2002-07-11-Rehearsing Your Life

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Topic: Rehearsing Your Life

Group: Marin TeaM


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Donna D'Ingillo

Session 1


Good evening. This is Welmek, your friend and teacher. It is good to be with you again after our short break. I have another topic prepared for our discussion this evening. But before we move into that, I ask you now if you have any questions or comments on the previous series of lessons we did on recoursing your life?


Student: Welmek I have a question on when we were on our ship with our indwelling spirit as our pilot. Where is Michael and Mother Spirit on this boat?

Welmek: For the purpose of this exercise, I was not referring to them as part of the picture. This was an opportunity for you to come to a greater experiential realization within your being of the work of your Thought Adjuster.

The role and function of Michael and Mother Spirit are also unique in your life. Perhaps in other lessons, if you are willing, we will engage in lessons of an experiential nature to sense the presence of Michael and to know the function of Michael, and to sense the presence of Mother and know the function of Mother in your life.

Is this something that interests all of you? (All say yes!) Very well, I will prepare lessons that will encourage and assist you in a greater understanding of who our Divine Parents are at this local universe level. Are there any other questions or comments?

Student: I have been very, very low in energy to get through the day. I also had a very difficult time focusing. And I'm not working because of my various challenges, and therefore I have a tremendous amount of time that needs to be filled. And so I would like some advice if that's appropriate.

Welmek: Physical exercise is very important to your overall wellbeing. It will be helpful if you can engage in thirty minutes or so each day in some exercise that stimulates your body for it will also stimulate your mind and help you to become more mentally clear.

Walking is very good for it is not stressful, and it will provide the stimulation that you need. And I would recommend that you do it in the morning before the heat of the day builds up for it is not advisable to walk when it is too hot. Secondly, I encourage you to seek those in a healing profession that have knowledge of those inabilities within you to concentrate, and ask for some concentration and focusing exercise, and to spend fifteen minutes, three times a day in practicing focusing your concentration.

While stillness is a focusing activity, it is designed to foster your relationship with the Father. And the focusing activities I am suggesting are merely that - to help your mind respond and to improve certain cognitive functions and brain operations that are not allowing you the level of concentration you desire.

There are people in your community that can assist you, and I encourage you to now seek them out. Tell them of your problem and frustration, and let them help you. And, practice this and see what results you gain. Do you find this to be helpful?

Student: Yes, and I will seek out those people, and I will find the focusing exercises. And that should be helpful. I try to walk about twenty minutes a day, and I can easily up it to thirty. And so, I thank you very much for those thoughts.

Welmek: Do you have any other questions this evening?

Should I keep taking the medication, which is prescribed for Parkinson's, and also the antidepressant, which I am taking, and also medication for reduced anxiety?

Welmek: This I cannot answer for you. It is not up to us to determine that which is medically prescribed for you inasmuch as this falls within the parameters of your choice and your pursuit of a greater understand about your health.

I would recommend that you have a talk with your inner spirit about your concerns about the medications that you are taking. Let your inner guidance move you in the direction that will be right for you. This is somewhat challenging, I understand, but we are concerned mainly with your spiritual growth, and helping you to go within to obtain the guidance you need in order to make decisions that are based on wisdom, insight, cooperation with your spirit, and the guidance of your Divine Source. Do you understand?

Student: I spend about a half an hour everyday in formal prayer, and I'm still having a problem discerning what is me and what is my Thought Adjuster. I haven't reached a point where I feel I'm clear about how to determine information or suggestions that are coming from me or that are coming from my Thought Adjuster.

Welmek: At this point, I would suggest, that it will be quite difficult for you to distinguish that which is the human mind and that which is the Divine voice. I would encourage you to spend less time in trying to discern that which is, and following those prompts within that engender those feelings of peace, a sense of self-worth, self-validation, confidence. These are character building times for you. And to spend time in determining when it is the Father's voice speaking to you or when it is the sound of your own mind talking to you will create a tendency to over-analyze being in relationship with the Father instead of relaxing into the experience, allowing yourself to naturally respond to the current in your mind that yields more spiritized thinking.

