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Topic: Hopefulness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Good evening. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. I am pleased again to be with you tonight, to share in the joy of being in the presence of our Creator Son, Michael, our father and our brother. For truly, when two or more of us are gathered, He is there.


Tonight in keeping with our theme of fullness, I have selected the topic of hopefulness to inspire you and uplift you. For I know that there are disturbances and changes on the path for some of you, and I want tonight's instruction to be that of encouragement, and for you to see the bigger perspective of what is unfolding in your life.

We have talked about the idea of hope in the past; the spiritual quality of hope as it imbues within you a sense of the future in anticipation of a brighter outcome, that indeed all things are working toward the greater good, according to the Father's divine plan. And this is a helpful attitude to adapt in your thinking. But it will not serve you, if it is not experienced within the depth of your sensing ability - your emotional feeling capacities and mechanism. So tonight I wish to lead you on an exercise to experience a greater degree of hopefulness, if this is something that you wish to accompany me on. What say you to this? (Students all agreed)

Well, I always know you are ready to join me, but I still like to ask. So, let us begin. Picture in your mind a situation of you making a change, or learning something new, or trying to handle a problem. Perhaps there is something imminent in your life that you can use as your trigger. Call this to mind. Let yourself feel the full range of feelings that this situation now calls to mind. (Pause)

Now, when you have experienced this, I wish you now to place the situation into your hands, and elevate this and give this to Michael. (Pause) And when you feel you have offered this in full to Him, step back in your mind's eye and ask Him to fill you with hope.

You will not know what the outcome is. You will not necessarily understand what the experience is. This is not the point of this exercise. What I am concerned is that in asking Michael for hope, that you allow yourself to step back from the outcome and let Michael fill you with that which is necessary to assure you that things are well in control. And you can be assured that no matter what happens you are well provided for and cared for, and your future is bright. Spend a few moments, and receive. (Long pause) And when you feel you are full of hopefulness, please stay in that state and share with me what you are experiencing.


Student: I think that I am really connected with hopefulness. I experience an emotional upliftment, and a space opens up that I can see possibilities coming in to my life. Sometimes I think, in the fear of the moment, I close the door not seeing any possibilities. And my mind has been really filled with a lot of images of that, what the culture says provides you with a safety net: I need money, and that with money you can do this and that. And without money it has seemed quite bleak. But when I look at the source of my hopefulness, it fills me with a sense of peace and a steadiness to go forward, even though I don't know what the answers are going to be, or how things are going to work out. With hopefulness I don't feel so alone.

Welmek: And so it is true. You literally are not alone. My dear sister, if you could see the vast spiritual fabric that you are enmeshed in, the spiritual personalities who lovingly hover around you and so diligently strive to assist you, you would never feel a moment's fear or hesitation again.

Allow yourself to connect with this fabric each day. For it is your protection against the values of your material culture to keep you strong and safe, when the winds of deceit blow about you. You cannot change the materialism of your culture on your own. You can only change your internal environment, and use the spiritual circuitry around you as a buffer, while you are anchoring yourself in a new foundation that is more rooted on faith.

You must go through this experience of unseen outcome so that you can learn how this spiritual reality that works to support you is quite the opposite of your material culture. And so, if your material culture tells you that without money you have nothing, then is it not the spiritual corollary that with spirit you have everything? Student: Ah, yes!

Welmek: So, as you feel this blanket of support around you, let it grow warm and fuzzy - and let its very fiber encircuit and enmesh you more deeply into the nature of spirit. You are alive and vibrant, glowing with the assurance that all thing work for your greater good, that you are lovingly guided, that you are steadfastly supported, and that your possibilities are open as your mind. Does this help?

Student: Oh, yes, and I want you to know that my mind is very open, and that I really do want to work with you and the Teachers; and that I am really seeking to do the highest will of God in my life, and that any way that I can be of service I steadfastly and wholeheartedly dedicate myself to that.

