2002-11-07-Mindfulness, Part 1

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Topic: Mindfulness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Good evening, this is your friend and teacher Welmek. Your presence here tonight is noteworthy, inasmuch as the lesson that I had prepared for you this evening reflects a certain element of turbulence in your mental environment (there is a major wind and rainstorm outside), for the topic I wish to address tonight is "Mindfulness". And this is an idea that I wish to raise with you tonight as we continue to explore the experiential nature of being in the state of fullness.


I want you to now spend a moment or so in noticing how your mind operates. Can you sense a certain stream of thought - a linear direction - a circular direction? Your mental habits run in distinct patterns and shapes. Sometimes your thought currents run in opposition, one with the other as you hold on to different thoughts or ideas at the same time. Your mind is the arena in which you live. While you inhabit a physical being, it is the thoughts you think that identify your reality. And it is in this state of mindfulness that all of your experiences and feeling and intellectual concepts have their home.

So spend a few moment now in being fully aware of the fullness of your mind. I would be interested to hear what you sense when you feel ready to share this with me.


Student: Welmek I've noticed that a majority of my mind topics - what my mind chooses to think about - come about unconsciously, and as I become conscious of them, they tend to cease or slow down; especially in stillness, and especially practicing stillness here in the group. There seems to be an increase of awareness without any particular current, just a kind of openness. And that's very refreshing. Ordinarily it's just a kind of a background dialog going on, if it's not related to an immediate task.

Welmek: Would you say that you are actively aware when you are in these moments of clarity and stillness now?

Student: I'm generally actively aware. I'm generally aware of what is happening in my mind; it's that ordinarily it's full of all kind of, I wake up every morning with some song; and it might be a TV commercial, and it generally stays with me for the first part of the day. So I'm aware of it, but now during stillness it's more open space - more pure awareness. (Thank you.)

Student: Because of my physical condition, I at times have actually had freewill, able to choose my own thoughts. I know when I do choose my own thoughts, I'm in better shape, and I have to be very careful of the way I move, and I'm preoccupied with my motion or the lack of it and I have to be very careful and this consumes a lot of my time and a lot of my coveted attention.

There is a period or a space where I'm not sure that I have great freedom of choice. And then other times when I'm sure I have. That's a puzzle to me, because if I were convinced that I have great freedom of choice all the time, I know I'd be better off.

Welmek: When you choose to have positive thoughts, do you sense a feeling of liberty in your range of motion? (Yes!) Thank you.

Student: Welmek the arena of my mind, now that you've brought this to light, this question about mind; it seems to be one that is always racing; it seems to be swirling - thoughts constantly coming and going; I seem to be working on many different things at once.

The only time I can actually change this is when I go into stillness, and bring the Father's awareness in. It does seem to calm down. I can focus more on just the time spent with the Father. It's almost a high voltage ring to it, constantly going on.

Student: Welmek, I learned about my mind through the study of Scientology. So I am aware that our mind stores all our, at least 55, perceptics, like joint position and spinning motion and heat/cold/and electric pressure mental image pictures at the rate of about 95 times a second at least. But I talk to myself in my mind with my, you might say intellect or id, and I can store the full range of emotions from apathy to well up past exhilaration and worship - maybe what they call total justice, which I don't understand.

But when I am more committed, the mind seems to work better, and is greatly helped by the Thought Adjuster and possibly even my ( ) file clerk. It helps gather up memories and sort things out. But also the personality's consciousness of sequentiality and time and it seems to be a great gift and it seems to be separate from the brain. However, I feel that the more I can identify with Jesus' mind I will be more effective, happier and more worthwhile to my neighbor.

Welmek: Do you sense a greater value identification within your mind, as opposed to the mere meanings of facts?

Student: Yes, I learned a great lesson that values are feelingly experienced, and then experience adds meaning to that value. I had it all backwards with my search for science. So the values really are, I suppose, what I value the most. But I don't usually talk about them, but I think that's what you mean.

Welmek: Yes. Thank you.

Student: Welmek, I find it difficult to describe how my mind is working. I'm not particularly happy with the way it works. Although, on the other hand, taking a leaf from the comment that I just heard, my choice at this time is to become more and more tuned into the way that Jesus' thought patterns were in his lifetime on this planet - and let go of any other patterns that are there from the past. That's my preference now.

Welmek: Would you say that you are sensing a certain inefficiency in your own thinking patterns that tend to direct you in search of better and more adept thought streams? (Yes!) Thank you.

Student: Yes, Welmek, there are times, more so these days, that my mind feels in tune to the universal mind - God consciousness. And in my prayer life and my worship, I readily go into that mind form; and it carries over into my everyday activities. What I often notice, too, that there are certain times my mind holds onto a thought - a negative thought or period in the past - and it seems to really dwell there. And I do what I can do to move through that, focusing on the present moment. But sometimes it just, the darkness of that thought, just kind of jolts me; and sometimes it is hard to mindfully get away from, to move away from that thought. And it seems more intense because I have opened up my mind to the universal mind - that there's a oneness.

Welmek: When these negative thoughts emerge in your conscious mind, are you surprised by them?

