2002-05-16-More On Trust

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Topic: More on Trust

Group: Marin TeaM


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Welmek: Good evening. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. Tonight, I wish to continue our in-depth discussion on the topic of trust, as we go deeper into this dynamic of living in faith.

We went on a faith-journey the last two weeks. A journey of living, experiencing, sensing what it means to trust, and I hope that in this experience you gained a greater sense within your being of what that felt like when you were in the state of trust. And now I ask you to expand your awareness even further. To move into the place and space within you where the dynamic tension between knowing that which is familiar and sensing that which is new, and anticipating the newness, to co-exist, to co-mingle.



Within the human mind are those potentials of expression that are incorporated into your divinely bestowed personality. These exist within you as the actual way in which you will bring the unique expression that you are of the Father into actuality. You will live and express those potentials within you. And so this always means that you will be growing, that you will be changing, that you will be learning new ideas, exposed to new concepts, new opportunities, new people, new places. Life will always be in a state of flux.

But you also have within you, an inheritance from your animal ancestors whose nature does not change, whose behavior is the same, and stays static. So it is as if you have these opposing forces within your being. And there is a constant interplay and juxtaposition between the static and the dynamic.

Tonight I wish to take you on the adventure of sensing the static, yet yearning for the dynamic. Is this something you would like to experience. Do you all understand of what I am speaking? (NO) Please share your questions with me.


Student: Welmek, I missed this, this is J. I missed your last adventure, but not just from the text, because the text resonates with something I deeply feel - that I am the static. I am the personality. I am that which does not change or that actually, the whole personality, of which I am just a small part. Whereas my animal nature is constantly changing, growing older. It'll die. It's constantly changing. That's the only thing I didn't follow you in.

Welmek: From the vantage-point of this lessons' presentation, I would say that it is the opposite. It is the Father's personality which is changeless. However, at your level of existence, which is human, you are not perfect in personality expression, you are not complete and replete as the Father is. You tap into the well of that which is unchanging, eternal, and infinite. But you have not yet perfected yourself, and so you are in a state of change. And there are these constituent animalistic-like behaviors within you that pull and keep you in a state of - you have described this to me before as - laziness. Do you understand of which I am speaking?

Student: Yes, animal inertia. A reluctance, fear, laziness. Yes!

Welmek: This is what I am speaking of, and this is the tension-experience that I wish for you to more fully know and understand within your being. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, please continue. I have a good feeling now of what you mean by those terms.

Welmek: You will gain a greater understanding by moving through the exercise with me this evening. Are there any other questions before we begin? Very well!

I want you, in your mind's-eye, to sense yourself in what you would consider to be one of your more unlovely habits. I do not say this so that you will feel guilty or ashamed of it. But I do want you to experience that which you feel is one of the character traits that you express that you would like to unburden yourself of. So call this into your mind's-eye and experience what that is for a few moments and we will move through that. (Long pause.)

Now, without sharing with me what that unlovely tendency is, I ask you to share one or two descriptive words of what you feel, right at this moment, evocative of that awareness within you?

Reponses: Discovery of the meaning of that bad habit; Impatience, lack of patience - anger; Separateness and detachment; Fear of not knowing my destiny; Ignorance - a willful, not wanting to know something.

Welmek: Relief is on the way! Now in this same place and space, call upon your spirit. Call upon your spirit to illuminate your mind with the antidote for that feeling. Call upon your spirit to put you in the perspective of the Father, who sees all and knows all, and can help you sort through the confusion or fear, doubt or anxiety, and help you see this situation in a new and expanded way. Take a few moment and say, "Father, I am feeling this, and it does not feel comfortable. I ask now to see this from your eyes, and I ask You to antidote this with what You know I need to overcome this tendency within me." Take a few moments, and experience this, now. (Long pause.)

Now, how do you feel? Take a moment and share with me a few descriptive words.

Responses: Hopeful; Perseverance; Lightness; More understanding, and patience, and enlightenment.

Welmek: Do you see how simple it is? The simplicity is the even-exchange of that which you wish to shed to that which you wish to become. Your challenge is to remember to ask for this exchange to occur - over and over, repeatedly, consistently, consecratedly, and with a sense of joyful lightheartedness that you are being made into the very image of God. Would this not be the most enjoyable thing that you could experience throughout your day? And so, it is simple, is it not? It is merely the remembrance of this. And so it is. And this is why I have selected this exercise tonight; to help you sense that those tensions that you feel within your being are not there to frustrate you or to confuse you or to anger you or to isolate you. But they are there to encourage you to remember your source of relief, of help, of guidance, of encouragement, and of love.

Use this experience to anchor-in the conscious awareness that when these feelings arise in you, of confusion and fear, to go to your Source, to stop those thoughts dead-center, and say, "Father, I am here. Fill me with what I need now to transform these feelings into that which You would wish me to experience; that which makes me more like You."

