2015-04-16-The Need for Worldwide Control

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Topic: The Need for Worldwide Control

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Secondary Midwayer Sharmon (MNO-6)

TR: George Barnard



George: “It’s so good to hear from you, young lady. We know we’re not the only ones by far to keep you busy, but it’s good to have you close again. You know how I feel, personally.”


Sharmon: “We all know how you feel and how you labor to make ‘addicts’ of as many siblings as you can with the spiritual elixir of the Correcting Time. I have come to you this time specifically to talk with you all about greed, about having everything, and what it can do to those who are high up in government … those whom some call ‘the elite.’

“More so than at most times, but in this present economic cycle on our planet, there are many groups that are greatly addicted to wealth and power, control over others and the false security that it brings. False security, you may ask? Certainly, for in the tank they swim in there are many predators — some bigger, some smaller, some faster, some fiercer — yet none but a few would survive in the end to then live a life of fear, vulnerability and loneliness.

“It is important for you to progress during this Time of Correction and it will not ‘fare you well’ to be utterly uninformed of the trap that is set for you whilst you must work long hours for your provisions and whilst worldwide you are, each of you, courted to enjoy your entertainments in the few hard-won hours that are left.

“Snooze and you lose to the wolf, my friends. So important is this supposed need for worldwide control to some, they will consider a preventative attack with the most awful of weapons. What I am describing here is insanity. There is no conceivable way that there can be progress of minds, yes of intellect, of general physical health, of spirit or soul should you be forced to endure a widespread series of attacks wherever it might be on the planet. There will be left no place of safety, no place of ease.

“Those who seem to so desperately require the ownership of all goods that rightly belong to everyone must be discouraged and the most powerful means open to you is prayer. Those who seem to so greedily want to relieve you of your freedom, free will and peace of mind must be stopped, yet at this point only prayer can effectively change the direction in which our world is moving. We stand by, but we tire of picking up the pieces.”


PRAYER: “Father Creator, we know there is no one in all the wide universes who understands like You do how human greed and hubris have brought so many beyond the safety of sanity. We understand on our part that the deeply hidden fear of future irrelevance instead of power and control is the driving force behind the perceived need for yet another world war. We humans together with your Midwayers and Angels ask You to so affect the future that war will be averted and peace will reign. Amen.”

  • Receiver’s note: ‘Snooze and you lose to the wolf’ might well hint at the Wolfowitz doctrine.