Student: Um, more so now. And usually it's like something that has happened in the past will come up, and just surface in my mind.

Welmek: Thank you. Let me ask you this question now: Do you value your mind?

The Students: 1) Absolutely. 2) I see it as a gift on loan to us from the Holy Spirit and separate from the brain. It's a wonderful tool.

3) It seems the mind is our consciousness, and all that is. It gives us the communication with all that is. Yes, I value it quite highly. 4) I experience the mind as essential in being alive and aware. 5) Yes, I value the mind. It makes me be aware of God within me. 6) Welmek, for me there's always a question. Not always, but no clear delineation between what is my mind and what is "the mind". The Urantia Book has helped me, it seems to be clarifying that "the mind" is the Mother Spirit of the local universe.

Welmek: You have all identified a quality of mind in your answers as being a gift. And indeed, it is such. It is the gifted mechanism by which spirit reality is identifiable in the human life form. I use the term 'mechanism' to delineate a certain kind of functioning. But in reality the mind is so much more than an actual mechanism. It is a living, discernible reality component that makes it possible for you to live, for you to have personality expression.

The mindfulness that you have all described to me are the constituent components of mindal function. You are able to feel, you are able to identify facts, you are able to associate experiences and facts into related conceptual frameworks. You are able to change your thoughts and to switch them to positive or negative. You have a choice capacity that allows you to have this wide range of function. And this is all quite marvelous, is it not, to behold the breadth and the height of your mindal's capacities?

The human mind is very elastic and flexible. It has the capacity to expand and capture new ideas, and associate new concepts in time, as you add new experiences to your life. You are growing your mind, just as you are growing your soul through your experiences. You are adding new ideas the more you explore the universe and the facts and facets that make it run.

However, the great distortion in the human mind comes not in the ability or the capacity to extrapolate thoughts and make new associations. But it comes in the guise in thinking that your thought, existing thought patterns are the ones that dominate what you know and how you should react.

This stands in contrast to the spiritual currents that function in the higher strata of your mind that are constantly trying to insert themselves within your conscious thinking - ever looking for those places where it will find receptivity. And when it cannot find a place to lay its awareness, your spirit cannot operate. The divine current cannot assist you, and take those existing thoughts that you have and combine them to give you the divine perspective.

Allowing yourselves to be more dominated by your divine mind is nothing more than having the inner resolve to say: "I wish to use a higher mind now to correlate with my own thoughts and add new meanings and values to what I think I know."

So let me now lead you into an experience of activating your divine mind, by challenging you to go to that place where you do not know truth, you do not understand facts, and you cannot evaluate meanings. And stay in this place of unknowing, and asking for the mind of Jesus to fill your mindfulness. And when you have sensed that to your heart's satisfaction, please share with me your experience. (Long pause)

Student: Welmek, I think I glimpsed something. Let me say that in your presence and in Michael's presence recently I have a wonderful sense of fullness. My cup runneth over. I feel blessed, absolutely blessed, and like I have had a very full life.

And so my question is: Where do I go next? What's the next step? And what comes to me is something Anatolia said that really clarified something in this talk about life of faith. What that means in practice is not only accepting but actually welcoming the unknowable, the unknown - moving towards it. So what I am getting now is that I must continue to experiment where there are things I cannot know until I try them. And I simply have to try them, not knowing if they are going to work or not. That is the faith.

Welmek: Do you sense within you a growing lure to live in this faith grasp, this faith gravity?

Student: Yes! It's very alluring, quite a tease in your own way. It's very enticing, and it's very unknown, and it's a little scary. I'm wanting to know whether or not to take hold of my mind in a certain way. Or for years I've practiced a Zen thing of just watching it, not interfering in a way, just watching my mind, just trusting it. And that has always stood me in good stead.

But now I seem to be running out of that and I need to, you seem to be suggesting in certain kinds of stillness practices, to start taking control of my mind, the stillness. And I don't know if that's going to work, that I'm going to have to try it.

Welmek: Trying to control your thought streams is very challenging, and takes much mental focus and discipline to achieve. The tease, as you say, is to entice you into the realm of faith where you are no longer using your own experiences and thoughts to identify your reality. But you are inviting the mind of Jesus into your own mind, so that you can be guided to where you will find the best place to have new experiences and ideas bear fruit within your life. Do you understand this delineation that I suggest now?

Student: Yes, I am embarrassed to say it doesn't occur to me often enough. But I have found over these last several years to trust that. It definitely has made my life much, much better. My whole relationship with people is just enormously improved because of that. It's led me to feeling more - very much more, Welmek. I trust that very much.

Welmek: In the days and weeks to come, as you are in this stilled state of being, invite the mind of Michael into your awareness, and let Him guide you in that place of unknowing and enjoy and learn and trust what is unfolding in your life. (Thank you). You are most welcome, my friend.

Student: If I understand you, what you are saying is you must discipline yourselves to invite Michael in and inhabit our mind.

Welmek: You are learning how to think and how to use this gift of mind. So would it not be valuable to use a mind that was more adept and refined and experienced than yours? (Yes) Then, if this is so, the discipline comes in remembering to ask for it. The invitation is best serving you when you are in a place of appreciation and desire for this most wonderful of gifts - the mind of the Master. Your habit will grow in time, the more you come to value this gift. For if you truly want this, then it will become easier to ask. Does this help? (Very much so.)