I will pause now and entertain your questions regarding your tendencies of why this has become, or why this has been something that you have not yet fully, I would say here the word is, entertained throughout your day, more consistently.


Student: Yes, Welmek this is D. And when you first asked us about our unlovable habits, believe it or not, I had a hard time even thinking of any, although I'm sure there are some. Because I've been so aware of my thoughts and seeing the light in people, and making a concerted effort to really monitor that. But as I went deeper, I guess the question I wish to ask is the idea of human sexuality and sexual desire? And how does that fit into the scheme of things, in terms of living in the image of God? Because, you know in this society there are so many misunderstandings and mis-perceptions of sexuality and human expression of sex, and love. So I desire to hear it from you?

Welmek: The creative force within you is a gift; beautiful, mysterious - in the sense that it is an unfolding of the eternal personality expression of the Father, that you have been privileged to share in creating new life. Would you not consider this to be a sacred act to share with another human being? And so, what has humanity done with this gift? How has it been used? Do you think it has been used for this high purpose, and of physically allowing humans to share love, compassion, understanding, one with the other? Or has it been debased? Or are there extremes within your culture that seem to be counterpoised, one against the other?

You have been given a wide range of choices to make in living your life. How will you use this gift that has been given to you? Will you use it for its elevated purpose? Or will you let yourself be swayed by current cultural perceptions that denigrate the beauty of this sacred act. These are your choices, my friends. But the more you say to the Father, "Father make me more like You," the more you move away from that which your society tells you and influences you, into the way of the spirit; the way of righteousness, the way of freedom of expression and true self-liberty.

The idea of sexual freedom is greatly misunderstood. There is no freedom when men and women use this gift erroneously; especially when it is used to falsely imprison women in sexual subservience to men. This is an equal co-creative act and your society must find ways - healthy ways, spirit-influenced ways - to moderate human behavior. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Welmek: Do you have any other questions on the experience tonight as we moved through the dynamic tension?

Student: Welmek, I'd like just to share a similar experience a couple of weeks ago, of after a long time asking the Father for more perfection-hunger, so I'd kind of break out of the status-quo. It's like I had a magnifying glass suddenly clamped to my eye and it just seemed to sprout imperfections like a bushy-tree. But I had forgotten what I'd asked the Father, so for quite awhile I was just feeling very guilty being so imperfect. But then I had a wonderful discovery that this can actually be leading! It's just an indicator! It's just a compass! It can be leading as well as driving if you pay attention. And so it's a wonderful liberation of learning how, not to turn something off, but trusting, as you just reminded us tonight, that this is a good thing. It's not there just to bedevil us or make us feel guilty, but it's simply a compass, and the trick then is to, not ignore it. And I'm working on that. Thank you.


Welmek: It is, my friend, a signal, and it is in no way meant to make you feel guilty or ashamed of your evolutionary human nature. For is your nature not a gift of God? And is it not beautiful and good and real? And do you not have, as you say, the compass within you, to lead you to the source of all truth, beauty, and goodness, itself? And so, how could you denigrate yourself for your basic human makeup? This is who you were created to be.

Student: Welmek, maybe it's a funny perception in being human, but I seem to be constantly emerging from a condition of self-deception. And in one way it's good because I can say, wow, I'm learning something about how I was behaving yesterday. And I want to be able to see that, in order to grow. Like D. was just saying, just see on the next level whether there is something to be shed. Or maybe that's just a constant thing of being human, and it might be a good thing, just to see ways in which you have been deceiving yourself - to answer your question very directly.

Welmek: My friend, I would say that the word deceiving yourself is quite harsh and judgmental. It is true that the evolutionary nature has the potential to be error-prone and even sinful and iniquitous, as your text delineates the levels of evil. But this is not your nature as an awakened son of the Father. You are choosing the path of God. You are choosing the path of Truth. And so, let yourself be moved gently into the understanding that all of the so-called animal traits within you are coming to the surface to be refined by the Father's love. He is sculpting you into a statue and a work of art so beautiful that you will be so enthralled with that which you are becoming. So see the potential that you are moving toward, and as these awarenesses come up in your mind, ask the Father to continue to refine you, to make you more than you are now, to make you beautiful, real, and alive - full of life and joy.

These are all gifts, freely given to you. There is no need to be ashamed of what you once were. This is, I would say, a false impression that was part and parcel of the Lucifer Rebellion, and now these awarenesses are coming up within so that they can be purified by the Father, in His light, and in His love.

In the awareness of two choices of that which is potentially sinful - of darkness and isolation - and that which is actually light and warm and loving and compelling, which would you choose? And if you continue to choose the way of the Father, of truth and light and love, then you have nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of or to be remorseful. Will you make mistakes? Will you have errors in judgment? Of course you will. But these will be mistakes that will lead you to deeper insights and new awarenesses. And as long as you continue to say to the Father, "Guide me. Move me. Fashion me according to Your likeness," your path is assured, and you have nothing, whatsoever, to feel but pride and encouragement and joy along the way. Does this help?

