1991-11-03-Death & Family Reunion

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Topic: Death & Family Reunion

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: Unknown



WILL: The love of God surrounds you, the power of God upholds you, the love of God enfolds you. Wherever you are, He is. I am Will.


Thank you for being so receptive to the teachings I have provided for you. It is important that we all work together to bring about the Father's kingdom on earth. We who acknowledge the teaching of the Father want to do everything possible to bring about a greater understanding of His will. Many times we have the opportunity to develop groups like yours to carry the message out into the world. It is extremely important that you abide by the teachings so that the movement can go forward.

Pay particular attention to the teachings of Melchizedek. He would like all of you to be aware of his concern for you as you all are striving to find your way. Day to day you work to do the will of your Father and struggle for answers. Be aware that we are with you. We . . . relax, Melissa.

Historically the people of your world have been unaware of the leadings of any spiritual forces. They often are unconcerned with spiritual progress. It matters little to them. This group has gathered together to find the best in each other and their own path spiritually. We can but look on the future with great expectation. We look forward to working with each of you in the future.

Now I would entertain some questions from the group if you would like.



RON: Will, this is Ron. I would like to know what we can do to prepare our children to lead a spiritual life?

WILL: Children are such that they will but follow naturally the teachings of their parents. They learn by watching. When you lead a spiritual life, they will by nature absorb what you do and follow. Be assured that your little ones are already well aware of their place in the scheme of things and they will find the Father for themselves. You will not have to work hard. The work will be natural. Be not anxious. Another question?

Mansion Worlds, Family

VINCENT: First of all I would like to thank you for being our teacher and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. Now for my question. Recently there has been a death in Richard's family and the rest of us have had deaths in our families as well. Can you explain the process for being reunited with families on the mansion worlds?


WILL: Death is merely a temporary separation. It matters little that your departed family and friends have gone before you. You will all be reunited again. The process of being reunited is one that brings together all forces. We simply gather you all together in one place and find a common meeting of minds. It is a difficult process to describe to you because the only way to put it to you is as the same process as a family reunion. There is great joy over seeing loved ones again and those who have gone further to other worlds are allowed to come back to participate in the rejoining of the family. Rest assured you will be taken care of and those you wish to be reunited with will be there for you to visit with. There is much time for that. I hope that answers your question. Next!

TOM: Thank you for coming to us. Is this a time for us to bring new members into the group or should we wait?

WILL: At the present time you have much to assimilate and it would be best to contain the group to the immediate members. There is much work to be done and the harvest is few, but there will be much time later for bringing in new members. Right now is not the time. I will let you know when the time is right. Another question?

DAVID: What is the one most important thing I can do to get my spiritual life in order?

WILL: As always, seek to do the will of the Father in Heaven. It is a daily task that should be nurtured by all and should be the number one priority for everyone. Those who seek His will find their way and He will always be there for them. It is not something that is a difficult task, it merely requires daily time. Draw away from the world in silence and in prayer. Your world is far too busy for most people to be able to find that time. It is, however important that it be done on a daily basis. Do not forego any chance you have to have the opportunity to commune with your Father. Nothing else should come first. Look within and you will find Him waiting. There is never a time when He won't be there--of that you can be assured. Next!


RICH: As you probably know I often speak shortly, critically and too scornfully of the things I see. I have made an effort lately to soften my characteristics and have found some success at it. For example, I described to my classmates recently that the next step in environmental areas is not political or economical or technological, but is spiritual. I told them that North America used to be the world park, but it seems that greed in our American society can be the ruin of this world. What is the proper way to deal with greed as we encounter it?


WILL: Your world has found itself standing on a precipice that has the potential of bringing ruin for those who have endeavored to participate in matters that can bring about the destruction of your planet. It is unfortunate that they do not see the error of their ways. You cannot turn their thinking just as they cannot change yours. Each one of you must find what works in your lives and not try to influence the others when that person is obviously unreceptive to your teaching. The best thing you can do is to love him and be aware that God is working patiently with that person. He is God's child too just as you are. Be aware that the environmental issues are well known to us and we are doing everything we can to bring about a change. Next!

KATHY: I want to express my gratitude to you for being our teacher and hope we are good students.


WILL: We are well aware of your intentions and we also feel that those chosen for the work to come will indeed be ready. You need not feel any inadequacy for your part in the task ahead. You will have what you need when the time comes. Have faith my child. You will be ready. We have spent much time tonight talking and this dialogue is good. It has given us all a chance to know each other better. There will be many other opportunities in the future to talk again, but for now I must close. Remember I love you as your Father loves you. Love one another as you go about your day. Peace be to you. Shalom.