I want you to spend time meditating on this answer after you have read the transcript, for I believe that it will help you understand that you are just beginning now to become more consciously aware of a higher leading within you. And it will take many days and months of practicing stillness before you are more confident that you are indeed receiving guidance. For now, relax. Know that you are loved; know that you are guided, supported, and that all your needs will be met when you come to the Father and ask Him to nurture you along your path. Patience is the key. Perseverance is the stamina you need now to continue in faith. Faith will unfold and yield your life in a new direction. Does this help?

Student: Very much. Thank you very, very much! I really appreciate what you have said, and I will follow your direction and your suggestions.

Welmek: There is a great tendency, once you begin to grow spiritually and become aware of the idea of another voice directing your life, to spend time in trying to distinguish that which is yours and that which is divine. And we acknowledge this, and we understand this. And so we are here to encourage you to know that your mind is being re-keyed, and realigned every time you spend your life communing with the Father; seeking guidance, seeking wisdom. Let this process unfold naturally.

You bring your conscious cooperation to the Father. The Father, in His ministry to you, works in your mind to conform your thinking to those thoughts of the Divine Way. It is not important to figure out where you are in this unfolding. It is not important to assess yourself: how you are growing, how you are progressing, if you are doing it right. If you are sincerely trying to do the Father's will with an open heart and a receptive mind - know that your progress is assured. That each day you practice, mastery comes that much closer.

Are there any other questions from anyone else before we continue?

Now that we have spent time on the topic of Recoursing your Life, I wish to spend a lesson or so on the topic of Rehearsing your Life. For this follows in that vein, and will give you an opportunity to look at how you live now, how you portray yourself to the world, and to the Father.

So I would like you now to envision yourself on a stage. There is a spotlight on you, and in front of you is an audience watching you. How do you feel? Are you nervous? Are you excited? You are onstage ready to perform for the audience. You are ready to show the world who you are. Spend a few moments in this scenario, and notice what it is that you are experiencing. (Pause) Who would like to share what they are experiencing in this picture of being onstage?

Student: I'm experiencing fear - fear and anxiety and self-consciousness, and the concern that I don't, or will not perform as expected. (Thank you.)

Student: Welmek, I think that I feel very much the same thing. I think an intense, immediate not knowing what to do, or how to express myself, would lead me to very quickly sit down, go into meditation on that audience and just be. (Thank you.)

Student: Welmek, my experience is, I'm quite excited; my heart's beating quite fast, because I feel I have the opportunity to tell my brothers' and sisters' about my Father. And so I would say a prayer that my words will become Michael's words; He will guide me. And in confidence I believe I will perform as expected - as I would expect. (Thank you.)

Student: Welmek, I feel a basic adequacy, and yet in another way I feel inadequate. I feel that I can face the audience with confidence and honesty and all, but I feel inadequate to bring to them something of true meaning or fulfillment. My fear is that I will just leave them flat somehow, and not to be interesting, and not bring them any- thing of importance. I feel basically something's missing; it's a form of inadequacy there. But that I've overcome some of the basic kinds of fears that people might experience, and yet there's still a level where I'm afraid of a lacking. (Thank you.)

Welmek: Now I want you to continue this visualization; only in this depiction the light shining on you is the light of the Father's love for you. And as you are onstage, you feel this light fill your body; and it is so expansive within you that you feel the light emanate from your being, so that your body is lit up from the inside out, and the people onstage see this golden light shining forth from you. Spend a few moments, and be in this light, and become this light; let it overtake you. (Long pause)

Let the light from your being reach out into the audience. Send it out to the audience. And when you feel it begin to wane, focus only on the light from above - from your Divine Source and Center, and ask for more to feed you, to infuse you. And let that overtake your being with strength and security. (Pause) Now in this state, I invite your comments on what you are experiencing now in this depiction.

