2015-10-05-A Holy Calling

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Topic: A Holy Calling

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske


  • Edited by Linda Abell


The Beloved One: “Dear one, do be obedient to my urging to write down a few words that arise in your super-conscious mind. Do not doubt that it is I who speaks to you now. All humankind is being called to their inner Still Small Voice to heed that inner wake-up call. Unbeknownst and unrealized by most of humanity on this sorrowful planet is that they have no idea about the hidden conniving going on under their very eyes.

Negative laws are being passed without the knowledge of the masses who keep sleeping on even as more rights and freedoms are whittled away. Allow me to assure you once more that everything is known to the Almighty Creator God, who has totally different plans for this precious planet. People simply do not realize that they are insidiously being enslaved and many are yielding up their mortal lives never having realized the high office to which each and everyone is being called in the life following this one.

“I shall repeat once more for those who have an ear to hear, that spirit, once called to life, shall never die. It only changes form. And that it is up to each human of normal mind how much they will add to their embryonic soul, which is gifted them at birth. Anything you have is not of your own doing; it is a gift of the Gods — the most Holy Trinity. Life itself is a gift; free will is a gift, having a healthy mind is a gift. Therefore, the power to choose how you shall live this life is a gift.

“Now ask yourself: ‘What do you intend to bring with you to the life following this one?’ Ask yourselves: ‘How do I fulfill my life’s purpose and answer my holy calling?’ For that is what you are here to do — to become aware of all your gifts of self-determination — the awareness that your life has meaning; that all your experiences were set in motion and are subject to the law of cause and effect.

“This law has been in effect since time immemorial. Like love and energy-gravity that upholds all of creation — formed and unformed. Form is created and evolves according to the plans of the universal Creator-God. Therefore, simply become aware of your holy calling of being a beloved child of the Creator, whose offspring you all are.

“How meaningful you make it fully depends on the power of choice. The Eternal will ask, ‘What gifts are you bringing back to Me?’

“Have you been willing to listen to My Spark within with which I gifted you when you started to think for yourself? To choose and make the right decisions? I honored your free will and left it up to you to start listening and acting according to your holy calling, which is to be about My business according to My Will and to live by the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would like to be treated. May the truth be known. This is your holy calling — the answering the call of My Spirit within.”