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Reflectivation is a communication technique employed to reach a large number of persons with information supplied from high universe authorities with little or no adverse influence by the reflectivator due to their serving in an unconscious mode. This method was initially referenced by the teacher Rayson while visiting with the Pocatello TeaM where he said:

In order to reach the billions of hungry and thirsty persons on Urantia eagerly awaiting spiritual sustenance we must do with a relatively small number of participants in this Teaching Mission to minister to the many. Although personal contact is highly desirable it is not practical for many reasons to rely on this mode alone at this point in the history of Urantia. Therefor a mechanism has been conceived and used for many purposes in the cosmos whereby each willing participant in the Teaching Mission who has achieved the required level of proficiency as a transmission/receiver will be, in fact, able to unconsciously reflectivate universe circuit message to any and all who are hungry and thirsty for this information. It is said that you cannot entice a person to drink when he is not thirsty. But if he is thirsty he will drink all that you offer and more. It is your job, if you elect to be a reflectivator in the Teaching Mission, to tend the well, to care for your physical/mindal body, to sustain your personality with proper spiritual input including most importantly as you live your life on this planet as a perfectly imperfect being.

It may seem amazing to you, even perhaps preposterous that you, yourself, will act as a conduit of complex information that can reach as many as a billion people at a time. And yet this is so. In fact, this Teaching Mission has been many hundreds of years in the preparation. And although it was not until the time of the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion that mission participants actually started to coalesce in group form. You can be assured that isolated individuals did, in fact, function as transmitter/receivers and beyond that, as unconscious reflectivators. One of your philosophers has said, 'If I see very far it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants."

"True reflectivation might be compared to the ancient practice on this planet of two men on mountains separated by many, many miles of valley. At noontime one man holds in his hand a mirror by means of which he reflects the light of the sun overhead to his comrade on the far distant mountain. His comrade, in turn, also possesses a mirror by means of which he as well may not only reflect the light of the sun to the first man but also may reflect the first man's reflection to yet a third man on another mountain. Do you understand this analogy?"

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