Student: Welmek, it's changed to an incredible calmness and a joy that I can share this beautiful light with the audience.

Welmek: And do you notice anything of the audience response to you in this?

Student: And they're all smiles. (Thank you.)

Student: Welmek, I have a sense of just a wonderful balance, just perfect balance. It's like before the light I was just imploding under a thousand pairs of eyes, all focused on me; just imploding. And then this outward surge until, all of a sudden, there's just a perfect balance between that. And then I looked out and all the audience now are individuals; there is no audience, its just all these separate people. And I'm very tempted to take something out of history and just hold up a flower, and see how many smile. (Thank you.)

Student: I feel a sense of peace and openness, and an availability to fulfill whatever peoples needs might be; to act as a feedback-loop with them to try to channel wisdom, if possible. And yet I also feel a tension, and around my eyes that is just a superficial area that is stubborn and refusing to release and let this energy flow. I don't feel it as a major handicap, but just a point of interest. And I would look forward to being able to raise the consciousness of the audience and myself, somehow, in a spirit of communal exploration and hopefully - joy. (Thank you.)

Welmek: You raise an interesting idea that I will address a little later on. Are there any other experiences to share?

Student: I feel a light within, and I feel that I could perform for the audience, either as a humorist or as a philosopher. And my self-consciousness is very much reduced, and I would have a good time, and they would have a good time when I choose to perform. (Thank you.)

Welmek: So you see, my friends, what a big difference there has been in your answers. When you thought you were on stage and the light of inspection was on you, how it made you feel - excited or self-conscious. But when the light of love and acceptance was on you, how much more peaceful and balanced and self-confident and poised you were.

And so each day, as you live your life, you are on that stage; you are performing for your brothers and sisters to show them how much of the Father's love you have within you, that you reflect back to them. Each day you reveal that which you feel in staying connected to the Father. The degree, to which you are self-confident, calm, and balanced, is the degree to which you feel and express the Father's love. It is this simple.

The prompt, as it were, is to remember to look up at that spotlight and to know that it is the Fathers' light and love shining upon you, and warming your being to dissolve all feelings of self-consciousness, nervousness; that you can always put your best foot forward to the public and let them see your beauty - your gifts, your abilities to share with them something of joy.

Your world is starving for this. Your culture places great value on those who are in the public eye. These people have become the popular heroes of the day. And yet these heroes are very human, and they make many mistakes in judgment and sometimes are not very positive or inspiring role models for people to follow.

But we see you, my friends, as the true heroes. For you are, as it were, onstage each day performing for your brothers and sisters and showing them, revealing to them the ways of spirit, and helping them to see that there is another way. When you perform for your brothers and sisters know that you are not onstage without a script, without talent. You have been given much, and you are always connected to that Source, who directs you, who prompts you, who always feeds you with how to respond, and how to perform.

You do not need to worry how the audience will react to you if you can stay connected to your Divine Source and light; know that your response will receive a standing ovation. Are there any comments on this idea of rehearsing your life now?

Student responses: It's very helpful. It's very encouraging! It paints a beautiful picture of what we can be. It validates our daily interactions as being important.

Welmek: Each day you are on the stage you are rehearsing your life more and more, until you will actually be that performer who responds to the audience, and gains more of a following. For what do people respond to: warmth, humor, new ideas that uplift the spirit. And when a person views a performance that inspires and makes them feel good, do they not want to share this with their friends and tell everyone about it?

And so my friends, you have this opportunity now, to so live your lives - to be that inspiration for your fellows - that they will say, "You have to meet my friends, C. and R. and R. and P. and J. You have to meet these people, they are so wonderful and alive and vibrant. And they have life figured out. Boy, I really wish I had what they have!"

Wouldn't that be a great way to validate what you have experienced in your life? Think about this my friends. You have that opportunity each day. And the more you rehearse this, the better you become at this until you stand on that stage, in full confidence, in the beauty of who you are, and the gifts that you have to share.

