Threshold Generation

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You are the Threshold Generation. Those of you who manage to be brave and willing to open your eyes to see and your hearts to know, will own a personal history of such deep meaning and value, such intricate and beautiful contrasts, that you will as a natural consequence, be subjected to much honor, respect and loving curiosity among the citizens of the Universe, who watch even now with intense interest your future history as it begins to unfold.

Let us give you comfort of heart, for in the big picture of reality, you are rising above the limitations of your world, rising above against unique, extreme conditions, that will give you a brand of courage forged so deep and so true that there is not compare. In your beautiful breaking hearts, seek the One Source of hope and joy that assures your success. The Father can indeed stand it all, there is no hiding anything from his all sustaining heart, because he knows that from this precious and special testing ground of his broken plans, comes the proof that life without wise parental guidance is wild and lawless, that a world without the Father's plan of love and brotherhood is a horror, and a hell. You who stand beside love, who answer Michael's call in this age, rise above a world of hate and violence and truly shine. Many choose otherwise at his time, for your world is still strong in it's ignorant pattern of distortion and there is safety and comfort in numbers. Do not blame those unable to choose your path. But do not give up your hearts' faith that the Father's hands are now moving among all people. His Will shall be done, yes, on Earth as it is in Heaven, eventually. Have patience for the wonder of his ways shall prevail.

You will not be stoned nor crucified in this generation but you will be faced with suppression, cynicism and rejection, because of your love. Be brave enough to see, grieve, and release yourselves from the ignorance of evil which is working it's way out through your world now. Make yourself ready to face the challenges that this unique time/space revelation brings, this plan of Michael's for individual uplift. You all have challenges to face, but when this life is over, you will then truly begin to see what you have done. There is no way for you to fully realize it yet, but glorious will be your rejoicing. You have already become so much more than you were. You will yet become so much more than you are. Let the Father love you. Let the Father guide you. Carry him in your trust, near and dear to your hearts as your greatest possession, for surely that is so. And look to us often as your encouraging friends. Our arms are ever around you. Our hearts are with you in both your singing and your tears, and the Father's loving ever present hands hold us all together. Peace, little sister, Michael knows you well and trusts you. - Unknown

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