1993-10-05-Impressions Spoken

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Topic: Impressions Spoken

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Betty, Douglas



The session began with general discussion, then prayer and seeking the stillness. After approximately 15 minuets of silence, the transmitter began to speak.

JarEl (Betty): I am most happy to be with you here this evening. I am your teacher, JarEl, who loves and respects you. Welcome Dixie.

Dixie: Good evening,

JarEl: Welcome Joseph.

Joseph: Good evening,

JarEl: Welcome Douglas.

Douglas: Good evening Teacher JarEl.


JarEl:A little different tonight. This one has promised to make a bold step, and wait for the words to come. Whenever we begin a new adventure there are many things unknown on the normal path in the world there would be cause for anxiety. Rest assured you are in my charge. The words are not your responsibility. They may not be right on the money as Douglas would say. However, with time and practice proficiency will come. All are to transmit. All are to make the effort. The Mission we have for you requires that all try. Step out in faith and trust the process.

The power of God protects you. The love of God enfolds you. The presence of God surrounds you. Wherever you are He is. This prayer is known throughout the universe. These are not idle words. Literally you are loved and protected. You were wise to heed my call this afternoon. Obedience is necessary for your protection. At this time impressions will be given to each of you. Step out in faith and remember all is possible. Did we not prove this to you the last time we were together. Marvelous things can happen. Expect the unexpected.

Please hold and wait for the impressions. Remember all are expected to try. That is all.

(We sat in the stillness and waited to be conscious of impressions.After a few minuets each person started to speak that which they were impressed with in their mind's eye.)

Dixie: Roses. Your faith has been like roses. Opening like petals. Your faith has been flowering; ever growing; ever becoming more beautiful each day. These are living roses that never fade will always shown as in full bloom.

Douglas: I am seeing soldiers with guns firing, and down the street I see black people running, soldiers shooting at them... searching.

Joe: I see a view of a large bird of flight. It must be a condor with long wings outstretched. I can't see the features but the silhouette of it.

Douglas: These soldiers are dragging the bodies of other soldiers retrieving. Prisoners dead. Must retreat.

Betty: When the flower blooms it is most vulnerable. It is open and attracts attention. And yet as the flower retracts seeds are formed and blown throughout the land. You know not where these seeds will go. They take hold where the soil is ripe for their implantation. You will not know until the time is right what you will be asked to do. Remember I have told you each has a mission; each has a contribution to make. Trust the process. Hold fast in your faith. Send your love to these visions of unrest. Be obedient to the voice within. The Father protects you.

Joe: Your faith is like the water that pours forth from a small brook on top of a mountain. As it flows joins with other small rivers until larger and larger until it finally reaches the vast ocean. Steadfastly it will join it's original source.

JarEl (Douglas): Dear ones, greetings once again. Happy am I that we progress. You do well in your attempts to receive and transmit our messages. Impressions can sometimes be illusionary in that the impression given may not always be correctly interpreted. As in your earth language word symbols can have multiple meanings and definitions. So it is true with impressions. Two people being impressed with the same impression may bring forth different definitions. The practice is the key. I am well aware of the sacrifices that you make to participate at the levels that you do. However, in the future more will be required. As you seek more knowledge, understanding to enhance your spiritual growth, more responsibility is expected. From him who receives much; much is required.

Teaching Mission

The Mission is in phases, cycles, circles of growth, but all is on course. In a Mission of this size and importance often times delays are inevitable. This does not mean that parts of the whole of the Mission has been abandoned. It only means that events have caused a temporary delay in expected events. Rest your hearts and minds of concern as all are working for the culmination of events bringing about this sphere of Michael's nativity into the realms of Light and Life.

As you are developing, Teachers are individually assigned. You will bring Light and Life unto your own experience. This you must share. The Mission demands that you ever reach out to others in love and sincere desires to help with the upliftment. Here is the cause: those who were lost in the dogmas and traditions of this world are being found by the light in the Urantia Book and this Mission. Their shepherd awaits their return to the fold. He has reached out in love and gratitude and respect with all celestial hosts. They are all eager to assist you as you develop your desires to be of help and to move forward spiritually. Much help is available to you. Just ask. It cannot be thrust upon you. Seek and indeed you shall find. Knock and indeed will the door be open unto you.


We are pleased and commend your developments to this point. Continue in your practices. Try to be more; to understand and comprehend more. This study of the text and the transcripts with these lessons will be invaluable to each of you shortly. Keep this in mind. Take this message to heart. We all look forward to your practices daily. The Teachers await their students. Be of good cheer all is well and progressing as planned. I thank you for this time to share with you. My peace I leave with you. Farewell.

Group: Farewell, JarEL!!