The idea that I also wished to address, which was in response to C's comments, was in the vein of elevating the audience to a heightened level of understanding. That when you are onstage, you are in command, you have as you say, a captive audience, and they are very responsive to infusing your words into their lives; into their being. And so you conduct, as it were, in them a new train of thought, that will permeate their being and add spiritual endowments into their lives.

This is a natural outpouring of the ministry that you perform to them. And it is not so much a conscious recognition on your part of what you do, but it is a spiritual byproduct of what occurs when you so live, and so perform your life in accordance with the Father.

And so I thank C. for raising this point, for it does give you another idea to consider as you stand on stage. What you are giving them is of high value and a great service. And I encourage you to not so much dwell on this idea as much as staying connected to your Divine Source. But know that what you do and what you offer is having a great impact on the souls of those who hear your words.

Was it not one of your great playwrights who said, "All the world is a stage, and we are but mere actors?" Act your part. Perform your role as a child of the Father, and see how you can captivate the audience as you live your life.

Are there any other comments or questions before we conclude this evening?

Student: Welmek, this is a curiosity. I feel a great love coming through you, and I would like at some point to be able to visualize you. Will this ever be possible?

Welmek: I would ask each of you now to close your eyes, and ask for an impression to be made within your mind of my presence. (Pause) While I have not the form that you have, I am distinct, I am real, I am discernable. But you must see me in your mind's eye, and not with the eye of your body. And so in asking for your mind to be impressed, know that it may take some time, but you will one day see my presence. (Thank you. I look forward to it!)

Student: And Welmek, Anatolia, one time held out the beautiful possibility that we will meet face-to-face one of these days.

Welmek: This, my friend, is true I assure you. For I will concur with her that it will be a moment of great joy for me when we can embrace face-to-face, eye-to-eye, and you can see me and I can see you in the form we share. This will happen! And it will be a day that I will long cherish.


For now, I enfold you in my love, and the love of our Creator Father, and Creative Mother, whose love makes our lives possible. Whose love reaches out to all, and enfolds us in family. For we are family: brother, sister, friend, guide, and our love for you only grows stronger, the more we come to know you and serve you.

So as I take my leave, feel my love and the love of all those who are gathered here in observance. Let this love fill your being - the love of brother and sister in this family. Good evening.

Session 2

PART II of II: Rehearsing Your Life JULY 18, 2002


Good evening. This is your friend and teacher Welmek. I am pleased to see so many eager students here this evening. And I commend you on your dedication to your spiritual growth. It is indeed heartening to us to see the perseverance and the commitment that you bring to your seeking the Father. We have said this to you on many occasions, but I do believe it does bear repeating. You are the heroes of your civilization. You are the true role models.


I know there are times in your life when you think you have failed, stumbled, lost sight, misplaced hope about your lives. But I say to you, we do not look at you in this light. We see you as courageous, dedicated, questioning, learning, striving and walking in a realm where your certainty is always being tested. This takes great dedication - great strength of character to move against the tide of your culture, and to rise to a new level of awareness and living.

So I encourage you to see yourselves as the heroes that you are; to see the good that you do; to see the best in your strivings; to look ahead in hope; to move forward in faith. You give us much to be proud of our younger brothers and sisters, and we applaud your efforts, and are he re to cheer you on when you feel you need that helping hand.

So it is now in this light that I wish to continue our discussion on rehearsing your life. For this is what you are doing. A rehearsal is practice; practicing those skills you have learned; those ideas that are born in your mind - new ways to look at your world and yourself. And you get to practice this over and over; and many times until you have mastered living; mastered what you are being prepared to do in service of your brothers' and sisters' on this planet. So before we begin our experiential exercise for this evening, I ask you are there any questions from our adventure last week that you would like to ask me now, or any comments of what you may have experienced this week if you used this exercise at all in your stillness practice to help you feel more connected to the Fathers' love?


