2002-11-25-Let Me Help You See Your Potentials

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Topic: Let Me Help You See Your Potentials

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Good evening. This is Michael, and as you have invited me into your presence, so I invite you into mine. Gather around me, my children. Gather into my love, gather into my steadfastness. Gather yourselves about me, as little children, and you will find peace.

Last week I invited you to ask me what I could give to you. What did you need of me? You, as little children, are beginning to walk now with the first steps of faith. And like an infant who first begins to stand and gain equilibrium in walking for the very first time, so too are you first gaining your equilibrium in me and taking those first steps of faith into a richer and deeper and more meaningful life in me. And so, it is certainly expected that you would find your first faith steps to be somewhat timid and tentative.


As I look about you, and see all of the wonderful potentials that are rising to the surface within you, I would ask you to spend a few moments in sensing what some of those are. (Short pause) Call upon me now to clear the veil over your eyes so that you may see these potentials within you with further clarity, and deepen your appreciation for what you are becoming as these draw now more to the surface in your mind. Ask me now to stimulate those potentials within you, to lead you into those events in your life that will, indeed, give you many brave opportunities to manifest them. Take this time now to draw into me, and to speak of these as your heart's delight, and I will help you. Begin the process to bring forth your creative gifts as your gift to serve your brothers and sisters. (Long pause)

The Spirit of Truth within you has the ability to bring forth new ideas - the living truth about who you are. Those ideas about life that you may not fully understand how your experiences impact your growth are more meaningful on a spiritually dynamic level. You who walk in faith are now being charged with activating more potentials within you as you gain greater desire to be of service. And your capacity to be of service will always increase your ability to trust. As you feel these potentials in time become more actualized within you, know that it is your faith that triggers your growth. This is my plan for you, my children: to be highly spiritually attractive and a great gift to your brothers and sisters to stimulate those faith potentials within them.

Lay open your whole being to me, so that I may have a clear playing field within you, to bring forth those possibilities within you and to give you a more meaningful and satisfying life. Open your hearts and minds even more now than you have already. Be in that faith state, where you know that anything is possible if you trust. Do not engage your mind in speculation. Do not let it linger in fear. Do not hold thoughts of your unworthiness, or sentiments of guilt or shame. Find that place within you that knows that you are loved, that senses the value that I place on you and I will take that place and expand it within you. (Long pause)

My children, each morning as you rise before you get out of your beds, expand your lungs with a deep breath to awaken you. Call on my Spirit to enliven your being with this sense of expansion. Begin your day feeling full of me, and I will be there with you as you go about your daily activities.

You are not conscious throughout the day of the rhythmic pulsations of your breathing. And in time you will be as unaware but yet fully benefitting from the Spirit breath of life that ministers to you each day. Sometimes you may feel this breath as you move about your tasks. Other times you are not aware. But I say to you, my children, one day you will feel the fullness and yet perceive that it is as effortless to breathe in my spirit as it is the air you breathe.

It will be as effortless to be in this place of faith, for it will seem so natural and comfortable and familiar. You must struggle with your own doubts and misgivings for a time. And I am here to share each struggle that you face. I only ask that you share them with me more. How do you think you can learn to live in faith if you think you must live with your problems and worries and handle them on your own? These potentials within you are there to yield your willingness to follow my plans with more enthusiasm and submission.

I say to you, there will be those times ahead when you will feel the fullness of your fears; knowing within your mind the misgivings and misjudgments that you have had. Worry about them not. Ask me to stimulate your capacity to overcome them by being with me, and you will find renewed faith to take up the challenges at hand and surmount them victoriously. (Pause)

You who are participating in living life with me are answering the call to live in faith. And this is a higher calling than what you have been accustomed to in living this mortal and material life on Urantia. Use me, my children, as the model and inspiration to whet your appetite to live in faith knowing full well that every challenge placed in front of you will be one our Father has for your success well planned. And a question to you is: Do you believe this? (Pause) Do you believe this? Search deep within.

In sensing those ideas that seem to hold you back, do not try to fight them, or talk your way out of them rationalizing or otherwise trying to make sense of them. Give them to me. I know what you need. I can replace what you no longer want with something better. (Pause) Hand all of your burdens to me my children. Lighten your loads. Enliven your souls by your sure faith of spiritual freedom from all of your cares. Speak to me now the words within your heart. I will give you renewal and refreshment. (Long pause) You may address me now with your questions if you so desire.


Student: Well, Michael, I'm willing to express myself at this time. I have a fairly clear idea of what's emerging here. It's a ministry that is based upon the uniqueness of the Urantia knowledge and the purity that exists within it and around it, as I've been experiencing over the last several months.

So there's an element of patience present as to allowing to unfold in its own time. And the trust and the faith and the belief, I'm actively allowing to happen. So there's an element of uncertainty along with that that I don't have enough insight on yet, and that's what I'd like to address tonight. The issues around a) the spiritual, and b) the practical.

The spiritual is: How better to discern those who can benefit from whatever it is that I and those around me can offer? Who are those people and who best to reach them? And that's the spiritual question.

And the practical one is: In support of being able to do that there's physical health, fiscal health, and solid domestic environment. And those are the two main things, and I guess intertwined with that is a greater sense of where is it all going in terms of location and anything external relating to society that needs to be more formal, rather than the informal? And so that's my question.