Student: Yes, yes! For me it's a wonderful delight where in the text they talk about reversion directors. I think Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven as you have to be childlike, in your mind, and open and full of wonder. And so for me it's just finding ways of reverting, sometimes, to a former state; only in more healthy ways.

Welmek: And you will come to enjoy these times greatly, even more so, than that what you have already experienced. (Thank you.) You are most welcome, my friend. Are there any other comments?

Student: Welmek, I would always get interested in anything you care to share with us; of what it's like being you? (Long pause.)

Welmek: I, like you had to learn trust, understanding, and patience. I did not experience life on a world such as this. So my lessons were not the harsh and disquieting ones that you sometime must encounter, but I do share that hunger-tension for perfection, that is part of the evolutionary experience. And I live my life with a fullness and an anticipation that is a combination of enjoying the moment and sensing the wonders that will appear to me in the future. It is what you might consider to be, a delicious experience. For even though, I do not know what will happen, I find that there are always increasing levels of (Tape ends). But I do, and see, and feel. And so I savor life. I enjoy each moment, and that is what it feels like, as you say, to be me. Does this answer satisfy you? (Oh yes! Thank you very much.)


Student: Might I ask if you, Welmek if you have five senses, as we do?

Welmek: I have more than five hundred senses and I cannot describe them to you, for they are beyond the realm of your comprehension. But if you continue on this path, my friend, your senses will be amplified and augmented, as mine have. But yes, I do share the five basic senses that you also enjoy at this time.

Student: God bless you, Welmek! Thank you for visiting with us.

Welmek: I do enjoy these sessions with you, but I do not wish to conclude the engagement at this time, for I sense there are still some areas of discovery that are on the verge of being revealed. And so I ask you to go within, and ask the question, deep within your hearts. This is a safe place - a place where you will be understood and supported.

And this lesson tonight is very important, for it speaks at the very core of your human existence, and I wish to help you as much as possible to, more fully appreciate why you must live with tension within you at this time. So I ask if you are willing to use me more fully while I am here, to help you, to encourage you; and to shed new light on those things, ideas, concepts, and feelings within you to move you forward.

Guidance, Path

Student: I am very tense. I would like for you to help me understand how to go about on a daily basis to listen to the right voice, when I have to make decisions. I feel like I'm just wandering. I know I should trust that everything will work out in the long run, but I have this fear that I may not be taking the correct path. There are many choices, and not any particular one seems to be a wrong choice. And I'm just feeling so lost, and preoccupied on a daily basis of this indecision. And I pray every day to ask for guidance and to do God's will, and maybe I'm asking too much for in terms of a sign, or something to hit me over the head with an answer, but I just don't understand what to do. Thank you.

Welmek: My friend, I ask you now to envision in your minds-eye yourself facing three paths in front of you. And they all look equally compelling and enticing. Do you see this now? (Yes.) And so your question is, "Which one do I take? Which one is doing the Father's will?" And I say to you, that doing the Father's will is not so much in choosing which path you take, but knowing that whichever path you take, you will be guided, and you will be led to new experiences that will add to your unfolding of who you are as a child of God.

In this depiction of yourself in front of the path, I ask you now to take a moment and look at these paths from the vantage-point of being in the sky, looking down on the three roads presented before you. And now as you look down, you may see that the path on the left has a road that connects with the path on the center. And the path on the right also has a road connecting with the path on the center. And that other path extends over to the path on the left. And they all weave and intersect one with the other. And they integrate you and they interweave and intersect one with the other. Can you see this now in your mind's-eye? (Yes.) And so if you look down one path, what is to say that the way may become clear to move now into the path in the center, or the path on the right and then go back to the path on the left. Do you see how this works now? (Yes.)

And so all paths will eventually lead to the place where you wish to be. And so I say to you, my friend, choose - make a decision - and know that where you are being led will be for your highest good regardless of the path. You will have varying experiences on each path no matter which path you take. But they will all be contributing to that which is now in you - that desires to do the Father's will. Do you understand? (Yes.) Does this help or do you need further clarification?

Student: I'm feeling I should - what sticks out the most is the path down the middle. I'm going to trust that what you said about how they interweave, and what works together. That I will pursue for now and not worry about which path to choose, necessarily. What feels comfortable right now is the path in the middle. Is that a good thing? Thank you.

Welmek: The good thing is not in choosing the path; the good thing is in forging ahead in faith, trusting that where you are being led will give you a sense of support, and comfort, and peace, and contribute to your overall growth and well-being. And if this is your sensing, then I say walk boldly, my friend. Walk with courage, walk with the Father behind you supporting you. Walk with the Father leading you on. Walk with Him and see where it takes you. And enjoy and know that all things work to the good to those who have faith. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.)