Student: Well I have several questions relating to my health. I took a book out of the library called, "Mozart's Brain" and the author has outlined 28 steps for cognitive enhancement, and I would like to know if that is a good routine for me?

The second is: there is a videotape, it's called the, "Tao of Practice". And I've heard watching an activity can be perhaps seventy-five percent effective? The third question is should I resume work with Helen Thomas?

Welmek: Embedded within your mind are many potentials - new ideas, new creative associations that when you exercise your intellect, you will find new ways to think. I would encourage you to experiment with anything that improves your cognitive abilities and those therapies that help to improve physical/neurological responses. For your brain chemistry must be healthy in order for your cognitive functioning to be at its optimal level.

You are fortunate that you live in the part of the country that has multiple and manifold approaches to this. And so I encourage you to seek, try, and experience those therapies that you feel will assist you in improving your cognitive functioning. As to specific ones, I do not feel qualified to guide you, as my perspective on this is somewhat altered, and I do not wish to influence you in one way or another due to your own free-will choices.

But having said that; knowing that there is a wealth of information now on the brain, and the potentials of creativity that will steer in a good direction, if you do choose to pursue this path. Does this help you in your understanding? (Yes! Thank you.)

Student: Welmek, I would like to talk about an experience that I had today where I felt called upon by Michael to help one of my brothers, but I feel that I did not perform up to the standards that I would have liked to in the situation, out of shyness, or whatever. But I feel there is no failure when you are trying to work for Michael. Can you talk about this subject a little bit?

Welmek: Well, my brother this is exactly what I wished to discuss with all of you this evening, for it strikes at the heart of the idea of rehearsing your life.

When you try any new approach, whether or not you feel you are spiritually connected, there is a sense in your mind of the best way to undertake something, is there not? And so when you are in discussion with an individual, sometimes the words that you choose may or may not fit that person to a "T". This is because you may not have gained all of the spiritual sensitivity that you need to recognize what it is that persons' soul yearns to hear and know.

So you try your best and you offer the words of encouragement that you think will help that individual. And so you can see from the response how much, to a certain degree, your words may have impacted them. And this is not a reflection on whether or not you failed. You have made an honest attempt to help another person. This I assure is looked on as a victory and success because you served. You offered your heart; you offered yourself, and this, my brother, is never looked upon in the universe as a failure. It is looked upon as a love offering. And what more could the Father ask of you?

But the idea that I wish to bring to you in this idea of rehearsing is now you get to practice how sensitive you are to assessing what another person needs to know and to hear from you. And this is where you gain a greater understanding - a greater level of insight and love.

For as we used in the exercise of last week, the idea of staying connected to the light of the Father's love reflecting upon you, did you not feel, when you were in this exercise, that the light and love carried within it a certain ability to reach out and connect with that other person or persons in the audience? And so the more you stay connected to this light, the greater your sensitivity grows to sense the other person, and to have more of a bond and affinity with that individual. And the greater your bond, the greater the love you share, and the greater your friendship and communion grows.

So I assure you, when you look to serve, stop for a moment and ask that the sensitivity that the Master experienced in dealing with His brothers and sisters, now be made more manifest in you. And to ask Michael to give you a greater understanding of what that persons' needs are, so that you can minister to that individual more effectively. Does this help? (Yes, very much!)

Let us go into the stillness for our exercise this evening. Picture in your mind's-eye that you are in an office, and this is your first day on the job. And the office is very large, and the pace is very busy, and there are phones ringing, people scurrying about. And you have just come down from the personnel office and shown your desk. And so you are sitting at your desk with all this activity around you. Now, in this place, please share with me what you are experiencing in one or two brief sentences.

Student: Welmek, I feel like I would like to get in with the flow of the office as soon as possible to go about my job, hoping perhaps the first phone call will come, so that I can get started. Welmek: Is there any sense within you of insecurity or nervousness? Or is it more of anticipation and excitement? (A little of both.) Thank you.