Welmek: My sister, the more you walk in faith, the more you will achieve that which is your true heart's desire. Times of transition are faith producing. You must exercise deep trust in where you are being led in an unknown outcome, in an unforeseen future.

But let this miracle of hope and your spiritual helpers guide you now. Draw deeply into them each day, and allow yourself to be led. They have the vision. They are guided by Michael. Sink back and let them lead you.

The worries of the material culture will still be about you for some time to come. But have no fear; they are with each step and each choice of faith losing their grasp and influence on you. Only attach yourself to the faith that you need, and the hope that you desire to keep you moving in this new direction.

Student: Thank you.

Welmek: You are most welcome. (Long pause) Is there anyone else who wishes to share?

Student: Welmek, what I'm feeling, I guess, is taking this ball of hope that Michael has handed me, and it gives me, it quiets an unrest that seems to be pervading my mind, my life. I feel quite fatigued, actually. When I think of the spiritual help that I have at my side, there is definitely hope. There is lightheartedness, a sense of it. Then when I look at the challenges that face me right now, I'm having a very difficult time seeing how.. So it's quite a conflict between one and the other. So that's what I feel I am experiencing.

Welmek: My dear brother, you are viewing your situation with two pairs of eyes. At one level you see with the eyes of spirit, and sense the hope that Michael infuses within you for a brighter outcome. And yet, the human eyes see the challenges as viewed. I would say it is a matter of equilibrium. If you were to put seeing the situation on a scale, and balancing the scale, with the division of spirit or the division of the material perspective, which one would you say would carry more weight?

Student: The spiritual side definitely carries more weight, although the physical eyes seem to be clouding the spiritual side. I seem to be getting caught up in just seeing through the eyes of the physical body. But often there are times when I can see through the eyes of the spirit, when I read, when I go into stillness. And this gives me hope.

Welmek: In the illustration I am using of the equilibrium of sight balance, would you say that the scale is tipped more heavily on the spiritual side or on the material, physical side?

Student: On the spiritual side.

Welmek: I would like you to envision that now. Can you see this? (Yes) (Pause) What in your mind's eye shifts the balance of weight to those times when the scale is more tipped in favor of the material? You can name it in your own mind's eye.

Student: Perceived failures in my family life.

Welmek: So when you see those, that would be placed on the material side of the scale, would it not? (Yes) (Pause) When you are in times of the spiritual vision being clouded by the physical, call up this image of the scale of spiritual vision equilibrium. Ask Michael to take whatever weight is on the side of the physical, and to shift it to the side of the spiritual. Any perception in failure, any distraction of thought, ask him to come into your mindal environment, and to gently remove that which is troubling you, and to shift the balance to the side of how He wishes you to see the situation.

It is a difficult struggle in maintaining balance in your normal, everyday routine, is it not? (Yes, it is) And so, in whom do you have stability, harmony, balance, and control? (In the watchcare of Michael) And when you ask Him to come into your vision, into the weight of the burden that you carry, you could isolate that and call up the scale and ask Him to actually remove that burden and place it on his side.

I ask you to spend you a few moments now in your own exercise in doing this. And in a few moments I will return to you and ask for your comments. (Thank you). (Long pause.) Who is next to share?

Student: Welmek, I guess I'm pretty articulated on what I could say at this time. I have hope that I will soon perceive more fully, more deeply, more experientially that which is my mission to serve in the model of Michael and Jesus of Nazareth. And I have hope that any particular healings that I need or that I have already had, that I more deeply more experientially and more obviously know them so there's a greater degree of certainty to proceed in the pure manner that I'm requesting to be guided by.

So if there's something that you could suggest to me that could facilitate that process of moving more completely into the experientialness of the depth of the clarity. I guess I would say the presence of Michael - essentially all the time, so that there is no lack or lag in time. And that's what I'm hoping for and requesting insight from you on.

Welmek: My dear brother, it is music to my ears to hear a human pronounce such words of commitment and service to Michael and his children. And that which you truly desire you will surely obtain.

