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under the Indianapolis TM, all 2002 lessons there are me transmitting various teachers while I was living in Marin County. These need to be moved to this grouping. Donna D'Ingillo email January 1, 2011

I should inquire further and possibly coordinate with others to insure errors of attribution are not perpetuated.--rdavis 21:36, 4 January 2011 (UTC)

Hello Donna-

I have made the following adjustments as a result of identifying yourself as the source of various lessons, but have some questions that I am hoping you might further clarify.


1. Change of attribution to the record 2002-11-25-Let Me Help You See Your Potentials.

2. Marin TeaM chronology - a discussion page has been started aiming to better represent the Marin TeaM on its title page.


1. The Indianapolis TeaM now has a discussion page referencing your comment re: "all 2002 lessons". I have a question pertaining to your recommendation e.g. - these need to be moved to "this grouping". Given your chronology of Marin TeaM and Center for Christ Consciousness, can you more clearly define what this grouping entails. It would appear that perhaps you are suggesting that the following is what you mean, but please verify.

Started CCC in September 2002

Thank you for your help!


--rdavis 22:10, 4 January 2011 (UTC)

Dear Donna,

I have placed the Message for the Heart series of lessons you sent and went ahead and changed the following filesĀ¹ based upon your chronology of events. Tomorrow, I will update the Marin TeaM page as well, but if you notice any further issues, let me know. Bear in mind I haven't double checked everything yet so I expect there may be some glitches, but I will make sure everything is properly represented. In the interim, do let me know if and when you find any issues.


Rob--rdavis 02:12, 9 January 2011 (UTC)

  • Move to Marin TeaM * 2002-02-28-Magnets of Love
  • Move to Marin TeaM * 2002-04-04-Self Forgetfulness
  • Move to Marin TeaM * 2002-05-16-More On Trust
  • Move to Marin TeaM * 2002-05-23-Hope
  • Move to Marin TeaM * 2002-06-02-Re-Coursing Your Life, Part 1-4
  • Move to Marin TeaM * 2002-07-11-Rehearsing Your Life
  • Move to Marin TeaM * 2002-07-25-Inspired Living, Parts 1,2,3
  • Move to Marin TeaM * 2002-08-16-Walking In Faith
  • Started CCC in September 2002
  • Move to Center for Christ Consciousness * 2002-10-17-Hopefulness
  • Move to Center for Christ Consciousness * 2002-11-07-Mindfulness, Part 1
  • Move to Center for Christ Consciousness * 2002-11-14-Mindfulness, Part 2
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