Student: Welmek, I gave myself a corner office, and I'm feeling intimidated and a little concerned about my being able to qualify for the office and fit-in. That, combined with physical symptoms I've been experiencing this week, I feel a little drained, a little hollow, a little weakened actually by some process I don't understand, so it's affecting my visualization of being in a busy office. I'm not sure I feel up to that?

Welmek: I understand, and thank you for your response.

Student: I once walked out on an enormous construction site, just like you described - first day; enormous activity, everything happening, but I had the remarkable discovery, right in the midst of all the anxiety and uncertainty, of feeling that there was something within me that knew how to respond, and actually I was just shifting gears; something in me was just releasing an enormous energy to come up to the situation. And it was quite exhilarating!

Welmek: Are there any other comments before we continue on with this exercise?

Student: When I came into the office, I didn't know what was expected of me.

Student: Well I seated myself at a wooden desk with rounded edges, and I was feeling anxiety and a feeling of being trapped indoors, which I don't like.

Welmek: Being in a new experience is disorienting, is it not? And as you said, your, equilibrium is altered for awhile, and so you must spend some time in acclimating yourself to the environment you find yourself in. And this takes time, and this takes doing your work in order to understand what it is that you should produce, and gain a greater sense of what your job is, and how to perform your best in it.

Now I ask you to go into this state of stillness again, and this time, in your experience on the job in your first day, you have someone by your side. And this is a very experienced person in the company. And this person is very warm and friendly, and makes you feel welcome and that you are part of a team in this company. And this person is here to answer any questions you have, and to help you to become oriented in your new job. And so you spend a few moments chatting with this person, and letting this person minister to you. And you sense their compassion and their understanding.

I want you to spend a few moments now in sensing that this person has great empathy with you, and cares for you. I want you to experience this now in your mind's-eye. And stay in this state, and please share what your experience is now, and how you feel about being on this job at this first day.

Student: Welmek, I feel a great relief; I feel a great love for this friend - for this brother - a warmth, a calmness about having this brother with me; and of course this is Jesus who I feel, and I've called on Him for help. This is the feeling that He brings to me. This is my brother and my Father - there all the time at my side to help me.

Student: Welmek, I feel more warm and solid and grounded. But having never really worked in an office, it's still, and combined with my physical symptoms lately, I still feel a little out of place, of course, but it was a great improvement to have that help by my side.

Student: Welmek, again having difficulty imagining this office situation because again I was captured by an actual memory. I went to the library and read a book on carpentry and then walked out on a project as a journeyman carpenter. And I wouldn't have lasted even one day except that an old carpenter took me under his wing. And he was just amazing, the tact he had in suggesting things. Because I had almost a panic of realizing that he knew almost immediately just how green I was. And yet he would just very tactfully suggest I do this or do that. And we had a wonderful time. I had a real sense of humor with that fellow. And also it was a kind of reaping a reward of not being racist, because he was black, and for the next three or four months we were the only salt and pepper team on that whole crew.

Student: Welmek I feel like there are times in our lives when people enter into our lives to teach us. And what came to mind was that an opportunity is presenting itself where the stage is set for me to really learn and gain knowledge from someone who is experienced and has a lot of knowledge to share. And it makes me feel like the sky is the limit, and the fear and barriers that I felt the first time around kind of went away. Because now I'm not pre-occupied with thinking about making a mistake, or afraid to try something new, or to let my creative mind just go with whatever comes up.

Whatever challenges come up, I know that I have someone to go to, and to help me or to give me the answers. And so what started out to be a frightening situation, full of anxiety and thinking the worst - that I would make mistakes and get found-out that I wasn't ready for the job, perhaps, or didn't know enough to do the job. That, all of a sudden was no longer an issue, in that it was like the light turned green for me to move on, and learn as much as I can. And then with that, I'm able to get to a position where I can be like this person, for the next person who comes along who may need that help. So I'm preparing myself by learning, and learning so that I in turn can teach. you.)

