2001-12-20-Thought Adjusters


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Topic: Thought Adjusters

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Ascension Career

Stella: I am puzzled, when we reach the spiritual level where we are fused with the fragment of God we are then perfect beings, what then do we do once we reach the perfection of Paradise?

JarEl: The Father has kept a few surprises. There is a lot to do once you reach Paradise. The Corps of Finality are ushered back into the universes of time and space as representatives and ambassadors who serve the local universes as counselors, negotiators and guides. It will be for you an incredible experience when you first will meet Finaliters, someone like yourself who has traversed time and has been rewarded with eternity, allowed to return to tell you about it.

It is one of the more spiritually invigorating encounters. What the Father has planned after Light and Life and the evolution of the Supreme, is at this point mere speculation. What God has set into motion is an incredibly grand scheme. This scheme is continually gathering momentum as it multiplies in potential and dimension, as it goes forth.

This is what initiates and engenders the seed for the subsequent universe age. Just like the Isle of Paradise was the seed pattern for the worlds of Havona, which are the seed patterns of the worlds of time and space. The Father is the original seed. Original, First Source and the Qualified Absolute.

Unfortunately, though we and God may be one, we are not the First Source and Center, but merely a reflection of this. One complete aspect of the First Source and Center. God in Paradise is reflected in the whole of the indwelling natives of Paradise, God the Supreme is reflected within all of the beings and personalities in the time and space universe. The Supreme becomes complete through each and every one of you.

Identity, Thought Adjusters

Jerry: JarEl, you have been truly eloquent in sharing insight with us this evening, part of what you said has me a bit perplexed. When you said that we have forgotten who we were or who we are, That would indicate that we have, well frankly I would like you to explain and elaborate on this if you would, because we have the impression that we initiate ascension career and mortality here and that statement would infer that we have existed here to fore.

JarEl: This statement infers that part of you has had existence before. You are a conglomerate my friend: you and the Father are one in eternity. Meaning, on the level of concept, of Thought-idea, of the seed-kernel within the Adjuster is your identity. It is a transmutation as well as a transformation. You are transmuting from an animal into a spirit. You are transforming the animal mind into the Thought and channel of spirit. Yes, you are an original being, given expression in this original life on this original world. You have been sent an identity that is a composite of, for the most part, many trials. Very very few beings on this world have been sent virgin-Adjusters. The majority and greatest proportion of Adjusters sent to this world are quite experienced. They have indwelt mortal minds before, gathering experience, already becoming who you are.

This is what I refer to when I say, awakening to the memory of who you are. Does it help?


Jerry: Absolutely, (laughter) but it leads to more questions. (Donna wants to ask a question after Jerry) I understand that. IT would seem that most of the inhabitants of this planet are indwelt with experienced Thought Adjusters, that would seem to indicate that there have been numerous beings in the scheme of things who have not succeeded or chosen not to continue on. I guess, that we have the impression that this is the exception rather than the rule. Would you comment on that please?

JarEl: We have to take out the big map to look at this one, Jerry. In the very large picture, there are(for whatever reasons) many beings that have chosen time and space (the moment) and have not chosen eternity. They have not chosen the rigors, the joy and happiness of spiritual life. True, in this day and in this age on your world, many and most are given a chance to make that choice if they have not made the choice in this life.

Keep in mind that it is probably very rare, I would say probably extremely rare, but I have neither privilege or authority with this information, but I would, from my limited experiences be inclined to say that no Thought Adjusters from mortals who did not make on Urantia have been sent back to your world. Most of the Adjusters that are indwelling humans at this time and like yourselves may have upward to a dozen or two experiences of having indwelt a mortal mind of some form and fashion.

We are talking experienced Adjusters here, gifts, the best, the elite-corps, and these Adjusters carry not only your personality charts, but your personality charts as they have been developed through subsequent ages of people rejecting these personalities. Nothing is lost, everything is recycled in the universe, and yes you are original, you are an original assemblage of used parts, my friend. (Much laughter). You have been given original will, but look at the facts: your body, with its original face and voice is still recycled genetic material. Nothing more, nothing less. You are conditioned by it and you, yourself are conditioning it as you live in it. Thoughts are just as recycled as genetic material. What makes one Thought different than another, the expression you give to this Thought. You could all be thinking the same thing, but you are giving different expressions. There are only so many Thoughts, just like on a given world, there is just so much genetic material, genetic stock. We are talking variables here. Variables multiply, and the detailed analysis of all these variables, God is still able to produce original, complete individual beings.

Memory, Thought Adjusters

When I say that you are only beginning to awaken to forgotten memories, is because the Thought Adjuster will begin to implant, to forward this material to your subconscious, your dreams, your insights, your impressions, how ever this may happen for you. You will begin to remember greatness and as you get closer to fusion, it increases. You will begin to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, not only who you are, but what you are doing. There is no doubt in your mind of the original relationship between you and God. Does this help?]

Jerry: Yes, I gathered that what you are explaining to us helps to explain why certain individuals are born with such seemingly advanced capabilities in one facet or another of life. That would seem to be answered. You have given much food for Thought, very revealing.

Donna: JarEl, along these lines, talking about the experienced Adjusters which most of us have, would that be a possible reason why the reincarnation ideas and beliefs are so prevalent on our planet, that people have begun to remember or access some of these portions of past life experiences that their experienced Thought Adjuster might have had?

JarEl: This is quite possible.

Donna: Also when these experienced Adjusters are sent to this planet to indwell us mortals, do these experienced Adjusters sort of like to hang around together for lack of better terminology. In other words, if they have come from previous planets with previous experiences, do they sort of maybe want to indwell mortals here where they can be n proximity with themselves, or do they help each other. It is my understanding that at times our Adjusters leave our minds on occasion and have a break while we are sleeping or something, so do they then sometimes get together to help each other?

JarEl: Those are another classification of Adjusters. Those are self-acting Adjusters. Self-acting Adjusters are usually reserved for (don't try to qualify what I am about to say) the superior racial stocks, the superior minds. The experienced Adjusters are not particularly interested in another Adjusters relationship with their mortal of indwelling. One of the interesting and peculiarities of the relationship of the Adjuster to the mortal is its intimacy. The Adjuster is intimately connected to your mind and consciousness of mind. The Adjuster is operating at 100%. The Adjuster doesn't miss any nuance, any silence, any action, any Thought or feeling to interject into the mind, the possibility of connecting that mind to its consciousness.

This is what the Adjuster is doing, patiently developing and guiding a frail personality into existence. I cannot say that they are not interested in what else is going on the planet, but only secondary to their initial purpose. There is a circuit amongst Adjusters, and this leads us into another precarious precipice.

There are (how may the t/r say this correctly) specific circuit relationships that take place between Adjusters and also between the mortal inhabitants as the mortal evolves psychically with the Adjuster. This should be enough to turn a few wheels.(much laughter).

I am out of my league in getting into the activities of the Adjusters. First of all, we can only determine these activities by observing the activities of the mortals. This is it. If you look at the more subtle nuances, you may begin to understand why people are drawn together, the kindred nature of spiritual mind. Part of this has to do with spirit, and only part.

It is alright to acknowledge that at any level in time and space, you may never completely and fully comprehend a thing. It is only in eternity that a thing can be completely comprehended.

Though you are given enough comprehension at this level to propel you to comprehend more.

Continued in Part 2 . . . .