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Infinitrons cube.jpg

Infinitrons are elemental particles of life appear to propagate from the center of Upper Paradise, emanating in all directions from the geographical location of the Deities in the immediate presence of the Third Source and Center. These units of life pervade the entire known and unknown cosmos and are dimensionally linked or attached if you prefer to every atom, electron, neutron and proton.

They add to matter the infinite properties and qualities of the infinite creative potentials of the Third Source and Center that, on this planet, have been denominated life and they constitute the true building blocks of life. The origin of these particles, these units of life, “date” to the hypothetical moment when the spark of life was first initiated by the Infinite Spirit. They are responsible for the infinite richness and the infinite diversity of life to be encountered throughout the known cosmos. In fact, without these particles, life as you call it could still exist but would be utterly unrecognizable and indistinguishable by any created intelligences, high or low.

For lessons on the topic of Infinitrons, follow this link.

These particles of life known as Infinitrons should not be confused with the Ultimatons or the so called God particle recently discovered by your scientists. In anticipation of the changes culminating in the eras of Light & Life on this planet, we are permitted to introduce new and unrevealed concepts into the consciousness of mankind to serve as blueprints for the reshaping and restructuring of future societies. [1]

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