Welmek: There is one more visualization I would like to take you on. And that is: You have been on this job now for one year. And you have had your friend and mentor with you the whole time. And you have developed a very warm and trusting relationship. And this individual has offered you many words of wisdom over the course of your year's experience in this job. And while you have had to prove yourself in this job, you did heed the words of wisdom, and follow what was being advised in order to perform your job.

Now I want you to envision what you are experiencing now in relationship to what you first experienced when you first came upon that job and thought you were in this all alone. And while I do not necessarily need to hear your responses, I want you to sense if have you grown; have you gained greater confidence; do you have more enjoyment? And do you understand more than you did a year ago?

Student: Welmek, you know there's a little miracle about to take place, because you look over and there's someone standing in front of their desk for their very first day. And now it's your turn to pass it on.

Student: Well, I feel like very rock-solid, and a very valuable resource for the company. And it feels good.

Student: Welmek I feel like I'm still in that first month. I can't quite make it through a whole year just yet, although I do have great expectations.

Student: I'm kind of excited about meeting the new person, and can't wait to make them feel welcome and comfortable, and try as much as possible to get them to feel that they can come to me whenever they need me for help or for answers. Much like the way I was happy to have had my mentor help me, am now anxious to help the new person.

Student: I'm experiencing - I'm surprised I think. I'm beginning to understand some of the depth of the wisdom, which has been revealed to me. And I'm reflecting on it, and I'm in awe.

Welmek: You have all given me very deep and insightful answers. You are learning. You are understanding a deeper level of this idea of rehearsing your life. For you will always be learning new skills and mastering new ideas, and showing yourself and other people what you have learned; what you have incorporated into your being, and how you offer that in a unique and inspirational way.

So that when you perform, as it were, for another person - in helping them to know some of things that you have learned, you show them by your generosity of self-forgetfulness what it was like to be on that job the first day. And the compassion and the empathy and the understanding that you offer them is deeply and gratefully received.

This is the mark of the true artist - the true artisan perfecting his craft, and revealing a deeper level of what you know and who you are and what you have experienced. All of your life will be lived in this way. You will rehearse, and learn, and perform and share what you have learned, many, many, many times over. And your lessons will always differ, for there will be new spiritual proofs for you to exemplify in your life that you will polish. (Tape ends.) . .manifestation of the inner reality of the magnitude of the Father's personality and loving righteousness, and merciful goodness.

Rehearsing your life is nothing more than practicing over and over until you have mastered that which you must learn to perfection - to an art form. It was so exquisitely portrayed in our Master's life.

And I wish to touch upon the earlier idea that I presented in my answer to R. about this increased spiritual sensitivity that you gain that allows you to minister to another person with exactly the portion of wisdom, understanding-compassion that you sense the other person needs - for it is not so much as showing what you know, as revealing what you feel for that other person. And did you not in some way, in the exercise we practiced earlier, feel how good it was when someone related to you, and ministered to you to quell your nervousness, and to calm your apprehension about being in the new job? This then is your challenge - to acquire the same spiritual sensitivity to another person that will make you most highly qualified and desirable employees in this company. This is how you become promoted and advanced.

Your acquirement of information is important. Your intellectual understanding of the facts of your job are fundamental, but so is your ability to get along with others and to minister to them. And to show what you have learned in a way that helps that other person and fits their needs; and this only becomes a work of art in you when you gain this spiritual sensitivity - to sense what that other person needs and then to speak those words of encouragement and guidance to them.

Are there any comments or questions on this idea that we are discussing this evening?

Student: Are you recommending this as a regular practice that we can engage in before an actual activity takes place?

Welmek: If this is an exercise that is fairly easy for you to attune yourself to, then I would encourage you to use this, for it will set the tone of the words and the sensitivity that you wish to portray to another person. Cultivating this environment within yourself before you enter an exchange with another person will be very helpful until it becomes such a natural flow that it will no longer require a mental depiction beforehand.