Student: Welmek, as I sit here and invite the mind of Michael into my mind, I just feel His peace right now. And that's basically all I can say and feel at this time.

Welmek: If you notice how your mind is when you are using your own thoughts, and how your mind feels when you are using the mind of Michael, what is the logical choice of mind for you to use, my friend?

Student: I like easy questions. It would be the mind of Michael. It's much more desirable.

Welmek: It is so.

Student: Welmek, I chose the seat of unknowing as not knowing how Jesus carried the citadel of his mind as a young man growing up to his levels of spirit attainment. And then the vision I got was his favorite prayer, "creating a clean heart opens the door to move the citadel of my personal identity" a little further away from the body, more in towards my soul and Thought Adjuster ideals. And in doing that I saw the secret, the rest of that quote is 'purge me from secret sins' and the secret sins seem to be divided loyalties. And I could see a purer desire coming in for the loyalty towards these higher values and not so much bodily concerns.

I felt a unification, and I am grateful for your word using "resolve" as a way to get out of the inertia. And it seems to be a wonderful lesson, and seems to transcend time; even though the mind responds to gravity. This is transcending time, and I really thank you for that.

Welmek: My dear friend, what you have described so eloquently is intelligent but yet devoted identification for everything that is of spirit reality. This is a natural process of enticing the animal nature out of your being and coming into the raiment of your divine. In your choosing these values, you wear the garments of truth, of love, of graciousness, of poise. And were it not all of these exquisite components of our master's personality? (Yes, they were!) And so, my friend, is this not your heartfelt desire to grow into this as well?

Student: Yes, and it is coming to fruition!

Welmek: The more you identify with these values, the more will the citadel of your personality be firmly enmeshed in the foundation of the mind of Jesus, and you will bring a great gift to him, your self correlated with the divine. What more could you give to our Master?

Student: Yes, Welmek, when I am in this mindfulness, it seems nothing else exists, except at the moment where I am: this graciousness, this gracefulness, this beauty, this truth of love, of happiness, that my whole being is enraptured and immersed in this Christ consciousness. And I give an example: All my relationships have changed. My mother has even said I seem happier, that I laugh a lot, and that I am able to perceive and speak to people articulately and with love and perception. And an experience that happened, I guess, two days ago, with my roommate. I had just finished meditating and worshiping and praying, and he was late. And so I was kind of like not happy that he was late, making me late, but I was also in this place of gracefulness and graciousness and mercy. So we talked about it, and there's a little part of me that was not happy. But I allowed myself, allowed this consciousness, this Christ consciousness, to override that. And from that moment on in that day, it was perfect. And work was effortlessness. And his work was effortless. And so it's like when we are in this place, it's our natural state of being, this natural state of who we are, right here and now. There is no separation between myself and God.

Welmek: When you harmonize your evolutionary nature with the Divine Mind that indwells within you, this effortless grace and ease springs forth naturally; and it seems as if it always was and it always will be ever thus. And so, there will come a time when it will feel unnatural to be in anything other than this state. And this is what you are cultivating more devotedly and consistently each day you practice and ask for this alignment in Michael's consciousness to overtake you.

This is the pathway to the union with your divine Mystery Monitor that precedes Adjuster fusion. As you learn to stay in this natural state you will find yourself being able to identify new meanings, and values, and correlating experiences, based on the divine standards of universe reality.

This path is so enticing for human life, and in living this life you become the living inspiration to your brothers and sisters who have never been exposed to these truths. And so the life you lead becomes of high value and of high service. I honor that which is unfolding within you, and encourage you to keep moving ahead in your desires. And surely this union with the divine will be the epitome of your life's experience.

Student: It's like you reach a point where you don't think anymore, just be who you are. It is naturally that consciousness.

Welmek: All of you are on this deliberate path. And I honor the participation that you have brought to your faith journey as you share your inner lives with your brothers and sisters - not only in this group but in the other ways you interact with them in your daily lives. Do you realize how inspiring you can be? This is not so much a responsibility as it is a privilege, to be these standard bearers of divine principles and values. You are the ones who change your culture. I honor the spirit which lives in each of you, and pray that each day you grow more lovely and gracious in the sight of our Father. (long pause)

May I call on you now, R., to share, if you are so willing?

Student R.: I'm not sure what we're being asked to share.

Welmek: Did you sense a greater level of the mind of Jesus within you, and if so, relating some of that experience would be valuable to your brothers?

Student: I think I was not present for the experience, and therefore I have nothing to share at this time.


Welmek: Thank you. We will explore this idea of mindfulness at our meeting next week, as we move more into the acquisition of the Divine Mind within. The blending of the Divine Mind with the human mind is an unconscious and seamless awareness.

And it is vital now that we continue to grow this state of fullness, to take you out of the realms of your analytical thinking processes; and move into the state of faith-fullness as you grow in your relationship of being that trusting child who is dependent on his Divine Mother and Father for his every sustenance. Good evening.

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