I can only suggest that you stay focused on this commitment and you use this hope that you are experiencing as an anchor point within your resolve to allow those experiences you now face to deepen and intensify your faith; to grow so attached to who is Michael, and where Michael takes you, that you have nothing but the most pure confidence and assurance that all things that you truly desire and seek in life will be fulfilled.

Your biggest challenge now will come in the realm of those experiences that will make you use your faith. And I say to you, put it to the test. Grow strong and vigorous in using your capacity to trust Michael. In this way you allow more space within yourself for Him to inhabit, so that your awareness of His presence within you becomes more consistent throughout the day. Ask to be used. Ask to be made His instrument so that He can actually come in to you and through you, and use you in the way He wishes. Align yourself fully in Him. Have no fear of His presence within you. Love Him more, and you will surely achieve all that you desire. Does this help?

Student: Yes, it is referring me to some specifics to anchor the hope that I already have as a way of deepening the faith, and to persist in being more and more open and more and more devoted to the allowing of Michael to operate through me more consistently throughout the day. So I just relax and let it happen. So that's encouraging and comforting.

Welmek: In Him you will find a most devoted and tender companion. And the more you come to know who Michael is, the more you will fall in love with Him and wish to serve Him as He ministers to His children. (It sounds really good to me . Thank you!) You are most welcome!

Welmek: R, may I call on you to respond now?

Student: Yes, I've been feeling, after doing this exercise, a sense of peace that I haven't felt for awhile. A sense of nurturing. Nurturing by perhaps the Mother, and peace by Michael. Pleasant visions in my mind's eye. Peaceful visions.

Welmek: Do you feel more balanced or stable within yourself? (Yes I do.) Do you feel the weight has shifted back to the realm of the spiritual vision? (Yes.) Then my friend, I am glad this exercise has helped you, and would encourage you to perhaps try this out in your times when you feel your balance is slipping. But do not wait so as the balance shifts totally to the side of the physical perspective. When you sense this equilibrium shifting, ask Michael to restore your balance and allow Him to take the weight off your soul, and restore your perspective again.

Student: I think this will be a very useful tool. Thank you!

Welmek: You are welcome. I do wish to hear from the others this evening who have not yet spoken. (Tape ends.)

Student: Yes, Welmek, this is D. And my idea of hopefulness - I don't know how I would survive without hopefulness and faith, because that's what keeps me going. It's an optimism, an innate optimism within me - within us all that within this uncertainty, there is a certainty that we are evolving and growing and that life is good, and will be good no matter the circumstances that enfold us now.

It seems interesting; the other day I saw a picture in the (?) and it just triggered all these thoughts within me - these fears and feelings of shame, and for past experiences and past indiscretions. And it's been bothering me the past couple of days. It's been coming up within my soul. And so while I was sitting here, I just allow all this darkness within me, this shame, this fear to be taken away. And beneath that is hopefulness and faith in my inherent goodness, and love - that truth always prevails no matter what we see physically. The truth always prevails.

Welmek: You sow the seeds of hopefulness each time you allow the Father to uproot that which is in you that is unlovely and is out of step with the divine plan. The more you water these seeds of hope with faith, they become so deeply embedded within your foundation that this optimism and confidence that you feel, that has been nurtured by hope, will be your anchor indeed, no matter what you read or see or hear or experience of the chaos in the world around you.

It is time for all of you to anchor in these seeds of hope by allowing the Father to take all of your fears and doubts from you. Your world is in chaos, as you well know. What a perfect time for you to grow these seeds of hope within you! For would you not want to be in a place of optimism and confidence when you see turbulent times in your midst?

This is what is being asked of you now, my friends. This is what is required now during these times of change of great correction on your planet. The divine plan is unfolding. Michael's changes are being implemented and instituted in all aspects of your society and all areas on your world.