You will not see where you are being led at this time. It is important to learn how to trust; this is the lesson. Where you are being led will reveal itself in time. And it is as if, in not knowing where you are being led, will give you a heightened sense of enjoyment and discovery when you see where and what you have encountered along the way. Do not let the goal at the end keep you from enjoying the means by which you arrived there. Do you understand? (Yes.)

As you walk through this path always ask the Father to fuel you with courage. You have an infinite well of strength and courage always available to you. So even though you think you are not on the right path or you may have made a mistake, in asking for courage and strength, you will be given that which you need to move ahead without faltering, and trusting that the outcome will satisfy and illuminate you in a new way.

Expression, Listening

Student: One more question. I've been experiencing this frustration on not being understood. And I was wondering how Jesus was able to handle - if He ever got frustrated - not being understood in what he was teaching? And, because two weeks in a row, I've been experiencing this sonship group, and I've expressed something and I feel like I'm not being heard, or they're not understanding what I am saying. And there's still a little inkling of - they don't believe that they can be in the image of God - that we are one. That we are God. And so, it's not so much trying to make them understand, but what is it within me that is frustrated, that is frustrating. How can I handle that frustration? Because I don't want to shut myself down. I want to expand. I want to transform, and impart what I know to people, or understand to people.

Welmek: I would say in what you described to me that that desire to share could be actually part of the frustration itself? I would encourage you to spend more time allowing others to share their experiences with you, and you sharing that which you feel you wish to share with them. Be the silent listener and let them bring their experiences to you. And in your open heart, as we discussed last week let your love for them merge and meld into their being in a very subtle and unobstructed way.

Student: Yeah, I felt that. Because in meditation last Monday I got an intuitive message to expand my capacity to love. And it doesn't involve words or anything. So I understand, but it's still hard, because I just feel this sense of frustration within me because I've had to keep things within me so much.

Welmek: I would say that if you transfer the inclination to speak to the outpouring of your heart's love into another person, then that will begin to ameliorate some of the desire to gush forth with words to gushing forth with feelings of love for another person. Then the tension will begin to recede and dissipate within you. Does this help?

Student: Yes, and I sense my frustration is probably a subtle judging of them; that I'm right and they're wrong, kind of thing. Obviously, that's not true, but I sense that there is a subtle judgment right there on my part. And so if I allow myself to love unconditionally, then that all dissipates.

Welmek: This is so. And that is why it is always wise to be a listener first, and then a speaker second. It is, however, the human tendency to do the reverse, as we all well know. Learn from the Master. His was the art of skillful listening, so that when He did speak, His words penetrated their very souls, did they not?

Student: When I do want to speak, I want it to be really authentic, and of value, and to be to the point, and be of spirit, and of truth. I just don't want to speak for the sake of speaking and hearing my own voice, or to add credence to my position.

Welmek: You will grow in your ability to do this in time. If you do wish to activate this more fully within you, I would say too, when you feel the urge to speak, to stop yourself for a moment, and say to yourself, "Can I stop myself from talking here?" And going to the Father and saying, "Father, fill me with love for this person. Help me to sense this person's essence." And then speak from your heart into the heart of that individual, not with words, but with your heart's love. And this will also create a new understanding of that other person, within you. So the place that you actually do speak to them with your words will never be a place of judgment, condemnation, or misunderstanding, but only the place that you and that other person will bond together, in a new expression of God's love. Is this satisfying to you? (Yes, very much so.)

Student: I'd like to thank D. and Welmek for that last one. That's what I need to learn myself. Thank you.

Student: I had an experience in meditations of just thanking God for creating me in His image. I mentioned this D last week as well. And just thanking God, or our Father, just for creating me period, despite all the trials and tribulations we go through, or I go through. It just lifted me up to a different place when I did that. Just thanking God for creating me in His image and with the materials of beauty and truth and love. Not many humans think that way! But it certainly is mind-altering!


Welmek: And is this not the place - the upliftment - where all things are revealed? And so this is the very experience tonight, to be in the presence of God, with God, with your Father, with your Mother. With your Parents who have created you in Their image. And looking down at yourself, from their eyes, with their eyes, with their love and seeing all those evolutionary potentials that you are becoming. Letting the past experiences go. Letting your soul be washed anew with the Father's love, the Mother's gentleness and compassion. All things are becoming new when you remember to go to Spirit, for everything - every moment, every breath, every thought, every impulse -- to be infused with the light of the Father's eternal love.

My prayer for each of you is, that your heart continue to open; your mind continue to expand. And the perfection-hunger within you grow stronger; to crave more love. To seek more light, to become like the very Source of all that is. Good evening, dear friends.