Michael: That is many questions. (Laughter) But I do hear and understand what is in your heart, my son. What I request of you is your faith that those desires will actually be made more real and aware in you in time. There is a deeper and more steadfast foundation in you that is swelling and activating within you new ideas and associations in your mental state that have not yet fully revealed themselves into your conscious mind. The watchword for you here is patience. There is a timing element where all of the cohesion necessary for these potentials to be activated must coalesce fully within you. And the only way that this occurs is through your desire to be aligned with my will for you, and then having the patience to wait for the time of that cohesion to manifest within you.

That which you surely seek will be revealed in time. But you cannot know where it is that you are going. That would not be a faith posture, my son. Faith requires that you trust that what is happening is for your best self to become fulfilled. Faith requires that you do not necessarily appreciate the depth of what is happening to you until you have some living experience that confirms what you are sensing within of truth and of goodness - of love and real spiritual substance.

Can you be in this time of waiting now, my son? Can you be in this time of coalescing? (I can!) And how does this place feel to you? Is it somewhat unsettling and foreign, or does it feel rather comfortable and comforting? Or are there feelings of both dynamics interplaying now within you? (Tape ends)

Student: I'm okay with the patience. I'm reminded of the time, thirty years ago, when I was visiting this spiritual lady in a spiritual camp; and I was very excited and I said: "I've found it! I've found it! I've found it! And she said, "What did you find?" And I said, "It's the spiritual path." And she said straight faced without any emotion, she said, "This is where the work just begins!" At that time I said, "Oh no!"

So it's been thirty years that I've been proceeding in all the different things I've been doing, and so I think I have some history that I can draw on in that regard. And I appreciate the specifics that you're giving me, and I would accept it, whatever it is anyway. I thank you.

Michael: I ask that you go into that place of appreciation for the faith that you have. For this is a quality and gift that has served you so well over the course of your lifetime. And it will continue to serve you well. You have a well nigh limitless capacity for faith. I ask you to be in the place of appreciation for your faith, and to grow so enamored of being in this place that it would be inconceivable within your heart and mind to be anywhere else. Is this something that appeals to you, my son?

Student: I think I'm more or less there, and I'm willing to be more there than less there. So yes! It appeals to me greatly. (I am pleased.) Thank you. (Be in my peace.)

Student: Yes, Michael, you know that over the past twenty or so years that I have laid many times in my bed, or walked in solitude yearning to know the truth of who I am and to come from within myself - not from within any other teachers - not from any books, but from understanding from within myself, the truth of who I am and who we all are in this universe.

And as I was sitting here contemplating the potential of what I can offer this world, I was thinking of how it was for you to be on this planet and to have absolute knowing and certainty of who you were, and the truth of who you are in your oneness with God our Father. And in a sense that is what I want from you - is that absolute knowing of who I am and walk each moment in that knowing - in that knowledge in that absolute faith. Nothing else matters. From that place I exist everything exists as God created it to exist.

Michael: It is the place of purest love, my child; the place of our Creator Father's love for you. What is growing within you is your capacity to mirror that love back to the Father. This is what deepens your faith. This is what solidifies your self-perception of who you really are. The more you love our Father, the greater will His revelation of love to you be affirmed in your heart and mind.

Do not hold back on your desire to adore and revere and praise and celebrate our Father. The worshipfulness - Father recognition - expands you to a level that will stimulate your desire to always live and be and share this love.

Seek not the truth of who you are for you are a very vibrant component of the Creator. Seek the Creator. Seek to identify with all of the goodness and the truth and the beauty that is so freely shared with you anytime you so remember to worship. Let this truth of your love for God become so enlarged within your own mind that there is no place for anything but this. For truly this is where all of your capacity to receive the bounties of the Father's love and mercy and grace and understanding will flow to you and fill you with this overwhelming sense of heightened glory and give you great capacity to share this with others.

In making this the single most focus of your life, all of the other components of your personality and your experiences will immediately begin to resonate and harmonize and magnetize your being into the living truth and to the loving expression of pure light and pure love, and emanate so freely about you.

Each of you has an enormous capacity to achieve this now. There is so much help, my children, for you to align your personalities in the Father's love by craving to be that love - by craving to be Father-like. Do not hold back. You are only cheating yourselves if you do. Expand yourselves even more now in this love. Set yourselves free and take hold of the ride that you will be taken on as you see this beautiful life that you have emerging.

You are so truly and thoroughly loved each and every one. Shine this love that the Father so freely bestows to you back to Him, and then receive and be in this state of a child adoring the Father and the Father cherishing the child. Do you think that this will be easy for you to do, my son?

Student: I don't think so. I think it will be quite easy! Because I feel like most of the time I'm there. And I feel a sense of excitement with regards to my future. Even though I don't know what is going to happen, I know it will positive, and for the greater good of myself and the people around me in this world. I feel it growing within my heart expanding and lifting me higher and higher.

Michael: Can you imagine the joy that you give to your Parents when you sense your life like this? (It just feels so rich. It feels so rich and opulent.) You have found the real treasures and you are truly blessed!


The time is upon us when I will withdraw. Use this time, my children, to sense within you how much, how deep, how steadfast is my love for you.

I understand the growing nature of your devotion to me. But let your heart be in that place of desiring communion and the building of that relationship that knows no limitation of time or space. Be in that place of desiring to share your life with me, to share your love for me with me and with others.

I leave you with my peace! I protect you with my watchcare. Each breath you take is known. Each thought you think is known. You are so thoroughly understood and devotedly loved. It is my wish that you begin to sense the fullness of this within you. As you walk in faith, let the reality of this be the bond that draws you closer to me. Good evening, my beloved children.