In appreciating the depth of the Correcting Time, you will begin to discern that, in correction comes a time where the child feels chastened by the parent as loving discipline is administered. And so your brothers and sisters may well feel that they are being punished for their difficulties, but do not see the steadying and guiding hand that is building their stronger foundation. And you, my friends, have a great advantage over them.

And the more you anchor in this hope, and this stability, the greater will your ability be to help them understand the loving correction of our Father, and the unequivocal, undeniable victoriousness of His divine plan being implemented on this planet. Offer them some perspective of this as they feel their foundations are being uprooted. For you now have been given a greater vision through this hopefulness that you experience. And so, the reality of this is something that cannot be taken away from you, and you can help them achieve this as well.

The optimism that you are building within you now will give you great abilities to serve. Does this help? (Yes! Very much so!)

Student: Welmek, it took me awhile to be able to verbalize this. I offered up a ball of a situation of improved gracious relationships with a possible life partner, and the hope feeling I got, through Jesus was more of a coordination and collating of my mind's information and previous hopes and prayers and instructions from your group even. And I find that very valuable for a scattered mind, and very much improving my desire to learn the graciousness of Jesus, and what I perceive your group is capable of already in leadership and gracious service. So I feel the hope and I want to use it with the same singularity that even R. stated and S. and everybody here. And I find that inspiring. Thank you!

Welmek: My dear brother, as you desire to learn that graciousness of Michael, it will be your heart's contentment to experience this more within your being. The Master was gracious because He loved his brothers and sisters. He was not trying to figure them out, for He had the ability to see within their hearts and to love them for who the Father made them. He knew their frailties were only qualities that had not yet been purified with the loving hand of spirit. And so He did not see their frailties as such, but he knew of their potential, and so he could cherish each individual so uniquely and so wholeheartedly. And if it is the Master's graciousness you desire, then spend more time in asking the Master to show you how He lovingly looked at each individual. You will not know all of the depths and range of qualities of your brothers and sisters. And this is not important at this time, as it is that you learn to appreciate the fact that those qualities, regardless of their negative or positive expression, are there as part of that person's personality. And in time, all will be harmonized and balanced.

Let Michael show you how to appreciate each person for the range of qualities they display. And when He has shown you that, you will come to a greater appreciation of who they are, and come to love them more. And when you love your brothers and sisters more, that graciousness which He so naturally extended to them, will naturally emanate from your ability to relate to them. And we will see a being of high spiritual fragrance indeed. Does this help?

Student: Yes it does! It's more or less the desire of my heart.

Welmek: Michael is in your being. Ask Him to fill your heart with such love for your brothers and sisters that you appreciate all of their qualities, and love them as they are, right here, right now. Spend more time relating to them at that level, and less at the intellect of analyzing, and you will surely find that which you seek as your hearts desire.

Do have any other comments or a need for elaboration?

Student: I think that's just perfect. Thank you!

Welmek: I have enjoyed hearing all of your comments. And now I would like to add mine regarding hopefulness.

To me, hopefulness is the degree to which I conform my vision and my longing to achieve Father-likeness. For there is this desire for Father-likeness: a growing hunger for more beauty, more symmetry, more balance, more exquisite stabilization in the frequencies of the universe that enrich and invigorate life.

The more I strive for Father-likeness, the more hope I have of my eventual perfected attenuation in Him alone. There is an exquisite joy that is firmly rooted in such peace that I cannot deny the validity of all of my experiences as being important components to leading me to appreciate the wisdom of the Father's divine plan for eternal ascension and progression.

I grew into this appreciation of His divine plan. I learned to accept the nature of faith and how it must go hand-in-hand sometimes with doubt. I used these qualities to stimulate my appetite to grow in a deeper recognition and comprehension of who is the Father and what is the Father, and how is the Father working through me to evolve the Supreme Being.


You may not yet be fully appreciative of what has been prepared for you, so I say these words to encourage you, and to give you hope that that which I have experienced is what you will too one day share with me as we grow more beautiful and majestic and glorious as we unify with the One whom we call Father. Good evening!