2016-02-07-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Focus for Healing

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan

TR: Allene Vick, Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers



Dr. Mendoza: [Allene] I would be happy to reply to your request. The most important thing is the intention and the focus, those are the two things for you as physician's assistants to give. No reason to strain yourself. When you do that with sincerity and deep intention and focus you have done your part and we will do ours. I thank each and every one of you for being such willing participants in learning to be good physician's assistants on my team, thank you. This has been a wonderful lesson for each one of you to see actually how simple it really is. I know each one of you has your doubts about your ability. It's not about your ability, its about your intention and your focus and perhaps this morning has made you more aware of this and will take some of the pressure off of yourselves so you don't judge your abilities and let your doubts get in the way, so you can stay focused on the process with intention. Thank you.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] I am pleased to assist. Continue to send light.

Jonathan: [Mark] I would accept this gift of opportunity, I am Jonathan and I would like to work a little bit with this thread of focus. As it turns out, this notion of focus and bringing more clarity into your focus serves to align more and more of the process. Let's take this example of focusing on the breath. It is something that strictly speaking, you need not consider. It functions on its own. It will happen without your consideration. However, with your consideration, you add another dimension of focus to your total, to your purpose. By focusing on the projection through the breath of ones intention, it brings into alignment even more of the process at hand, it fine tunes the instrument if you will.

So consider that you are a point source and from you emanates energy just as from you emanates your breath. When you focus on your breath for the purpose of focusing your energy you have even more impact. Coming into awareness of this natural process and harnessing it is a demonstration that you have mastered certain aspects of universe principles that are at play. It demonstrates your willingness to focus to a greater level because you are aware that you can focus to a greater level.

This is something that has been touched on many times and I just bring it up again to plant the seeds that it is one more aspect of spiritual discipline to garner the natural processes and turn them intentional and purpose-ful. I just thought I would insert some more consideration around this aspect that has been discussed before. I also would like to make it known, bring into your awareness, that whenever you gather together like this, whenever you come together to form this unique energy equation, it is as though you ring the church bells throughout the neighborhood. You announce your willingness to co-ordinate and come together in spirit and to project your intentions out in service. You ring the bells and you can be assured of both attendance and participation from those who will hear the call and respond with you in spirit.

Having built the arena, when you ring the bells and open the doors, you may expect attendance and participation. Take this with you as you boldly go, knowing there is a legion of assistance and participants willing to join you in this pursuit of growth and service. So I will be there and many others whenever you call the service to order. It has been a pleasure this morning to indulge with you in this energy circle.


Jonathan: [Cathy] I am aware of the amazing power of our group. It is so exciting to be one of the physician assistants. Together we are doing good work with intention.