2014-09-07-Monjoronson Dialogues

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Topic: Expressing the Unknown Depth

Group: Long View Project


Teacher: Monjoronson




The Unknown

LVP: Getting started this morning is a bit difficult. I feel fear, internal resistance, a desire to connect but with a sense of inadequacy.

MJ: You are on untrodden ground. Imagine yourself in a wilderness, off trail and miles from another human. You are alone and without recourse, with only your instincts and experience with the land to follow. So in these Dialogues, you are pioneering, feeling all the uncertainty of the experiment. Rather than this feeling becoming an inhibitor, let it be a signal of open territory and an indicator of something true and unique.

LVP: That certainly puts it in another perspective! In a book entitled The Whale and the Supercomputer the top Arctic scientists admit that the phenomenon of climate change is too complex for computer modeling and beyond the limits of the human intellect. We can observe aspects of the change but as far as understanding the system as a whole there are just too many intricacies, too many inputs and variables for our rational understanding.

MJ: This is analogous in your thinking to the Correcting Time and what is transpiring in terms of planetary evolution?

LVP: Yes. I see forces at work in positive and negative direction, and a great deal which is simply stuck in convention and mediocrity, but overall I don’t I have a comprehensive grasp on the larger outworking.

MJ: The reality that there is such a larger outworking is your first concern. The specifics of it are being slowly revealed within your experience of time and space, but it is your faith that leads you. You must open to the larger reality before you can understand; allow the unconscious to connect and embrace, and the conscious will follow.


There is far more unknown to you then known, so humility must be a primary trait for understanding. You’ve experienced many within the small group of those who consciously desire evolution becoming stuck in their concepts, their fundamentalisms, attempting to define their union to whatever degree with the Infinite before or instead of allowing their experience to inform them.


In the geo-political arena, you can observe the old mechanisms for power and domination being exercised repeatedly. The same tired and ignorant attempts to control that have marked human civilization over the centuries, perhaps dressed in 21st century garb, but no different in orientation from the earliest civilization until now. The difference is being revealed however, in how these methods are NOT working presently. They never did work for the planet as a whole, neither humanity nor the earth system, but now they are not even working on the stubborn and intractable level of foreign policy and international relations.

There is a push to war, just like there has been many, many times in the past, but this push is not succeeding, at least not on the scale intended. The internet is one factor in frustrating the machinations of the various governments and their corporate sponsors, but standing back it can be seen that there are other Influences at work that are miring the attempts to unleash another horrid conflagration. The trigger points are in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, but the instigators are in the seats of power in the United States, Europe (especially Britain) and China, with Russia forming an impeding force to the west and a bridge with the emerging national economies and powers. None of these forces embody the fullness of evolutionary wisdom needed for planetary progression, but behind the shadow dance of their various oppositions you can see Higher Intelligence at work.

LVP: There doesn’t seem to be much evidence of Higher Intelligence in their actions, although Russia appears to be a lynch pin in frustrating the ambitions of the resource powers of the west. Will it be that we only see Higher Intelligence at work in the negative, in limiting the destructiveness of the present power structure, or will we see the truly positive at work on a larger scale?

Climate Change

MJ: Limiting the options of war as a primary tool is forcing the various players to examine other strategies and begin a very slow opening to other options. However, at the same time there are factors that are forcing awareness in other directions. The steady increase in the impact of climate change is a critical issue that can only be ignored for so long. As it exponentially advances the attention of governments, corporations and society as a whole must begin to turn and address these planetary “solutions” (see Adama Dialogue, 8-31-2014) else the human endeavor be completely overwhelmed.

Geology and biology will answer what humanity refuses. This is the simple truth, and as you indicate, it is only the initial turning from depredation and ignorance to the first stages of spiritual understanding and maturity. However, just as climate change and geophysical progressions are beginning to advance exponentially, so too you will see the human response. Presently there is a stuck condition with little evident opportunity for the forces of light and truth to advance, but do not mistake the degree of possibility for none at all. There are opportunities on every hand, from the simplest interactions that could allow kindness and connection to the larger movements for integration that are pulsing through the unconscious and to some degree the conscious experience of humanity and through the planetary system as a whole.


LVP: How can we compliment this pulsation?

MJ: You know the answer to that but I realize your question provides the opportunity for me to elucidate. You compliment the pulsation by giving it expression in whatever presents itself to you on a daily basis. For example, more could be accomplished at the pretentious and largely ineffective meetings of world leaders if they would simply connect with each other in the courtesy and generosity of spiritually devoted individuals rather than their stultifying talking points and rigid ideologies.

You find hope as you express the urge to connect and make whole. You know the truth as you give it a voice, a gesture, an act of kindness in what often appears to be a very harsh world of separation and alienation. Let those simple expressions be given for their own sake while maintaining your awareness on the larger field, looking for the opportunities in a broader sense that are surely coming.

Request the help of the Invisible when sore in doubt or need and you will find yourself supported. The forces of the Cosmos are inexorably turning to this planet and urging its evolution and transformation. You may feel lonely, with little hope to succeed, but this is the human matrix speaking, telling you that things will always remain as they have been, that there is no hope of advancement, of achieving what is truly purposeful in the higher Spiritual sense. In those moments of discouragement you can accept the control of the web of deceit or you can break the web through the magic of your individual spiritual discernment.


The hope for today and tomorrow is within you, and most certainly without you in the Cosmic sense. Higher Intelligence will have its way, however slowly it may appear within the limitations of mortality. Let your faith guide you and allow your spirit to expand into the larger realm of awareness, understanding and expression that is immediately at hand, always.

We will continue.

LVP: Thank you.