this uniqueness is what makes you so indispensable in the whole co-creative scheme. It is your own spice, your own flavor that you contribute to the Divine Recipe so as to make it tastier as it blends with many other very unique spices – Heavenly blend! Celestial Seasonings!”