2014-08-31-Adama Dialogues

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Topic: Perspectives on Progress in the Correcting Time

Group: Long View Project


Teacher: Adama




LVP: It’s been quite a while since we’ve last visited.

Adama: Brothers and allies, we are always connected. Our connection spans time and place, always in the singular moment and mission of Christ Michael.

LVP: It seems that mission is what we are to discuss.


Adama: That is my pleasure. What we call mission or Divine Plan is really more of an envelope, an embrace of CM’s Spirit over and through all of Creation. When you worry or become concerned about outworking you are considering a fragment of time or space in isolation, wondering how this or that will work out relative to the circumstances and exigencies of specific temporal and spatial limits.

The larger “plan” if you will is more clearly described and understood as a whole fabric, a completeness that is certainly unfinished, yet bears all the aspects of wholeness and perfection, as well as the many difficulties, tragedies, shortfalls and evolutionary regressions and progressions that are part of the free will enterprise within the larger context of Divine Intelligence.

LVP: So in terms of how I might view things from my perspective, I see right and wrong, success and failure, but those are within the limited constraints of mortality?

Adama: All of what you see, what can be described as right and wrong, success and failure, are accurate descriptives of the attempts of human intelligence to evolve and progress. All of the civilizations that have come and gone are aspects of such attempts, the myriad stories of individual beings and their progress toward spiritual understanding and maturity within the emerging consciousness of God.

The problem or error in judgment is when the smaller pitfalls are projected onto the larger screen and assumed to be characteristic of the larger planetary outworking. We’ve each experienced failures, some more poignant and scarring than others, some so dramatic as to change the course of human history and frustrate the course of humanity for centuries.


What more poignant example of that could there be than the attempted murder of Christ Michael Himself in His mortal incarnation of Jesus? Could any more abhorrent ignorance be displayed than that travesty, the utter debasement of the connection between man and Creator? And worse still, to have that failure be sanctified through religious doctrine that celebrates the supposed sacrifice, ascribes it to the Father’s Will and re-enacts it through ritualistic ceremony. This is beyond belief, but despite the distortion, the memory and the impact of this Incarnation has been preserved.

Correcting Time, Climate Change

LVP: How does this relate to the current mission status?

Adama: I point to the example of Christ Michael’s mission to demonstrate how even the most aberrant direction is held within the broader and deeper envelope of Universal Spirit.

In the present cycle, humanity is disturbing, even destroying, a thin layer of the Earth as a whole. The surface of the sea down to a certain depth, the air up to a certain height, the land surface, the flora and fauna as you presently know them. This is all the result of industrial blight and the un-evolved progression of a technologically advanced but spiritually regressive civilization.

The Earth Herself will rectify a great deal of the misappropriation of Her resources. This is the meaning of the Earth changes that are in progress in the climate change equation and the geophysical changes of the Earth’s deeper strata that will realign the Earth surface. Science has identified climate change, but must understand it as a “problem.” In fact, climate change, of which human intelligence yet understands very little, is in truth a solution, and one that is far more encompassing and wholistic than the depredations of resource abuse that require it.

This same effect could be illustrated in many of the “problems” humanity faces that are coming to resolve in the Correcting Time. Disease is a solution, the acidification of the oceans are a solution, the psychological upheavals erupting in the minds and hearts of human beings are solutions to the bondage and depravity which has existed for thousands of years. All of these “eruptions” are signs and signals of the Correcting Time, in part and in whole, and all such “solutions” are advancing exponentially. The mission of the Angelic Corps, those who are incarnate who know and understand what is occurring and why to whatever degree, is to mediate the affects of what is underway and to hold it in a mortal embrace while the larger outworking is effected.


One minute change in a chemical reaction can cause completely different results in the outcome. The present outworking on Earth is being affected by over six billion humans with all their individual and collective impacts on the equation! There is a desire for “timetable” and temporal confirmations of Christ Michael’s Will. Well, you are experiencing the timetable and witnessing the confirmations, if you open yourselves to the broader context and let go into the arms of God, to use that beautiful phrase. Allow yourself to understand that everything is held within the greater embrace of Spirit, guiding this evolutionary cycle according to much more exact and encompassing laws than those contrived by human beings.


LVP: I’ve really been touched by the difference between the Melchizedek priesthood and the Adamic priesthood, to use those terms, in the recent work Beyond.

Adama: It’s acceptable to use those differentiations because they have certain historical meaning and clarify a great deal of misunderstanding that have plagued the systems of human belief throughout the annals of recorded history. However, I will also add the conflict is being resolved, or perhaps more accurately, integrated, during this Correcting Time. You yourself have experienced this integration by participating in the efforts of those more bound by the methodologies of the Melchizedeks, then having declared your own independence from such methods, yet maintaining the balance of love and forgiveness required in order for the larger evolution to occur. Your poetry is filled with these themes and is helping your own Soul to evolve, all those connected to you, and in fact many more who are affected in resonance as the truth is shared, absorbed and energized through appreciation.

Legislating spiritual evolution is the way of the Melchizedek priesthood, the hallmark of their influence found in the Hebraic Old Testament. The way of our brother and Creator Son Michael is found in free will, in love, forgiveness, empathy and understanding. The strength of the spiritual warrior is to hold fast to the truth of love when the sword of violence seems to be the only recourse, to let the power of Spirit be found in steadfastness and suppleness in the ever changing dynamic of Spiritual evolution and the ever [fluid dynamic of the Correcting Time.

In this truth we are forever one, and in the garment of Christ Michael’s reality, this cape of invincible love and truth, we are forever protected and enriched.


LVP: Thank you Adama. I say goodbye for now but we stay connected .

Adama: Connected always in the Spirit of Truth.