2018-10-02-How Does Faith Progress

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Topic: How Does Faith Progress

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Prolotheos

TR: Valdir Soares


  • São Carlos — SP, Brazil


Prolotheos: “Evolutionary religions are prone to create superstitions, myths, legends and fables. Although they are evolutionary creations, they are capable of expressing an ill-informed, but authentic spiritual faith. The facts may be wrong and useless, but the spiritual experiences they convey are of universal value because by faith, they make the transcendental leap from the circumscribed material sense to the spiritual dimension. True, this embryonic faith springs from evolution, however, because it is also transcendental, this evolution becomes a spiritual evolution, that starts in the beings’ native world and continues progressing to and through the morontia worlds on High. How does this faith progress from myths, legends, and fables to the robust faith of those who acknowledge themselves as children of the Universal Father and members of the human brotherhood?

1. Spiritual Agencies: “Human beings were never without spiritual assistance since the acquisition of personality. The spirits adjutants crown their earlier work over even the animal state with the functioning of the spirit of worship and the spirit of wisdom. At that point also began the ministry of the guardian angels, first to groups, then to individuals after the conquest of the third psychic circle, even enabling individuals to belong to the planetary reserve corps. Not only angelic beings assisted human beings in their early ages, but also other beings too as the Melchizedeks, which are of record on Urantia to have ministered to primitive man and later on in Abraham’s days. Those kinds of spiritual agencies still work today on your planet, in greater numbers and in the most efficient manner.

2. Spiritual Dispensations: “When human beings reach relative stages of biological, social, and spiritual maturity, the local universe sends its Sons to inaugurate a new spiritual dispensation. That occurred on Urantia on two occasions: with the coming of Caligastia as the Planetary Prince, as a civilizer ministry of Adam and Eve, as racial uplifters. Although these two dispensations were tragically miscarried and did thwart their otherwise normal and salutary effects, they were not a complete loss, and their limited benefits, especially on their cultural contribution to the formation of a civilization tinged with vestiges of their original religiosity. These vestiges are still present in today’s Urantia religions.

3. Spiritual Bestowals: “A Spiritual Bestowal in the local universe is a spiritual gift given to a planet. When Christ Michael decided to finish His Bestowal Program to acquire total sovereignty over His Universe He chose to do this on Urantia, as Jesus of Nazareth. That unscheduled, but most beneficial bestowal on your planet became the greatest spiritual influence not so for Urantia, but also for a whole on-looking universe. From that sprang two other important spiritual bestowals: the coming of the Spirit of Truth and the general outpouring of the Thought Adjusters. Those bestowals are currently also supported by two other universe initiatives: the 5th Epochal Revelation, the Urantia Papers, and the installation of the Correction Time, under the supervision of the now Prince Machiventa.


“Therefore, my pupil, faith progresses on a planet according to a series of spiritual interventions that start with the gift of personality and matures through spiritual agencies, dispensations, and bestowals. Of those, the most important being the Final Sovereignty Bestowal of Christ Michael with its unparalleled spiritual benefit superbly supported by the ministry of the Spirit of Truth and the Thought Adjusters pouring out over all normal Urantians, causing an unprecedented spiritual progress on Urantia for the last nearly 2000 years, although still dealing with retarding effects of the Lucifer Rebellion.

I am Prolotheos, your tutor-teacher on High, most glad to participate in this Spiritual Recovery program of Urantia. Peace to all!”