So any visualization that allows this to occur is encouraged and promoted by us teachers. This is only one metaphor and illustration that we give. And there are others. And we try to give you as many as possible so you can find the ones that work for you, that will best suit your personality and help you stay connected to the spirit as you go about your day-to-day life. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.)

Student: Welmek, I was just thinking there is one further dimension to this that I encounter very much in my work. I was talking to another foreman - that you don't find - you just don't stumble across and find really good carpenters. You have to make them; you have to create them; you have to train them. And I think it goes both ways - those carpenters don't find good foremen, but you have to be open to them and let them train you. And in this sense the whole society gains.

Welmek: You raise an excellent consideration! For does not your text indicate that you are both a student and a teacher at the same time, and you advance by showing what you have learned. And you teach in many ways, and the learner and the teacher grow together in a deeper level of spiritual kinship, for they are learning to trust, to give, to receive, and to share each others' personalities. And this deepens the bond, and it unifies the souls.

Too often in the work world interpersonal relationships are not encouraged, for there are management styles that perceive that this takes away from the professionalism. But we do not encourage this in our universe corporation. We are one big family, and we are all united in love.

Student: Teacher Welmek, if I understand the teaching mission correctly, you teach our volunteers to come and help us along - teach us about love and a great understanding of the Master. And you're much older than we are, and my question is, could you say a few words about what the benefits are for you to go on this volunteer mission to help us?

Welmek: I would say that I am most moved by your faith, for I lived on a world long settled in light and life, and I knew not of the deprivations and the evil that you encounter on a daily basis. And I grew up knowing about the Father's love and experiencing the Father's love at a very young age. I had many, many years of my ancestors experiencing this love within me that was a strong physical foundation to ground my faith.

And so when I first came to this planet and saw the abject horror and poverty of spirit that lingers here, I was amazed at the level of faith that I witnessed firsthand by you, my brave brothers and sisters carrying in the midst of, what I would consider to be, extremely trying and troubling conditions.

How could faith exist in this environment, I wondered? Where did it come from? And so what I began to see was the deeper level of the Father's ministry in your lives. And it piqued my interest; fueled my desire to come to know you more intimately, because you had something that I had not experienced - blind faith. Seeing with eyes that I did not have.

And so my respect for you grew. And my love for you deepened. And my commitment to serve you became more pronounced. And I am here to stand on that commitment that I have made to help you grow, because I learn from you, in watching you grow in this environment where it would seem logical to me, for faith to die and wither, but yet it grows and blooms in you. And this is what I leaned and this is what I have come to cherish in my experience. You have given me something so wonderful and unique. You have given me a greater appreciation of the gift of faith. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, my friend. It was a most beautiful answer, and I want to tell you that the love that I have experienced from the teachers, the constant patience with our little foibles - the acceptance, and the teachings about surrendering have been most useful to me. And I understand a little better that the entire universe is one big university. And I thank you for that!

Welmek: I cherish your words. And I would only add that while it is true that the universe is a university, in and of itself, it is also a family, and we are your loving brothers and sisters. What more can I say? Words are inadequate to express the love we have for you, and so I enfold you in our embrace of those of us who are here. And let us share this embrace for a few moments before we continue.

The love of the Father enfolds us. The protection of the Son overshadows us. The ministry of the Spirit guides us and illuminates us. And all there is, is within us and we are His.

On behalf of the teachers, we would be most happy to speak through other individuals who wish to practice transmitting, after you take a few moments to connect with them.

When you feel a nudge or an idea, feel free to speak the words. There is no judgement; there is no assessment. Let your mind relax; let your teachers draw close to you. Speak if you feel certain ideas or words come to mind. Let your heart open and move into the experience by verbalizing that which you hear within your mind.

(Students tried to transmit. Closing statement by Welmek not recorded on tape.)